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  1. New one on me. I cannot fathom being a lapin as I can't even FIND a GYN that will accept a new patient. So, no apppointment to skip out on.
  2. Not totally sure as it has been a while. Lots of small things, but the one thing that stands out for me was mastering telephone conversations in French. Face to face was far easier for me than phone conversations. Also singing the lyrics to French songs.
  3. Oh that is such sad news. RIP Hoddy.
  4. Well, when we bought this house last month, we wanted the house and garden emptied. We did purchase some garden tools, a mower, two dressers and an armoire, but we paid the asking price for them. The rest we really DID NOT want. However, they still left a fair amount of things that we will now have to haul off (at expense). So, sometimes when people say they don't want anything, they really do mean it.
  5. We have friends with kitties too. They allow them to walk all over the kitchen counters (even while preparing a meal), dining tables (even while eating a meal), etc., though I'm not sure how you'd stop them, short of perhaps putting them in another room while serving. It always seems grossly dirty to me. Their feet walk in the litter box too. I have little faith in restaurant cleanliness either. Seen too much.
  6. We went through this when we sold our house in Bédoin. We kept a lot, but we had a large house and an entire two bedroom apartment on the RDC that we needed to empty. Used a combination of options. Advertised a huge amount on Le Bon Coin (with pictures of the items). Managed to sell almost all of it to a lady who was setting up a gite. Sold a huge amount of items to nearby friends and neighbors. Called a local charity (actually had to call several before finding one that wanted the items) and they sent out a truck to pick up the remaining items. Emmaus could not do it as they said they their depot could not take anymore items (it was full).
  7. That reminds me, our last trip to Weldom we purchased some packing material for the move. Charge showed up nearly double. Cashier called for assistance, checked price and promptly refunded overcharge back to card. I don't think a lot of people check their receipts (at least not many I know).
  8. We've been asked often before the new year started. Having found many errors on previous receipts over the years, I always ask for my paper receipt. I never leave any store without reviewing the receipt. I just stand aside and read it. Never takes very long. Some errors have been well above 10€ (often duplicate charges). May not be much for some folks, but that is a sizeable error to me.
  9. Happy New Year to you all. Good to see you Idun.
  10. Seems crazy to me. How many times - per day - are we being told our health facilities are at maximum stress level?? Doctors and nurses are leaving the profession. Now, we are opening the doors to all. How in the world is that going to help us? Those tourisme dollars will go up in smoke when we end up paying for hospital stays and care for those not in our system. Very tired of it all. Very bad decisions are being made. First graders could make better decisions.
  11. I feel your painn Wooly. I shudder to think what the electricity and water bill will reveal.
  12. Thank you Wooly. House is great. We are very happy to be here. Certainly have no plans to move, but I've said that before. Hopefully this time is for good. We do have lots of works planned for the house. Fitting out the attic is scheduled to begin towards the end of January. That is a fairly big project. Then, there are smaller things for the RDC of the house. Christmas was a bit hectic, but nice none the less. Daughter is here visiting. Food and drink were good both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Weather was gorgeous yeterday. We sat outside for our midday meal. Was lovely. Folks have been very nice round here so far.
  13. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Haven't been able to sign into this forum for ages. No idea why. Decided to do a search for the forum and sign in that way. No idea why my saved link no longer works. Anyway, hope you all are safe and well. 🎅
  14. Seems crazy. Imagine how old all those sweets will be by the time Christmas rolls around. Who knows when they were 'fabricated.' I saw a headline yesterday warning that supermarket shelves will have empty areas due to the lack of fuel for the delivery trucks. Guess they managed to get a jump on the Christmas items...
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