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  1. Thanks Judith, Things are a bit stressful, I’ve started putting info into the forms. Father-in-law died last week in uk, so we are back and forth, still no death certificate after a week. Beggars belief.
  2. Hi Judith, Have there been many changes to the forms from last year? We have a property in the uk that I always put on my impots form plus I have share dividends that I declare. Many thanks Sueyh
  3. https://www.impots.gouv.fr/www2/fichiers/documentation/brochure/ir_2022/pdf_som/2047.pdf
  4. Hi Judith, Thank you, we both have govt pensions, police and education. Yes I too have tried to download a hard copy but not available yet by the looks of things. regards sueyh
  5. in what section of the tax form do I put old age pension? First year of receiving it. thanks in advance. Sueyh
  6. sueyh

    Meet Ziggy

    Oh Wooly what a cutie. We lost our dear Choccy Rhodesian Ridgeback just before Christmas and are considering a puppy at present. This was Choccy
  7. Gardian me too. We cancelled because we didn’t have compelling reason. If we’d travelled before midnight 17 th December we could have done it.
  8. Thanks Woolly hope you’re keeping well in your part of the PdeC.
  9. Without being shot down in flames ? What is the current situation with regard to visiting the uk to see our family? We are fully boosted, WARP carte carriers. We cancelled our planned Christmas visit but wondered if anything has changed. TIA Suey
  10. Restaurant Vivonne Does anyone have recommendations for restaurants in or near Vivonne with outside eating area? TIA
  11. Does anyone have recommendations for restaurants in or near Vivonne with outside eating area? TIA Suey
  12. sueyh

    Antigen test

    [quote user="anotherbanana"]Yes, it was acceptable when I went back about a month ago, but why do you need one? Are you twice jabbed?[/quote] We had our test yesterday afternoon. The qr code won’t upload to our touscovid app. Did you have the same?
  13. sueyh

    Antigen test

    Yep need a test before we go and a test day 2. Doubled vaccination.
  14. sueyh

    Antigen test

    I’ve made an appointment for an antigen test at the local pharmacy. Can you confirm that this is acceptable for Eurotunnel travel. Thank you in advance.
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