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  1. Sorry JJ, busy busy here. Three please, pm your postal addy & price, I'll put a cheque in tomm. Ta v'much!
  2. Great work as always JJ, put me down for a few;
  3. Great reading, good reasearch and good advice.
  4. That sounds seriously psychedelic LE! Can I have a few pints or puffs of what he's on?
  5. Hey there Coops! My wee problem is like a broken fingernail compared to what you went through, it's a great opportunity to get stuff done that I wouldn't have wasted time on otherwise!

    Thanks Pierre, it's not the first time & this was sort of self inflicted too...nine hole boots laced up tight help the rehab alot.
  6. Yo JK! Howz it hanging? I often used to think of you on my regular trips to Paris, if I was forced to live in a city, Paris would be it...bet you're having a stomping time?!
  7. Getting too old to party with teenagers LE, well the body is but the mind disagrees...anyway, the dare was unfair!

    I reckon conditions have improved for the ceps LE...here's hoping.

    The steambending is a really interesting subject LE, it suits my style...over to the woody forum!
  8. Sorry, been off on a life tangent AND creating what I reckon is gonna be the coolest workshop ever...nightclub included!Hope you're all well?

    Edit/steambending...I was in the process of felling Oak and Sweet Chestnut (before mishap) for convertion by a mobile sawmill into many different dimensions and will be using green timber for bending (being very much more pliable than seasoned or kd'd timber) which will permit bending of much larger section, am working on an integrated water heating system for the bending, LOTS to discover!
  9. We're no longer a sub section my fellow woodies!! I didn't not turn up deliberately JJ, life as usual exploded & I lost a few months...so who's doing what? I got me a new camera!
  10. That's the cleanest version I ever heard Leo!
  11. Have torn ankle ligaments & achilles tendon (nope, not telling how) and am seriously peed off 'cos the ceps are waiting and I can't get around the woods & forests in plaster & wheelchair...is there any kind soul in Limousin who has a quad bike they're not using? Can I beg, borrow, steal, hire or buy one?
  12. P'raps not too helpful L/E but create a small beach next to pool and advertise it as a beach themed pool? X
  13. Why thank you kind sir/ma'am!
  14. Spent a couple of days getting down and dirty with approx 1000m2 of a pond surround HEAVILY infested with brambles. The brushcutter stands about 1,8m high & the brambles reached close to 3m in places! With good kit, a good mashing technique and and alot of scratces the job was done and cleared in less than two days. HOWEVER, if you're going into ground like that, try & scout it first for hornets & wasps nests, an hour spent carefully watching and listening could save alot of grief!



    Uncovering natural regeneration that was well hidden was a bonus.

    Edit; don't know if piccies have come up or not? I'm only seeing the photobucket html codes.
  15. Please humour me a little...the location is very, very nice...skills and materials readily available, is it worth the time and effort? Would a tree house holiday sell? TIA.

    Edit...and to diversify, quote of the year for me and first time I've seen it..."The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.". No I'm not drunk. Nice one Clair.
  16. I had to Wiki 'mojo' Gay, I'm even more confused now! I SO was banned Quills...don't you go trying to spoil my blemished record, if I remember, James came to the rescue?! I've met sevevral forum members and everyone seems really normal, apart from Meg & Mog perhaps, but she does come from the fens the poor dear!
  17. I'd like to think that as a team we were responsible for keeping a few mods up way beyond their bedtime and perhaps a few extra grey hairs?
  18. Might be able to help...PM me with contact details. I know good folk.
  19. Exactly JJ! And unique! You get the wood & we'll do it together...hope Mrs JJ can find a spot for it?
  20. I'm going to reduce this Fir to approx 5 metres and carve it, as yet I've no idea into what. It'll take a week or so and it would be fun to turn the week into a chance to share and learn...erm, and party as well!

    I'm happy to give crash courses on chainsaw stuff and for those who are fully equipped with saws and safety gear I'm happy to show a few basics of chainsaw carving, I'll provide the timber at no cost.

    Anybody and everybody is welcome. There's a cottage for rent if needed and a LOAD of space for camping (no fee!) and some lovely countryside around.

    Prerequesites are open minds, open hearts and to pitch in with cooking etc as we don't have much money between us.

    This gig isn't about earning, it's about sharing and having some serious fun...it's not being advertised anywhere else. I'll stick confirmed dates up in a few days. I'm doing it toward the end of the month.

    Prerequesites are open minds, open hearts and to pitch in with cooking etc as we don't have much money between us.

    This gig isn't about earning, it's about sharing and having some serious fun...it's not being advertised anywhere else. I'll stick confirmed dates up in a few days but it's probably going to be in the last week of August.

    Departement is Haute Vienne.


    edit! Where's the piccy?

     You have to copy the link, click on the ball and chain icon, delete the http that is in the pop up box already and paste the pic link in, click on OK - if the link is underlined it should show...hope that works [:)]


  21. Not again old chap? I never did understand why you wrote reams to me when a few simple sentences would've sufficed?!?
  22. I don't remember that Sweet...there were many and varied reasons why I got banned! I think Dick was one of them too, but I can't wait to meet the old fart now! A good bloke, but as John said, a teacher...I think he might have recovered by now? As for taking the pee out of the Welsh, I can't think of any other nationality that merits it more! And women??? I have an alternative HRT treatment for women...it's called Hormone REMOVAL Therapy, remove all the hormones from woman then they become a little more reasonable and more like human beings?!
  23. Yeah we had alot of fun then! I forgot how many times I got banned!!! I just hope everyone is well and enjoying life.

  24. Wotcha Londoneye! I wondered where that hat had gone to...boy that was one wet and cold day! Glad your pooch is enjoying it! I seem to remember you not being able to watch? Did I kill the tree? We're good thanks...himself still not able to sit still for more than five minutes?? X

    It's difficult to know when is enough Catalpa, he's eating enormous amounts now and has gained a kilo and a half in less than a week, getting into all sorts of trouble and sort of becoming a disaster on four legs! Just a few minutes ago I wondered why a chicken was making such a racket...he was dragging it backwards by its tail feathers! The GS in him is very definately coming out and rapidly! I think I'm getting to the point where I'm going to have to crack down but it seems a real shame! He had his first swimming lesson today. I'll give you a shout soon Polly!

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