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  1. Thank you everyone. We did wonder if it was only the concrete pilars available. Regards.
  2. Evening. I've been looking at both Broco Depot and Leroy Merlin websites for gates and we are interested in one like this: http://www.bricodepot.fr/dissay/node/1398591 Does anybody know if / where you can buy metal gate posts to go with them as I'm assuming they don't come supplied with the gate. I have seached both websites and can't find any. Regards. Ysatis
  3. Evening. Does anybody know what those metal things are called that you quite often see supporting vines on the front of houses. I don't know what they would be called in English let alone french. Regards.
  4. Evening all. Thanks everyone for you replies and my apologies for being late getting back to you. Thanks fluffy, will certainly call in there. Regards.
  5. Evening all. We are located near Civray (86) and will be needing large quantities of timber, for example, floorboards. Could anyone point me in the right direction of a timber merchant in that area. All we have seen is the blister wrapped flooring in Brico or similar places which obviously is an expensive way to buy.  I have seen a timber place just outside Sauzé, but I'm not sure if they sell to the public. Kind regards.
  6. [quote user="Quillan"] Start a conversation with one neighbour, ask them if they know the chap and perhaps explain that you think you might have untentionally upset him when you planted your first hedge because you didn't understand and how sorry you are. Chances are it will 'leak' back to him which opens the door for you to speak with him, explain to his face that you made a mistake due to ignorance and different custom's, explain what you want to do and ask him for advice. I have also discovered that the French chaps quite like a little snort of Whisky from time to time.[;-)][/quote] I like this approach and will try and do it when I'm there next. I also think a chat at the Mairie to be clear on what the rules are might be a good idea too. Thanks for everyone's advice.
  7. My french is reasonable. I nearly did Hoddy but bottled out. He used to walk by 3-4 times a day but now, due to his health I think, it maybe once a week. But he looks so unapproachable. To be honest I'm a little scared of him. I have no reason to be other than he intimidates me a little just by his look. I feel like I'm walking on egg shells and worry constantly that I'm doing something wrong. Perhaps I'll pluck up the courage the next time I see him. It did spoil my holiday to start with because I thought it was quite harsh way of telling me something. Especially as he had walked by whilst I was actually planting. I would have been more than happy to have been told what I can and cannot do. Perhaps he thinks I'm unapproachable.
  8. Thanks Sue and Quillan.  I'm aware now of the maintenance issue and guessed that I'd done something wrong regarding my planting. I'm also assuming that letting weeds and stinging nettles grow near his property are also a no no, that's why they got a zapping. I hope that when I get round to seeding grass in that area it won't get the same treatment. I did consider approaching him to see if he would agree to us putting a gate, possibly with a lock (both of us having a key) between the hedge and his wall. Somehow I don't think he will agree to this. We always say hello and we do get a forced grunt back. I think he either doesn't like us or he's very suspicious of us. We have tried to be as considerate as possible as neighbours but perhaps our ignorance to the rules annoy him, not that I think we have broken many and certainly not intentionally. I am also aware of the height rules, but it was planting up / near property I have no knowledge. So thanks again both of you.
  9. Evening all. I'm really hoping someone can help. The rear of my neighbours house backs directly onto our front garden. Quite literally my garden goes right up to his wall. The gable end of his house is on the road as is the rest of my front garden. Last April I planted hedge cuttings along my boundary and up to his wall. He saw me do this. However, in October last year we returned to find that he (I'm guessing) has posted and roped off a 1m from his house down the length of his house and weedkilled everything within this area including my new cuttings. Friends of ours informed us that you have to keep 1m 'free' so he can maintain his property. Why he didn't have a quick word with me when he saw me planting I don't know. I'm also hoping he hasn't done this to make a claim on the land. I'm sure he's just making a point that I can't plant up to his wall. So now I have this hedge growing 1½m in from the road along my boundary (a gap for some gates) and the hedge continuing towards his house but stopping 1m from his property and a few metres in from the road because it was planted on an angle. This has created a 1m opening so any animal or person could wander into my property. It looks so odd having a hedge and then a gap. I have photos but I have no idea how to get them from disc to this forum. Does anybody know the rules for planting near property please. Is there anything I can put / errect there to stop wandering feet? Kind regards.
  10. Thank you idun. Sorry for the late response.
  11. Evening all. Does anybody know what the french equivalent is for " eyes down" in a game of bingo / loto? Regards.
  12. Yes, my mistake Norman. Thanks all for the info. I was beginning to panick.
  13. Sorry to be so thick, but profit of what? Are we definately talking CGT? Your confusing me WB...which is not hard.
  14. Never thought about taking the video camera. We were planning on taking lunch but didn't think it would stop long enough and was going to find a spot by the river. Thanks for the tips and the link. Your grandchildren look like they were having great fun. It's a shame if they are closed but will phone just to check.
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