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How young are you?


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[quote user="LanguedocGal2"]

Cerise, his grey phase no doubt coincided with his stint at Twinkle’s, who no doubt drained the colour out of him. I’m happy to announce that Georgie is now peachy, perky and bouncy in all the right places…..[;-)]

Sorry JayJay, rugby calendar sounds an excellent idea for those on the waiting list. You know, it’s rugby country here. There’s sun (not today), rugby and lots of wine. One worthwhile thing out of 3 is not bad. Wouldn’t dare say that in public in these parts.

Ladies, don't you worry about sweet George, as I have the goodness of a pure convent lass, he's practically in heaven. (where's the halo smiley?)


Humph, funny how you don't sound sorry LG! [:(] Poor George, a convent girl to boot. Phewy, he's in trouble! [:P]

By the way, sadly it's not rugby country up here, I do have it on the box though.[:D] It's 20 & sunny, but I'll leave the wine, a tad early for me. So that's 2'ish out of 3.

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