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    9 years to train as a generaliste in France compared with 10 years in the UK to become a fully trained and independent GP. https://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/showthread.php?t=968179
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    I signed up with my MT 5 years ago and at that time you could get appointments within 48 hours and frequently next day. She had just started up here. Since the 2 or 3 of the doctors in the area have retired and have not been replaced and for normal consultations it can be up to 10 days to get an appointment. So things are certainly getting difficult.
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    OH got an appointment in about 10 days - but that was 3 or so years ago. Maybe it is more difficult now. I was told that ophthalmic appointments were 3 - 4 months when I started to develop cataracts. The doc's secretary got me an appointment in 3 weeks - so in part it may depend if strings can be pulled and if there is someone to pull them.
  4. Richard wrote: Your post is predicated on the assumption that a good comprehensive education is worse than that of an independent school. Sometimes Richard that chip on your shoulder gets so big that it blocks your vision and you cannot see past it. My reference to comprehensive school had nothing to do with him having been to an independent school and everything to do with all of you other objections that followed: I paraphrase - was trained at officer level in the military - probably good for defining strategies and having a disciplined approach to problem solving Went to university - actually quite a good one - well good luck to him, and we do need educated people running the country. Of course you are permitted to think otherwise - but I would submit that there are already enough idiots in politics and we need no more. Has had legal training - pretty much essential in a roll where everything is going to be defined in a contract (aka treaty). Sometimes you really do show yourself up as a plonker which means the true arguments that you have get completely lost.
  5. which of course has nothing directly to do with choosing a new Bexsh1t leader. Sometimes the chip on your shoulder actually does more harm to the argument than it does good. If you genuinely believe the best person to put in front of the EU to negotiate the final details of the divorce and then the start of the trade deal has to have had no better than a good Comprehensive education, should have absolutely no legal background in order to fully understand the pitfalls of a comma here or a "but" there, then you really are living in another world. I am afraid that in the world of 21st century politics the likes of Nye Bevan would be eaten alive and the bones spat out into the gutter. And do not misunderstand, I am a great fan of Nye, but his time passed some 50 years ago - if not more.
  6. A good general purpose spud to grow is Mona Lisa - not the best for mash nor for roasties, but better than many.
  7. Whether you do or don't take the jab is of course your choice, but do bear in mind that if you were to contract a pandemic virus, you would be very capable of passing it on to other un-vaccinated individuals as well as helping to infect the 30 od percent of those who do get vaccinated but do not gain full immunity. A kind of murder (or involuntary homicide if you prefer) by proxy. As for quoting the birth rate in Niger, that is a bit like me saying the Ford is going down the tubes because the sales of one particular model is dropping like a stone. The world birth rate is now beginning to fall https://www.bbc.com/news/health-46118103 They refer to fertility rate which I have problems with. Fertility can remain high, but actions taken can reduce the birth rate and that is what we are seeing.
  8. You should not need any translations according to EU regulations; however a number of prefectures are demanding them. I would check with yours to see if they require said translations. If yes, then it has to be with an authorised translator. You cannot just use any old translator - or indeed do it yourself. Look on the web for traduction assurementee - translation under oath.
  9. Auchan Tio Pepe Fino €15/bottle don't feel any duty to reply on the cost or the quality, but it is sherry and available in France.
  10. Washer and dryer are likely to push you over the 6KW - unless you are just relocating them from the existing bit to the new bit. While I understand your reaction, it is important to know that while the physics of electrical currents are the same in the UK and France, the ways of dealing with that and provide a safe supply are very, very different. There are real dangers of electricians trained in one country will apply their methods and provide an unsafe installation.
  11. andyh4

    Female lab x worry

    This may sound a silly question but if you don't want her to have any puppies, why not have her spayed? I get sick of folk round here who don't spay or castrate their cats and we then end up with stray kittens arriving chez nous.
  12. Richard51 wrote Is to the west of say Marseille any better than to the east. There is an area of heavy industrialisation to the west of Marseille so really until you get to the west of the Rhone much of the area has restricted attraction - there are some nice coves on the Cote Blue but to get there you are forced through the industrial or vast trading estates. Once on the western side of the Rhone, you lose the attraction of steep hills and mountains behind the coast. So in answer to the question, with of course exceptions the west of Marseille is not as attractive.
  13. To try and put this into context. If the extension house has for the sake of agreement: 1 x 10KW "circuit" for upstairs lighting 1 x 10kW "circuit" for downstairs lighting 1 x 16KW for sockets 1 x 32kW for kitchen appliances Then you will need to think about installing on your old house tableau 1 x 10KW "circuit" for upstairs lighting 1 x 10kW "circuit" for downstairs lighting 1 x 16KW for sockets Whether you need the 32KW connection will depend on what you intend to do about heavy usage items in the extension - duplicate kitchen or utility room for washer and dryer then you need it, but if the old kitchen becomes a living room then possibly not. This is not a case of running a high KW feed from the old tableau to the extension tableau, although a qualified electrician might be able to bridge from one feed to the other feed - but then no breakers are needed.
  14. If you are feeding off your existing tableau then you don't need a single feed, you need several feeds - one for each "circuit" to the other house. The question will be, does your existing house have sufficient supply for all that you want in the new house, on top of what your current demand is. For example you might just need 3KW for the extension, but if your existing supply is just coping with your demand then you might need to upgrade your current supply.
  15. The Cote d'Azur has been a winter watering place for the British for over 125 years. That attraction I think is a basis for why it seems so popular now. I think over time the climate has shifted and the area is less appealing now than it was at the end of the Victorian age. Plus of course the rest of the world has discovered it as well. Today more a multinational attraction than the previous British winter enclave. Note I have used winter twice above since summers would surely have been far to hot for civilised Victorians. The popularity has undoubtedly been promoted by such works as "A year in Provence". Dordogne is perhaps the CdA of the late 20th century. Personally I find little to attract me to either - but to each his/her own. It would be a dull life if we were all the same and ALBF's corner of Tours would be incredibly crowded with Brits.
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