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Please can someone in Technical support fix the pile of rubbish that this forum has become.


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I have just tried to read through a topic only to find that extensive parts of the posts are overlaid and obscured by your most read section.

Interesting though that is also it is impossible to read the posts.

Please, please fix this pile of excrement that you use to publicise how good your off-line publications are. Frankly it gives a poor impression of Archant and its publication powers.
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If you go to the new forum you can read endless posts without ads about what people are doing today, cooking today, wearing today, playing today, watching today, reading today, listening today, gardening today, shagging today, what your cat is doing today.....and on, and on and on.

OK the forum does not work. But it is a small price to pay but not to know all of that.

......and Chancers life posts LOL.
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