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  1. [quote user="Just Katie"]Where has my post gone? [/quote] Was that the post where you apologised for mocking me?[6]
  2. [quote user="Just Katie"]Yeah like dialling 999 'cos you trod on a pin.  Tresco, you do make me Roll On Floor Laughing Out Loud!![/quote] If you press the 'report' button you then get to send a message which arrives in a mysterious and yet magical place. The first moderator who comes on line will pick it up. What's so funny about that? I would blink at you if I didn't know you so well!!![:D]
  3. [quote user="Clair"]You can contact ther moderators from this page: http://www.completefrance.com/cs/forums/835451/ShowPost.aspx or by using the PM button on any of their posts. [/quote] My way is quicker.[6][:D]
  4. Hi Use the little 'report' button in the bottom right hand corner of your (or any other) post. Make it clear your'e not complaining about your (or any other) post.[;-)]
  5. Here is the link, Frederick : http://tinyurl.com/ypanby Oooh it's a biggie. I've reported it to the mods! (Changed to the link I used - Russethouse)
  6. [quote user="Matt C"].... 0 to tense in about 1 mile![/quote] I always thought it was fab, the rapid morphing from train to motorway, but that is such a snappy phrase I may have to adjust my feelings just to use it.[6][:D]
  7. Aw...Sweet17. I have yet to see you stamping your feet on the forum so you can't be that bratty.[;-)]
  8. [quote user="Just Katie"]Feeling a bit sensitive today girl?  Well I think that the advice you have given is sound.  People know me for being a bit strange.  I think they like that about me though.  I have been told it is an aquarian thing.[/quote] I think I am feeling a bit odd and I'm sorry I brought it into this thread![:D] I'm very wary of putting someone off doing a good/kind/sociable thing just vecause of my own  freaky anxieties. I would freak out if I thought people even might be uncomfortable/confused in my house, but my guess is that other people (who aren't weird hermits like me) pull these things off even if they break all the 'rules'. [:)]
  9. [quote user="now just john "] ...to all of you out there spending years looking for perfection I would just say you may not have as much time as you think; so dial in some compromise in your list and go for it as Cooper lola says. [/quote] John, neither of your posts were innapropriate in the least. I don't believe the thread has been hi-jacked at all. Naturally people will respond to you being bereaved, but also, as WJT suggests, your post makes us all consider the things that we really shouldn't waste time squabbling (with those we love) about.[:)]
  10. [quote user="Rose"]...ah... thanks Tresco... perhaps I need to do a bit more research... any other tips welcome... [8-)][/quote] Oh! Please don't be put off by what I've said Rose. I feel terrible now!
  11. [quote user="Edward"]... We did visit one Town, near where we once lived. Most of  the language we heard during the day was foreign, the indigenous people were  probably at work.  [/quote] Hello Edward[:)] Do you or your wife work here in France?
  12. Rose, in my limited experience people here eat certain things at certain times. They also drink certain drinks at certain times. What to us is 'a bit of a party' can confuse and bewilder people who don't understand what they're in for. I'm not saying don't do it, but try and let them know it may not be quite what they're used to? So, Katie this is the first public mention of your impending crowning as the LF Queen of Paris. See, I keep my eye on you.[:)]
  13. [quote user="sweet 17"]Anyone remember their first trip back and how they felt?  [/quote] I can remember it very well. My first trip back was also after having been here for 1 year, and like you I was nervous. I wasn't worried about the driving, but was worried that I wouldn't like England any more - that I might find it dull or crowded or dirty. Those concerns probably reflected the fact that I was going to visit cities, and I'd only spent a couple of days in big cities since coming here. As it turned out I thoroughly enjoyed being back in big cities again, but didn't enjoy the driving. I got used to it after about 5 minutes tootling around the airport car park, but over the next ten days I did far too much driving in my efforts to see as many people as possible. Now I don't hire a car, and have a great time bobbing around on public transport. Of course if you're going on a ferry/tunnel you'll have to take your car, and for some people public transport isn't suitable. Just be very wary, the same as you probably were when you first drove abroad. I still really enjoy going back, and I hope you enjoy your visit too.[:)]
  14. [quote user="FurryKnickers "]Evening rabbit features[:D] [/quote] Hello[:D]   I have to go. I can't re-live that Fire in the Rubber Toy Factory again. Please feel free to tell the sad tale though...[:-))]
  15. [quote user="LEO"]...my comment was serious and not in any way patronising .I was giving you a commendation! [/quote] LEO, remember the first rule of holes? [quote user="FurryKnickers "]...Speak for yourself Leo!...[/quote] Yay! I would definitely call Gays' husband a creep if he said something like that!
  16. [quote user="DavidBro"]  I have  yet to read the entire Forum! But I note concerns re tenants. I am looking for a 12 month position. Note the phraseology. I understand owners' concerns re  tenancy.. as I have been owner of several rental properties in Ecosse, NZ etc. and am still  letting.  I will be buying again in France, a ruin to restore.. encore. I was trying to  see the owner in the role of employer which might over-ride any legal rights of a "tenant" e.g. I propose  that  I might be engaged for various services .. from measure-up, plans and  design consultancy to videoing or photographing to  care-taking..I agree to allow deductions from  my (very reasonable) fees (which are paid  in arrears, as is usual with such) for owners costs during my occupancy to include rates, insurance, etc.,  ..but  no , I think  (in the event of a breakdown..) le juge would  say it is still a tenancy as a consideration is being paid in kind. Tant pis!  As usual, the best security will  possibly be using an agent or third party, viewing good references, obtaining  a large bond and acting, as soon as the law allows, should the rent not be paid when due. [/quote]    Reply deleted due to lack of comprehension (mine).[8-)]
  17. [quote user="cassis"]Gawd, I love that magic wabbit!  [/quote] And I love that lithe little Sausage...but hang on. The Soss is dressed up as a teddy of some sort. I only recognised you by your boots.
  18. [quote user="cassis"]During cover of darkness chip out pavement or wherever where you plan to put the pot until you get to bare earth (remove hardcore from pavement etc. and replace with compost if necessary).  Knock the bottom out of a suitable pot and put it in place to cover hole in pavement.  Plant ivy.  The roots will go down into the earth. [/quote] That would work. Damn you, little Soss for casting me in an even worse light![;-)]
  19. [quote user="Barbel Bob"] Ill get the piggy bank out, thanks for your reply. [/quote] But wait on, Bob. Here come the cheerful, positive people with a 'can do' approach. Don't pay any attention to a miserabilist like me![:D]
  20. [quote user="Barbel Bob"]...it is going to have to be one that can be planted in  SMALL pots either side of the front door (thats if the local mairie will allow them on the kerb).[/quote] I'm sorry to say it is indeed a 'long shot', Bob. [:(] Asking a plant in a big pot to climb all over the front of a house would be a tall order in itself, but in a small pot? No chance, I'm afraid. My house is incredibly scruffy looking. It badly needs a paint job, but then so do many other peoples. Save up (like me![:)] ) and try not to worry about what it looks like in the mean time.[:)]
  21. [quote user="Ian"]Has anyone else made this shift?  [/quote] Not me but my brother did about 18 months ago. He lives in a small city in Sweden, has three children, works full time and has an active social life. He got rid of his car for environmental and financial reasons, and now cycles nearly everywhere. He doesn't miss his car at all and reports nothing but benefits. He was always pretty fit but now he's feeling more like 22 than his 42 years. He's currently bobbing around California for a month on his savings (with money to spare), and his two older children (both teenagers) are cycling and walking more and becoming very self reliant about getting around. Oh, and he gets to be incredibly smug, too.[:D]
  22. Brilliant bit  of Hamster naming, Keni.[:D] [quote user="FurryKnickers "] I have often asked Mrs Tresco about Pogles Wood, and spent many an hour telling her about the lovely tulip that played the violin, but she just threatened to do harm to me and all the stars of the programme[:'(] [/quote] Mr Nix I must have said a thousand Hail Marys in penance for that! Will you ever forgive me? I hope there's room for some Guinea Pigs in this thread. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oV9Z7yRpxYY
  23. [quote user="Clair"] What other women???[:'(][IMG]http://smileys.sur-la-toile.com/repository/Triste/fillepleurs.gif[/IMG] [/quote] Just follow the trail of tears, Clair...difficult if some of them are your own, I know.[:(]
  24. [quote user="5-element"]Oh look, someone else is interfering![/quote] Ah 5-E, you and I have witnessed the wonderful wiles of Wooly for too long. [;-)] Year after year we have silently witnessed fair maidens swooning over him (and his brother), knowing that the dreams of each one will be shattered. Let's see how he deals with being outed as a rake, before we get too concerned about our bacon!
  25. [quote user="Just Katie"]I bet Twinkle is reading this and pouting[/quote] Twinkle and all the other women whose affections he has toyed with. [6]  Ooops.
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