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  1. This post has been deleted. Comments or questions regarding the general administration of the forum should be made by "private message" or using the "Report" link to the moderators or direct to Forum Admin. Such comments or questions should not be posted in the open forum.
  2. You think so? I can even understand a sausage a lot more, than I can you. You can reverse faster than an Italian 2nd WW tank [:D] As for apologies, you've started so don't stop there, finish, as the man once said, go the whole hog and do the honourable...........!
  3. Phil, Ask her what airport she will be flying in to and why her company is not sending you a simple UK cheque.  Ask her why her address was not right and why no Alice Ford was found to be in employment with  UNESCO?  At the same time ask her why she was booking in to a place in Saint Malo at the same time................... Warning !! You may hear no more and lose the booking . [:)]
  4. [quote] I think you must abide by rules of logic unknown to the rest of the world, Quillan.[/quote] I don't think so................. I bruddy know so..............................[;-)].......... (That's to cover me from being moosh interdit !!)
  5. [quote user="Bugbear"][quote user="Miki"]Picture this. "Anyone with half a brain in this biz will know a genuine enquiry from a pathetic no intention to book enquiry. That will equally be the ones from scammers and waste of spacers alike." [/quote]    [/quote] Damnation, I was being double serious as well [;-)] So it was a scam after all...well I never, the very thought.......................[:)]
  6. Picture this. Anyone with half a brain in this biz will know a genuine enquiry from a pathetic no intention to book enquiry. That will equally be the ones from scammers and waste of spacers alike. Even badly written ones are easily put in to the booking probable or simple idiots just having a game on the net. Most will fit in to a frame fixed in ones mind, that many will instantly know, is a genuine enquiry or not. I also think soz should take his turn in giving the Nigerians a nice break, seems like one or two have done so in the past [:)] Mind you, am I alone in hoping to hear from the scammer who just leaves money in ones account, now that's a real scam.................. or total b*******s [:)][;-)]
  7. I know you did and I'm agreeing [;-)]
  8. Cassis, It's a scam and a silly one. We have had it twice and both times...in the bin. It may (or may not ?) take experience of letting accommodation to know but that one rung alarm bells for many reasons and I never even got to the end of it before......in it went !! As for 70-80%...quite honestly percentages don't play any part, it's 100% kosher or it's not...it's that simple.  Anyone not experienced though,  would I believe, easily be fooled. You may get genuine ones which are sent to several folks, that is simply someone wanting to keep their options open and they will send out several in the hope for a reply with a vacancy or just for the hell of sending the email....just because they can [:)]
  9. [quote] One really important lesson in life is to run with your first impressions [/quote] Another one is to take a little more time in getting to know someone. Mine is simply,don't judge a book by it's cover, stood me in far better stead than first impressions ever have, although I too often get first impressions spot on, other times they have been miles out. My bet is those that are seen as a bit iffy, yep you may all include me if you wish, will end up being better than the fluffy ones who in my experience, are all too often the ones that will turn and bitch with fellow fluffies against their own. Seen it happen in real life and on forums all too often.......
  10. [quote] Does that mean you're being put out to stud?[/quote] Cor...chance would be a fine thing [geek]
  11. Yes Beryl, very serious. Ever since we arrived here, we have worked, almost non stop. I guess looking back, the easiest period was the time in the Doo Don but at the time, that felt like extremely hard graft, which it was of course. The biz we have now is constant and last year we worked well over 230 days non stop, that's not to say we worked for just 230 days but that was how many were worked "on the bounce" so to speak. The plans for "next" are to have a year or two off and see how it all pans out. We have never been ones for making solid plans but prefer to think realistically of "is" something possible and let's give it a spin if it has a chance of happening. We feel, like may others do, I'm sure, that we think we deserve a "time out" period and time to catch up with friends and family away from the biz. The only thing is how long we can stay "non working" and that naturally will depend on what for and when we can sell the biz  and if Kautos Star can win next years Gold Cup [:)] Finding time to do a blog is one thing and knowing how to is another [:D]
  12. Hi Beryl, Sure have but we have finally realised, that we now need longer hols, so this year.................... on to the market goes the Biz  [:)][:D] Anyone interested in working hard for a good income? Don't all rush now !
  13. [quote user="Will"] So the agent was given wrong information by the seller, and had a car that was obviously inferior to your own? And is therefore a shark to be abandoned in the middle of the countryside? I don't think you will get very far in your search in France if that's your attitude. [/quote] By the same token Bill, are we to believe that an immo will not follow up to certify for their own records (for prospective clients) what they are selling and if I, as a seller,  ring up and say I am selling a 5 bedroom place, which only has two bedrooms, is it the immos fault or mine when the buyer arrives to view ?  Surely the immos...otherwise it's just more ammo for those that say immos do little for their dosh !! [:D][;-)]
  14. I wasn't jumping down anyones throat, well, except for the stupid government and them not looking to the future to see what could happen with the CMU.  I suppose to be fair, they never thought the poor would be selling houses just before being allowed health care with the CMU !! And have no fear, there are many Brits already  here, or are coming over soon, that are fully aware that they can get free healthcare or at worst, extremely cheap health care, after their E106 runs out. French healthcare, in particular, the CMU, is well publicised in many publications now and of course, all over the net. I have had British people here recently, who tell me what they plan to do once their E106 runs out ! Perhaps it may well have been a misunderstanding that was heard?  I have heard some real miscomprehensions from people who have been to the Impôts or CPAM for example. On calling them, it was the opposite that had been said. If one relies on them to speak English, if ones French is not up to it, who can blame the person at CPAM, if they, believing they speak good English, make errors in translation ?
  15. No need to say what I (and others ?) think of this bluddy huge loophole !! Further to BJSLIV's post, there have been discussions by the Senate, looking in to, not just foreigners here but the French themslves, who sit on a nice nest egg from sales of their house(s). These people are able to get free health care and, in some cases, a free top up as well. All because the interest from their accounts, is low enough for free, or very cheap health care as well The ongoing discussions are about bringing in to play,  the total gross lump sum, as well as the interest. This is seen as more inline with the original principle CMU was, as many people are aware, brought in for people who had no healthcare and had slipped under the healthcare net. The lowness of the income to qualify for free healthcare, tells you in itself, why it was bought in, it was not for all the ex pats or French themselves who live off their lump sum from wherever gained but for those French or residents with little but a few euros to get by on and NO capital at all behind them. With the French health system expected to be 70 billion euros in debt by 2020, you can be sure that all avenues will be scrutinised to claw back monies falling in to an ever growing black hole !!
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