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How young are you?


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[quote user="Dotty "]I haven't seen you ladies for a bit, where have you been hanging out?[/quote]

Can't speak for Jay Jay but I've been tired all over lately.  No enthusiasm for anything - but spring is in the air now [:D]


Dick, it's nearly half term.  Are you off to France ?

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[quote user="TWINKLE"]

Am I the only one who imagines Miki to be a Sean Connery slurring 72 year old?


No, I doosh too mish twinkshers (sounded like Sean when I typed it, have to wait and see how it sound when it arrives at L.F Headquarters [:)]

 [quote]Miki's head was getting so big he nearly fell off his horse !  [/quote]

[:)] I might back 'em but I don't ever got on 'em, big beasts that they are !! I hope the Hareem are in the wings, waiting with having breasts, ready to swing in to action whenever danger or a ban hits slurring Sean  [:)]

 [quote] Tresco - surprisingly, but unbeknown to us both - sort of, somehow -

ask him to explain.  All this forum's fault - never heard of him before. [/quote]

Why not have a guess, first to come up with the right answer,  wins a weekend at Cerise's beautiful Chambres D'Hôtes, kindly offered by Living France (Gay, do sort it out  [;-)]  )

Old Dennis Waterman, how very dare you [:)]  That mean George Cole then ?.......Once had a similar titfer, or did have, it blew under a bus one day when I was trying to convince a couple that the car engine was not knocking that bad, it was just not level and the oil was on the other side of the engine. They didn't buy it and I lost me 'at...good days and bad days.....................................and happy days  [:D]

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[quote user="EMH"]

Bugbear wrote: 137 posts on this thread and no-one, as far as I can see, has actually stated their age.

I did, I came clean.


It's an age problem, I think. I will add you to the apology list, thats EMH, Dotty,Twinks and Tresco so far. I think I'll take this opportunity to say sorry to anyone else I missed...................................sorry..................[kiss][kiss]


edited for Tres..............

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[quote user="Miki"][quote user="Tresco"]Crikey Miki, you did well to raise a smile there.[/quote]

I didn't actually understand the reply and just smiled, as you do, to humour dear old Mr Smith [:)]


You know, him the politician. Or not. Him.

Oh gawd, it's hard work some days.

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