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  1. Not sure if that's the same teapot ALBF, the one you mention says all FE members are diddies. Which is good for you as your not a member well not as ALBF anyway LOL
  2. You were there in the summer, anyone could say that. If you were really there prove it. Did he have his Scooby doo socks on or Dora the explorer ones LOL
  3. [quote user="Théière"][quote user="Leven"]tarmac on gravel works [/quote] Really? Crushed compacted stone yes. [/quote] And you have inspected the OPs drive? you may not have noticed but its well known that gravel can become compacted over a very short period of time. just saying. Also the OP may well have compacted his gravel..
  4. tarmac on gravel works but you will need to lift the gravel and put down some mesh to stop the weeds coming through. As if you will ever use tarmac. more likely to eat caramac LOL
  5. I think this thread is a cry for help. The OP would like to live in an English area of France but cannot sell to be able to move on. Happy new year ALBF LOL
  6. I am a Brit living in Brittany getting a divorce my wife has been locked up in a loony bin for using her car a s weapon and has now been set free can anyone recommend an English speaking lawyer and how can I access Police records. I say guilty as accused given that he has started talking to himself. LOL Next time post something normal first like did anyone see that asteroid over Tours last night/
  7. ALBF how is the wife, was it the Skoda she used and have you found an Inglish speaking Lawyer yet LOL
  8. You will not get an answer from ALBOF today he is at the golf course on a Saturday. They always need extra hands to clear the tables as its the busiest day. He will only get a chance to look on here at his fag break.
  9. Landscaping, do you mean weeding lol or is it the flower box in Paris.. Talking about working for cods sake has shut up his mobile fish and chip shop, not sure if its because he has made his fortune or whether he ran out of customers. That's a possible new venture for you. chancer would probably jump at it but he is too busy looking to expand his hotel group. I heard from lea Marriot her dad has a hotel group not sure if you have heard of them. Apparently chancer offered his skoda , two buttons and a tour of northern France as down payment on the hotel chain lol
  10. new, it was once probably before you were born LOL It dug out a huge tree root and did a new sand filter fosse in under two days. 3.5 ton just rips through the ground. It only cost 3000 sterling. out of curiosity where have you been peeking LOL If you had done your job properly you would know there is a new red Alfa as well. lol
  11. [quote user="alittlebitfrench"]@ Chancer You are becoming more anti France anti French with every post. Calm it down a bit. Some of us have lived here a lot longer than you. If you are not happy, move on. You are talking nonsense BTW.[/quote] The expert has spoken LOL
  12. Leven

    Dog bite

    A dog bit albf once and never recovered. lol
  13. Well you are well on your way with King yong May she is as close to a Dictator as you will get. Its going to be a red white and blue brexit and everyone will be richer for it.
  14. Brexit is going to be a success, the UK can walk away pay nothing and as is claimed by May it will be a roaring success. The UK can sell chockie biscuits and soup to the Africans. there are no great trade deals just waiting for the UK you have all had your brains fryed by the tabloid gutter press The UK is basically a service economy, most of the manufacturing has gone. I hope the EU kick them out, the economy will collapse and the Conservatives will be a thing of the past.
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