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  1. Hello I have used the search facility but been unable to find the answers I'm looking for.  I have bought a newish scooter from the UK and wish to register it here.  I went to the Impots and paid the tax on it and now I need to send off all the relevant docs to get the carte gris.  I have looked on the interieur gouv website which gives details of what you need to send, but I cannot find the relevant form I need to download, fill in and send.  All I can find is a doc for cars, but not bikes/scooters etc.  Also, it says I need to send the docs to an address in Paris, not my local prefecture as I did for my car. Please can anyone help.  Many thanks.
  2. [quote user="Catalpa"]I want to know what Dotty said that had to be deleted. [:-))] Dotty used to be such a nice, well-mannered girl... [:P] But more relevantly, if one is looking for a person thought to be in France, I think it used to be possible at www.infobel.fr to use "whole of France" as the location search criterion. [/quote] Oi, I still am
  3. The contents of this post have been removed. Users must not post messages which: Use the service in a manner deemed inappropriate by Archant Impede or disrupt the flow of the discussions in the Forum derogatory in any way to others, whether they are individuals or companies, users of the Forum or not. Link to references or content not allowed under these guidelines
  4. Hello all. I would like a few more questions answered if anyone can help, SD??? I'm still struggling to get my car French registered and its getting beyond a joke.  I contacted BMW France as suggested and they sent me a very comprehensive form to fill in, along with a demand for 150 euros.  They have now contacted me by letter, asking for me to go to a BMW garage to confirm the lights are correct and the tacho, which is in kms, this is apparently called the attestation.  Is this all I need or will I also need the COC?? Its all getting very complicated for my little brain, all I want is to have my car on French plates. Many thanks Dotty
  5. I have always had the log in automatically box ticked and have always got in when I go to this site.  But for the past few weeks I have had to log in each time.
  6. No, juice and coffee, not together of course.
  7. Unknown


    Hello Moggy, do you live near each other, or is she just feeloading a holiday[:D]
  8. No Katie, but I would if I could.
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