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  1. I know they USED to exist, but who owns them now? We were in our local store in the UK, and my wife asked for the French website address, to be told that they are no longer part of the same group. If they have gone, and even if they haven't, where can I buy some kitchen units in France near Limoges? To start with, they are for the new utility, so nothing ott, thanks.
  2. We have a 1000kg propane tank in our back garden, installed by Vitogaz. At the time, we chose Vitogaz as they answered the phone when called and had a local office. Since then, their local office has closed[:(] We are now dissatisfied with them on the following reasons: 1. They seem to take quite a while to refill us when we ring. 2. Their bill thus almost always arrives when we are back in the UK. 3. The ONLY way we can pay them is by cheque, no credit, or debit, cards, no cash locally.[:(] This often leads us into owing them money until we next visit France to put some in our French account. I know we SHOULD keep enough in there, but often circumstances dictate otherwise. So.........how easy would it be to change supplier, preferably to one with more up to date accounting? Has anyone done it? Thanks.
  3. If so, any comments? Is it worth the extra over a D200? Thanks.
  4. [quote user="cooperlola"]It has always interested me that the railways use orange and everybody else seems to favour yellow.  You'd think that with the huge braking distances involved on the permanent way, that the railways would know something, wouldn't you?[/quote] They do...........all the colours of the rainbow are refracted by different ammounts according to their wavelength. The refraction means scattering in conditions of poor visibility, like snow, rain, fog. Red light is refracted through the smallest angle, so is scattered least, hence it's use a "Danger! Stop!". Orange light is next, followed by yellow, etc.
  5. [quote user="chris pp"]I don't think you should be pointing a finger at the Barn Owl, a Barn Owl would have eaten it, not left it lying around. The rats either just die or have been poisoned. Chris [/quote] Well, I DID wonder, but BOTH rats I've found have been stuffed into small openings in the owl's domain, and BOTH were bent double. I just assumed a raptor had stored it, then forgotten it........an owl IS a type of raptor, isn't it?
  6. Had a pair of redstarts nest in my barn as we were trying to renovate it. Cue rows between me and the wife as I refused to disturb the birds, so all work stopped. Once the breeding season was over, we blocked off entries and pulled out the nest.............and a large mummified rat from behind it: one of two I now own.[:'(] I blame the barn-owl[;-)]
  7. I can recommend two books: "L'Electricite Pas a Pas", and "Maitriser l'Electricite", both in paperback, bioth from Leclerc. EXCELLENT diagrams and easily understood text.
  8. I had a blacky that used to sit on the new rear door's handle and attack it's reflection in the glass. I had to fit a piece of conduit to the handle to protect it against his claws, and the masking tape I put on the door took AGES to scrape off later[:(] Still love birs though.
  9. [quote user="steve"] Dawn used to clean the windows, and then have to do the door again with this 'stupid' bird! Steve [/quote] You cleaned the windows with a crow? How unkind![:@]
  10. One switch for two lights is easy, just wire each light to the SWITCHED live and neutral, remembering to attach the earth wire if your wiring has it. You can use a junction box to allow the wires from the switch and neutral to be split.
  11. We bought what we wanted to start with in France: fridge, washer and tumble drier, all "Blue Sky" which seems to be a supermarket own brand. All three have performed faultlessly since buying them in 2002, but so far the property is only a holiday home. We imported ma in law's freezer when she died, and bought the dual fuel cooker, the dishwasher and an American-style fridge/freezer in the UK as French prices were crazy when we wanted them. No problems yet.
  12. But will they expect you to look after it?[;-)] And will it be YOUR fault if it keeps getting knocked down, where it is?[Www][Www]
  13. If it IS a telerupteur, and if it HAS been wired with the wrong sort of switches, it might be damaged. Hence why it works sometimes, but not others?
  14. About 18 months ago, I read in the UK press that Gare du Nord was the "most dangerous place in Europe", followed closely by Barcelona Mainline station. I've visited GdN loads and never felt threatened, never had any problems, despite being there alone at all hours of the day. And I'm NOT a big bloke. Having said that, I watched a couple of blokes target my wife and my friend's wife once at an outdoor show near the pope's palace in Avignon. I walked over to her, removed her, and her friend's bags and walked back, grinning at the two blokes. I got some VERY nasty "hard stares" but that was all.
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