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  1. Thanks Stan ... i am coming from Excideuil so the route planners are coming up via Limoges, 8.5 hrs journey time. I spent 2hrs doing a 'street view' on google maps of the whole journey, i feel like i have driven it already!!! At one point i got lost and was heading back towards home.

    So I will follow the Calais signs and avoid Rouen city centre fingers crossed!


  2. Thanks for the quick reply Hoddy...I have read many posts and they have made me aware of Rouen...what seems to be the problem there?

    I hope to catch the 16.10 ferry and i will have my sat nav and just follow the Calais signs! Cannot believe how nervous i am, silly really!

  3. Hi,

    I have to drive to Calais for the first time and am not looking forward to it at all...i know for sure I definitely want to avoid the Paris bit and having researched the forum others have suggested this route:

    Travel North to Limoges onto Orleans, onto Chartres, then via Rouen to Calais

    I know this will add a bit to my journey but want a route suitable for a nervous female driver! with my now very nervous son, and car sick dog!!!

    If anyone has any suggestions for a more suitable route then please let me know! or any tips to warn me of any surprises or tricky bits along the way?

    My husband is meeting me in Dover to do the english driving bit to avoid my nervous breakdown!



  4. Hi,

    Went to vets today, and it was MY mistake after all. It seems she did have the vaccination on the 19/09 and we took her back a month later (vets recommendation) for the blood test on the 21/10....as its 6mths from the blood test and not the injection we are not able to travel with her until 21/04/10.

    I cannot believe i have made this mistake i have read the defra website several times...must be my age or too much French wine.... We are just going to have to re-arrange all our travel plans, we will get there in the end.


  5. Hi,

    It has to be the vets mistake, he put the date of injection as the 19/09/09 when she was not actually injected with the rabies jab until 21/10/09. I just wish when i checked it back that i would of looked at the lab result letter and not the passport before making my plans!

    I am going to try and explain how much trouble this has caused for us on wed when i have an appointment for a jab...in my best french, i pray he will make the mistake again and alter the date, as its only 3 days difference....only trouble is if they ask for the lab pass letter, this clearly states the 21/10/09. Do they normally ask for this as well as the passport?

    My husband only started his new job in the UK today and now has to ask for time off to come over midweek to collect her.

  6. Hi,

    Thanks for the replies...just so annoying that the vet made this mistake, god knows what he was thinking about putting a date over a month earlier on the passport!

    We have to change so much now, but no other choice i suppose! lesson learnt check and re-check everything the vets fills in!

    Thanks again

  7. Hi,

    Can any one please help me, i took my dog for her rabies injection on the 21st oct. a while later i decided to book our journey to the uk and got her passport out to check when the six months was up, her passport states: date de vaccination: 19/09/09 valid from 19/10/09 valid until 19/09/2010.

    Unfortunately i worked out the 6mths from the date of injection meaning she could travel from the 19/03/2010, the letter to say she passed the test states: sampling date 21/10/09 receipt date 26/10/09. Meaning the 6mths is the 21/04/2010

    I have booked flights for myself and the children, my husband has taken time off work to drive over and collect the dog and the ferry is booked! all for the 18th april!!!

    Has the vet just in correctly filled out the passport? or is there a reason for this?

  8. Norman thanks again for your help, i have taken everything into account and sent them a letter detailing what you have advised!

  9. Hi Norman,

    Thankyou, we applied to two colleges one straight away accepted him, the other has replied saying he will need the 5 GCSE's or French equivelent, this it the better of the two colleges and the one we want him to attend. I plan to write back saying that the Brevet is the equivelent but wanted to be sure it was so if there is a website out there that backs this up that would be appreciated.

    He is taking 3 A Levels plus French as we really do not want him to lose his French...
  10. Hi,

    My son is 16 and is applying to attend 6th form college in england. He has been told he will need 5 grade B GCSE's or the French equivelent. He has his Brevet which he passed with 14points therefore obtaining a mention assez bien. We were very proud of him for doing this as he had only been in French education for 2yrs.

    How does this compare to GCSE's????
  11. Thanks to both who replied.

    Sunday Driver that is exactly what we had thought and since we are not leaving till April thought we would be ok, then we were told that if we are out of the country for more than 26wks then we would then be liable.

    Fingers crossed we sell beforehand but i will make an appointment with the Notaire just to verify.

    Thanks again!
  12. Hi,

    I have now been informed by friends so need to check on what they have said is true.

    They say if we return to England in April as planned and have not sold our house then once we have lived in the UK for more than 26weeks we will no longer be residents in France so therefore will liable for CGT?

    Is this correct?

  13. Thanks everyone, as normal you have the answers!


  14. Thats a good idea and i have just the paint! going out this afternoon to trawl through lots and lots of places to see what i can find


  15. I have just measured the diameter and its about 185mm or thereabouts, brico depot do not sell the initial black piece in any size other than 125mm, the reducers are all in silver....there must be someone in the Perigueux/Trellisac area that sell this size ????

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