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  1. The numbers in England are remaining reasonable flat, it is Scotland that makes the UK figures look bad. Cases have not risen as was expected after mask wearing and social gatherings were allowed except in Scotland. Gardian your friend now has a better immunity going forward than from a 3rd jab, jabs only recognise the spike protein whereas actually catching a bit of covid will train the immune system to all 28 of the proteins in covid so a much earlier response from the bodies immune system means less chance of it being overwhelmed also better protection from variants which may or may not be worse symptoms wise. Yes Norman, test less report less totally agree there isnt a correlation between the no of tests to the number of cases. I am now enjoying France after 13months of staying away ans its good for the soul and wellbeing.
  2. I use this one. https://ec.europa.eu/home-affairs/policies/schengen-borders-and-visa/border-crossing/short-stay-visa-calculator_en
  3. Couldn't the un vaccinated have taken a test to put others minds at rest? Still free if you are not travelling?
  4. Mint just ask the group to take a test. Outdoors is minimal risk especially if you maintain sensible distance. We have to learn to live with this, its endemic in the population, or you could see out the rest of your days indoors seeing no one.
  5. Make your owm mayonnaise, But they shouldn't have taken that either.
  6. 20,000 in a country 5x the size of the UK which currently recorded 38,000 cases yet we are getting out and about a bit more with a few ( like me) taking reasonable precautions. Who would mind taking a test prior to meeting? We agreed to it because it was a very reasonable precaution. No harm in asking.
  7. You might get ill but unlikely to die after two shots. That would boost your immunity going forward if you do come into contact with an infected person. Ask everyone who is attending to take an antigen test first. Thats what we did last party and we have all been cautious. Party on! It will be better than a 3rd jab as natural immunity trumps any of the vaccines.
  8. Excellent, who did you try to use for PCR test, I want an unreliable company so I can claim a refund as well
  9. I bought a few vanilla pods in poundland of all places last year.
  10. Ken I was stating the facts of the make up of electricity and a large percentage is gas. Yes gas is a fossil fuel but it is cleaner than diesel or petrol. Gas needs to be phased out also and there are moves to do so. Why quote UK, because thats the data I have. Maybe you could add something positive to the conversation for a change and find out the French equivalent? No one has ever cared how much fossil fuel is used to make ICE cars but seem to want to put EV's under the spotlight immediately. It is an emerging tech getting better all the time. How many renewable energy supplies could be made for the price of the oil field including cleaning it up and decommissioning. Nuclear no one will admit the cost because it is so vast. Then the contamination, where do you put all that? Simple truth is we have to change, well maybe not you because you'll be dead soon.
  11. Yes bought the Lidl version just the other day but I recall there was a problem with vanilla production so the price was due to rise.
  12. How much research would you like Ken? There has been a huge amount and without any shadow of doubt electric is far cleaner than fossil fuel powered versions. Your argument on the production of the electricity is so out of date and wrong. Using the UK national grid data as I don't have the French equivalent. Overnight the UK uses about 40% gas as solar doesnt work, nuclear and wind make up the bulk of the rest. Some days the UK burns coal to produce about 1%. Green electricity is far better than nuclear as the incredible cost of building a nuclear power station and later de commissioning the plant dwarfs the cost of making green energy. Regarding "hydrogen engines" generally these are hydrogen fuel cells, this couples to a catalyst that produces electricity to power the electric motor. Electric motors are far more efficient than internal combustion engines.
  13. Théière

    Antigen test

    Just listening to Prof Tim Spector’s podcast. Only 5% of the submitted PCR tests are looked at 95% go unchecked. Who’s making the money from yet another government farce. Therefore to comply you just need the booking code from a test provider for your passenger locator form. If the testing company mess up it wont matter as 95% of those travelling wont be checked and in the case of a chap the other day on another forum, he was advised to go to a local NHS test centre and was allowed under these circumstances this was allowed.
  14. Théière

    Antigen test

    Yes is the short answer as they are number allocated to each person ordering. So you have to order each kit individually. However if you are delaying your trip you could still utilise the kit. Worth doing a trustpilot review of any company you are considering using as some are bloody awful rip off merchants, yes even the ones on the gov website. Not really a surprise as they will all be mates of the government.
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