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  1. Who - what - how - did all this horrible new layout happen ? What the heck is going on ? I look at the 'topics' and on page 1 they date back 15 years, and talk about 2009. What the ----, ----, -----------, how the ??????? So how are we supposed to find the NEWEST topics, the last new comments made in the last few days. I cannot see a way of changing the selections under the menu grid on the right hand side of the screen. Lots of wonderful options - but NOT one that lets you choose topics in ascending or descending order (ie latest first, top of the list, as in e-mails). Didn't anyone ask us for our comments ? This is horrible. Chessie
  2. It is a very difficult situation - and I can understand why some people do not want the vaccination.   After all, we do not belong the State - and the State really should not be making this compulsory - but I understand the government's side of the argument as well.
    However, I also (sorry !) read the UK papers; the UK has made much the same decision - and the abuse that is being directed at the UK government over the compulsory aspect for some health workers to have this vaccination is unbelievable.   Many posters on newspaper forums can't see that other countries are taking a similar stand about the vaccination.
    I don't like the compulsory nature; if the government can't make a case that everyone supports then maybe there is a cause for people's anxiety.   What really annoys me though is that, as with the 'Insulate Britain' - the number of 'protestors' who say they would rather lose their jobs is a bit of an insult to the tax payer - because such people are then going to claim state benefits - OUR money.   So they choose to put their lives at risk, other people's lives at risk, lose their jobs - and then expect those whose lives they put at risk to end up paying for them not working !!
    It's a strange old world isn't it ?

  3. Can anyone shed light for me please ?
    AZ vaccination - wait for 7 - 12 weeks between 1st and 2nd jab - right ?
    Now, we've been invited to join a group (during this wait between vacs) at a resto and we've had the 'pass sanitaire' required.  But we can't have this pass until after 2nd vaccination.
    Would the simple anti-gen test, taken 48 hours before party takes place - and to prove negative be adequate as a 'pass sanitaire' - or do we have to miss the party......-again.  

    Anyone know how much the anti-gen test costs (we have Carte Vitales). 

    Feel as though I've 'missed the party' for the last 2 years....... sure many of you feel the same.

  4. I've had one of those days when nothing seemed to go right.  Tried to put petrol in car - put credit card PIN number into new high tech widget thing of card reader at petrol station.  Wouldn't accept my first PIN - even though it was correct.   Tried again - second time - still wouldn't accept PIN - and then I was informed that I had, basically, only one more chance to put in correct PIN.  But I had already entered correct PIN - twice.   Did I risk it - no.  So left with no petrol.

    Wanted to get cash from ATM; but then decided not.   If the petrol machine wouldn't accept correct PIN number, then if I tried for a third time and the ATM also decided I had not used correct PIN then possibly the machine would 'swallow' my card.   So didn't get any cash.   Decided to leave it until tomorrow (24 hours) - and hope for the best next time.
    Coudn't use direct debit french bank card - because I've mislaid my card, and am waiting for new one from bank. 

    Go to chemist to try to make RDV for covid vax.   There's 3 people ahead of me in queue.  I wait at the open door; each one is served, with lengthy chats taking place.  I move forward.   There are 4 people behind me when it is my turn.
    I start to ask the assistant a question - the mobile phone rings.    She picks it up, has a chat - and then wanders off into the rear of the shop................
    And I stand there, gob-smacked.   This blasted person on the phone has jumped the queue of 5 people (and yes, there were 4 people behind me).
    I waited, there were no other assistants, no-one around - I could hear her chatting away......... so I left; why should I wait while she's chatting to queue jumper; there was no word of apology to me when she picked up the phone, nor word of apology to me when she disappeared.

    So no petrol, no cash, and no RDV for vax.  Round trip of 50 minutes for nothing - except wasting petrol and time.   Scream...

    Is it any wonder I get fed up, hate modern techno - gadgets that won't read correct PIN - and b----y mobile phones that are more important than a real person in a queue.   Anyone else feeling a bit grouchy today about modern techno; or is it just me being singled out by the Gods for them to have fun and make my day difficult !!

    Oh well - good excuse for a few more glasses of wine... hic, hic.
    And tomorrow's another day.......

  5. Antonia - well Madame de Balle must be extremely busy at the moment -
    I've received yet another e-mail from this busy 'person' (would be using censored words to describe her - I'd be banned !!).
    I've forwarded this scam letter on to 'abuse@orange.fr' - which is what I do with all thse scum letters.
    But - apart from 'orange' - are there any other organisations to whom we can forward on these scum letters in an attempt to get some of them blocked ?
    Anyone know ?

  6. Gardengirl - thank you - feel much better now - amazing what a glass or two of the vino can do.
    La-Martin - oh I agree.
    Can you imagine the damage such a letter could do to a couple; one who receives it and the other half who might not believe it a scam and starts making accusations.......?  It's dreadful the fall-out that could be caused by such a vile letter.
    Thinking more clearly now, I am surprised that I was so frightened.   I have checked on-line about such scam e-mails; it seems that it isn't too difficult for one's PC to pick up malware which can infect your computer and link it to these sordid obscene sites.  You can be totally unaware that your PC has become 'linked' to those sites.   But then like many who use YouTube one never really feels confident about not picking up any malware along the way.

    I wish I had thought more clearly; Chessfou2 - good advice; I usually do check but this one didn't give a rubbish e-mail address which is what really threw me off balance.  But your link to the signal-enarques and NormanH and AnOther's links are wonderful.

    Note to Mods - do you think it might be a good idea to put these links in the 'stick' section as permanent references for us all.

    You see - again this wonderful forum, and the wonderful helpful people here have worked their magic - I am now feeling extremely relieved, much happier and relaxed;  very grateful for everyone's kind help and advice - and commenting on the interesting personal experiences you've had with these ------------- scammers.

    Thank you everyone - so much -


  7. Oh Norman - I love you, love you, love you XXXXX - thanks for posting out scam letter in full - hope it might warn others - very helpful
    And Gardian as well - love you, love you, love you.....

    Golly - I feel so, so relieved by your comments - you have no idea just how relieved.

    Thank you both - so much;  your quick replies, and helpful advice - are wonderful.
    It's why I love this forum.

    I'm not normally taken in by any of these 'scams' - but this just looked the biz, with the official heading and the addresses at the bottom.   What is really worrying, though, is that an on-line check along the lines of  '...wrongly accused of downloading---.' and it appears to be remarkably easy for any of us, totally innocent, to fall prey to 'sordid' downloads because of the malware and viruses that are out there - totally unseen and unknown.
    This is why I hate 'cookies' so much; we're invited to 'tick box' to accept all cookies; but when you go through the 'choose cookies' and want to say 'no' to them all it's not possible.   I'm damn sure in those cookies there's 'stuff' that shouldn't be there, and although my PC runs the Avast virus check I don't feel terribly confident.

    But oh chaps - thank you  - really, really big thank you's - and a couple of hugs as well.
    Love this Forum

  8. I tried to download copy - this is best I can do;  my computer won't do screen shot and paste - and I'm really frightened and can't think straight.......I'm sorry - Chessie

    commissaire générale

    police fédérale,
    directrice d'Europol " Brigade
    protection des mineurs (BPM)
    police judiciaire est prévue
    menaces la
    personne d'un enfant

    L'article 227-
    Code pénal 
    cinq ans d'emprisonment
    infiltration pour :

    _ Pédopornographie
    _ Pédophilie
    _ Exhibitionnisme
    _ Cyber pornographie
    _ Trafi.
    En cas de non-respect de la procédure et du délai, la lettre de
    vous sera envoyée par courrier postal.

    Mme Catherine De Bolle, commissaire générale de la police fédérale, élue au poste de directrice d'Europol" la brigade
    de protection des mineurs (BPM)"
    Adresse : RUE ROYALE 202 À ,1000 Bruxelles, Belgique
    36 RUE DU BASTION, 75017 PARIS
  9. Hello everyone -
    My life is not good at the moment - to cap it all I've received this -
    hope it downloads -
    It seems I've been summoned, and threatened with police arrest, due to downloading child pornography.
    Which I have not done - never would - never have - don't understand.
    I thought at first this was a scam, and forwarded to 'abuse@orange.fr' -
    but now, because I'm stupid, I had to have another look - and I'm now absolutely terrified out of my wits.
    I have never, ever downloaded anything sordid.
    I don't understand this at all.
    I've sent a copy to British Consul in Bordeaux, but because they're all WFH the e-mail has had to go through the UK gov offices - so goodness knows when I'll get a reply.

    Anyone got any advice, at all;  I'm innocent of anything mentioned in this 'official' document - and I'm now really frightened of a 'knock at the door'.   Honestly, not joking......


  10. Excuse me - but I did not insult you, at all - that is an unnecessary slur and I do not appreciate it.
    Secondly - how is it that when tackled, pro-eu fanatics are never able to defend some eu actions.
    I have asked some very serious, and real, questions on here.  

    About the eu's down-grading of animal feed - no comments.  (Despite the possible religious back-lash over this down-grade).

    About the eu's threats to Hungary (and Slovenia) about the promoting of 'eu values' - ie having to push the LGBT agenda in schools - in catholic countries.  If anything such threats to individual eu countries is not really an 'eu value' is it ?  And why should the forced promoting of LGBT be of any concern to the eu anyway ?

    Or, in today's Guardian, how the actions of the eu are causing problems for non-EU citizens, world-wide; this 'ban', originally aimed at the UK, has now rebounded on the eu - what 'eu values' are being shown there ?

    I also pointed out the facts over the eu army - no comment.
    Target 2 - which is going to cause huge problems - no comment.

    I don't think the accusation of insults is at all right. 

    How about answering some of the questions and criticisms of the wonderful 'ever closer union' eu - and stop accusing others of being insulting.  I find it just as insulting to have serious questions, and criticisms of the eu, being totally ignored.


  11. You misunderstand me;  I did not refer to 'regaining sovereignty' in the way that others who deride Brexit use the term.  I was merely pointing out that it was Heath, the liar, who used the term - and I was quoting his words.  I did not go on to say that it was my reason for being in favour of Brexit, and nor is it the reason many others voted Brexit.
    Subtle difference there........
    As for the eu army - you know, if you are that well read, that it is well planned, that it will happen - so why ignore it, or refuse to admit it.
    As for the regional councils - again if you are so well read you will be aware that it is planned, that the UK was, I believe to be RC No 9....... so why ignore this ?
    It is the future direction of the eu empire, the 'ever closer union', the grabbing of more and more power to Brussels and away from democratically elected national government that should be a worry to european citizens.
    There's many many other arguments - just because my views are different to yours does not make them wrong you know.....
    Time will tell - Target 2 - any feelings about that ?   And the German constitution rulings about this ?

  12. I did not mention sovereignty - funny that.  Never mind, little regional councils of the eu won't need to worry about such important matters in future.
    And all the postings about voting rights for non-resident UK citizens will be as nothing compared to the lack of democracy when the regional councils get set up.  

    No mention of the eu army ?  Oh dear.
    And no mention of target 21, or the potential financial problems.
    Ireland isn't very happy with the eu - now being thrown under a bus by the eu.  All that lovely tempting low corporation tax that attracted so many USA companies - not going to be available - watch those companies vanish over the horison ithin the next year.   Whooops......

    None of my posts are out of the UKIP literature.
    You don't deny Heath lied to us ?
    You don't deny the lies from Chirac about the eu constitution ?
    Destruction of the UK manufacturing WAS done with the eu subsidising and bribing companies to move to other eu countries with lower employee and energy costs - don't deny it.
    On top of which we had the Red Robbies of the wonderful left wing trade unions ready to call a halt to production over the slightest bit of nonsense.
    Immigration was not the only reason for Brexit - there were 17.5 million different reasons - but far too many to be listed and discussed, but cannot be dismissed simply as 'sovereignty' or 'immigration' - far, far too nuanced for that.  But if it suits to think it possible to sum up 17.5 million reasons - then feel free, far cleverer than I am.................

    As for sovereignty - how do you feel about the change to QVM then - how terribly democratic of tge wonderful eu ?
    You have heard of it I presume ?
    You have your views; I have mine;  Mine are my own views, not taken from any propagand - unlike some which sound exactly like so many other pro-eu posts, all from the same crib sheet.

  13. At least the UK will not have to 'impose' the european values - such as this - which some Catholic european countries are objecting to -
    Why should the eu think of 'imposing' these values - if they were values wouldn't countries be happy to choose to promote them.
    But to have them imposed - oh wonderful eu.

  14. Let's go back a bit.   Back to the time of Heath - the man who gave away our territorial fishing waters in the last 24 hours before signing the Treaty.  The man who LIED to us about 'no loss of sovereignty' - and he KNEW he was lying.   That's always been a bone of contention - for 47 years.   We were promised a vote on Maastrict - did we get one - nope.  Then promised a vote on the eu Constitution (laughingly re-labelled the Lisbon Treaty but openly admitted by Chirac that it was the eu constitution but 'they' just changed the name).
    We have had 47 years of lies, broken promises and outright undermining of our industries; plus inward migration of more than 5 million eu citizens.   Says a lot about the little european countries that they have lost so many of their youngest and brightest who have moved to the UK doesn't it ?
    That's one aspect.
    The other is that it has taken more than 40 years to 'escape' from the ever closer union, the tax harmonisation, the eu army, the Target 2 - that is all coming down the road for all citizens of little european countries.   Countries that, in the future, will be no more than regional councils of the great eu empire.
    We are NOT looking at short-term or even  mid-term gains and losses;  look LONG TERM - look at where the eu is supposedly going.
    Then in 40 years you can turn around and state that the UK had a lucky escape.

    As for the Nissan plant in Sunderland; if I remember correctly Nissan was held up, by the doom-mongers as one plant that would close immediately, with the loss of 1000s of jobs, should the British choose to vote to leave the eu empire.
    Well, we did - and we haven't lost Nissan have we....?

  15. I'll make this my last comment - but it is an extremely important, and a religious, point.
    I have just realised that France has very many Muslim citizens doesn't it?   Islam forbids eating or touching pig, doesn't it ?   Isn't pig regarded as 'forbidden', as 'unclean'. 

    Now how are they going to label any animal products, if it has been fed with pig protein.   Chicken with pig protein - yuk.

    Again, we come back to the 'labelling' of food;  how are the food producers going to get round this.   Surely the followers of Islam will be extremely unhappy about this ?   I can foresee potential problems ahead - and that religious group can be very vocal.....
    Surprised no-one had picked up on this point.

    Oh dear.
    And Mods - no - I am not criticising any religious group at all.  But it is surely an important point for followers of that faith - and potential trouble ?
    It is yet another benefit from Brexit - the UK can BAN any eu meat or eu processed meat - ah - there ar benefits then, aren't there !!

    Anyway - I think I've said enough (for now !!)

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