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  1. The latest version of the UK passport which is blue was designed by a French company and is printed in Poland. But it is certified to be carbon neutral - whatever that means.
  2. I doubt that it would be valid in the UK. A UK blue badge can be used in many European countries - except France! They are "undecided" as of September last year. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/blue-badge-using-it-in-the-eu/using-a-blue-badge-in-the-european-union#:~:text=You can use your UK,disabilities in the European Union Another reason is that these badges are issued by UK local councils who are probably less likely to be aware that other european countries issue them as as well. Having said all that, the cross border database co-operation for speeding etc was cancelled after brexit, so how are the UK authorities going to trace you, unless you get clamped at the time of the "offence" of course. Try phoning the local council in the UK where you will be visiting?
  3. Just as reminder good people, you can buy caustic soda [sodium hydroxide] [ hydroxide de soude] granules here in France. Do not under any circumstances add water to these, always do it the other way round, add these to the water otherwise they will get very hot and possibly blow back over you and even melt plastic pipes. Adding these to water, the solution will still get warm but not hot enough to be dangerous. If you get even a tiny speck in your eye it's good bye eye - be warned.
  4. Thanks but the paint you linked to is a "Decorative and protective washable finish intended for woodwork, furniture, frames and metal supports covered with a suitable primer" And there's about 30 sq metres to prime and seal so I will try diluted PVA on an offcut and see how that goes, but when the weather gets a bit warmer to allow it to dry out before test painting.
  5. I built my small workshop panelling it with 11 mm OSB. I painted it inside using UK traditional oil based undercoat as a primer before white acrylic paint two coats. Tried just using acrylic without the undercoat but some parts of the OSB bleed through no matter how many coats are applied, probably oil or oily wood in the osb. So, finishing off the store room at the end of the workshop, what can I get here that will seal the surface and doesn't cost a fortune?
  6. We also have a downstairs toilet than is prone to getting blocked. Rather than dig up the tiled floor and repipe it we have always used a big powerful wet vac with a custom plywood panel faced with neoprene sponge tape to seal against the top of the toilet bowl. Block off overflow with a cork in the cistern, vac through centre hole in plywood and it drags all the unmentionables back into the bowl, loosens it and usually works to be able to flush it all away. I saw that Lidl had one of these (in the video) for sale so risked €6.50 and bought one. The next time the toilet got blocked with the bowl full, rigged it up with the biggest round adaptor, pumped it up as hard as I could, inserted it through the water and pushed down hard until it sealed against the bottom of the bowl which isn't round but it still seals and fired it. It creates a shock wave in the water and shifts the blockage - It works. A brilliant effective tool. It also worked on a slow draining kitchen sink, remembering to block the overflows and have the sink with 2 -3 inches (50 to 75 mm) of water to get the proper shock wave. It is, for a Lidl gadget, strong and robust. Oops - forgot the link to the video -Yer 'tis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJAY3EAnlOs
  7. From my previous experience with a basin drain blockage in my parent's bungalow. For years they had a problem with the bathroom basin drain not draining quickly as it should, I tried with various chemical and mechanical methods, they had Dyno Rod in who recommended digging the drains up in the garden, achieved nothing and sent a huge bill which my father paid against my advice. Culminating in the basin drain blocking up totally. I consulted a plumber friend who told me to go to a small local plumbing supplies shop he used and buy professional drain unblocker. This stuff is dangerous, highly corrosive and is mainly concentrated sulphuric acid. You need to wear heavy rubber gloves and a face shield - not just disposable gloves and safety glasses. I dismantled the pipework to reveal the plain end of the pipe, carefully poured the stuff down the pipe and waited about 4 hours. It partially unblocked the pipe but not completely. I then used a wet vac after flushing the pipe with water. The vac brought out a plug of cement mortar complete with much hair and other debris. The acid had partially dissolved the mortar plug and loosened it sufficiently to allow the vac to remove it. Typical builder's debris, too lazy to get a bucket of water to wash their tools off with, just run the basin tap and let the stuff go down the drain where it sets and remains for 20 years. I've had drain problems in all 3 new UK houses we bought through our married life, it was usually plaster or artex washed down drains by the builders not mortar. This type of deboucher seems to be available in france:- https://www.cdiscount.com/search/10/deboucheur+professionnel.html?NavigationForm.CurrentSelectedNavigationPath=categorycodepath%2f16|1607|16070G&ref=bn
  8. Harnser


    The theory is that as this virus has been manufactured in a lab:- "In a challenging question, Dr. Jean-François Lemoine inferred that the coronavirus under investigation may have come from a patient who is otherwise infected with HIV. No, “says Luc Montagnier,” in order to insert an HIV sequence into this genome, molecular tools are needed, and that can only be done in a laboratory" https://www.gilmorehealth.com/chinese-coronavirus-is-a-man-made-virus-according-to-luc-montagnier-the-man-who-discovered-hiv/ As the virus has had strands of other viruses, - HIV attached- to it by molecular tinkering, it cannot behave as a natural virus, but as it mutates it will degrade and become less harmful and become more like a natural virus, is this what is happening with the Omicron variant? "As the virus is mutating it seems to be mutating in those areas where the HIV segments were added. According to him, the altered elements of this virus are eliminated as it spreads: “Nature does not accept any molecular tinkering, it will eliminate these unnatural changes and even if nothing is done, things will get better, but unfortunately after many deaths.” https://www.gilmorehealth.com/luc-montagnier-insists-that-the-virus-came-out-of-a-lab-in-follow-up-interview/ We won't know until the next variant emerges.
  9. Harnser


    Apparently, the theory that herd immunity will end the progress of this virus is not going to happen as it is becoming more and more certain that this virus was manufactured in a laboratory using molecular tools. Herd immunity cannot occur with manufactured viruses.
  10. Harnser


    The third jab strengthens the immune system, so after the fourth dose you are protected, and when 80% of population has received the fifth dose we are close to a resolution because the sixth dose stops the virus from multiplying and prevents it from spreading, which means the seventh dose will solve our problems and we no longer have to to be afraid of the eighth dose because clinical studies with the ninth dose have shown that antibodies are more stable after the tenth dose and the eleventh dose ensures that there will be no new mutations, so there is no reason to criticize the idea of a twelfth dose. Tongue in cheek?
  11. I've got airhorns on our truck as a pedestrian shifter and for reminding snooty Audi and Merc drivers that :- "Yes - you do need to look to your left for me when you are entering the rond-point without looking or caring"
  12. I'm peed off that you are not peed off that Macron wants to pee the unvaccinated off.
  13. Yes - he's at it again, following his flag faux pas, his ongoing campaign to not get re-elected in March is on track. https://actu.orange.fr/france/pass-vaccinal-les-non-vaccines-j-ai-tres-envie-de-les-emmerder-declare-emmanuel-macron-magic-CNT000001IeYSc.html Whatever your personal opinion of the unvaccinated is, his remark during a live interview brings the office of president into disrepute again IMHO. Some of the 700 + comments are interesting and not a little amusing!
  14. Congratulations on getting a road name and number, we were awarded this honour a few years ago, handy Andre from the commune arrived and fixed the expensive looking enamel number plaque to the gatepost, and the next number in the sequence to one of our barns which abuts the road which fortunately is now covered with ivy!! What you will find is that the posties and the commune know about your new shiny address, but it will probably take delivery drivers years to get their sat-navs updated.
  15. You omitted to mention what your french in-laws thought of your tirade?
  16. If we can all remember Macron's debut after he was elected I was gobsmacked when the EU anthem was played before the Marseillaise. My thoughts were "You just don't do that in France, nothing takes precedence over the Marseillaise" I expected some sort of a protest, riot or booing to start, but sadly, nothing.
  17. https://actu.orange.fr/politique/le-drapeau-europeen-retire-sous-l-arc-de-triomphe-comme-prevu-assure-l-executif-CNT000001Iayvk.html The unknown soldier who lies under the arc de triomphe represents all the French soldiers who died for France not for europe. This Macron government should at least respect that. But it becoming increasingly obvious that France does not matter to Macron and his cronies. His ambition, business and love for the EU are above all else.
  18. In particular, the European Union worries that 98 percent of the rare earth metals that it needs in a host of industrial applications come from China. A shortage of magnesium from China has also become a major headache for producers of cars, planes and electronics. I wish the EU commissars the best of luck when they march on Bejing to "sequestrate" their rare earth metals. Where can I buy tickets to watch this live?
  19. Keep faith in what exactly? The scientists? "Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts." — Richard Feynman The politicians? "Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies. Groucho Marx after Ernest Benn The French voting system? "They vote for who they don't want to keep the other ones out - and end up with five years of Macron" Harnser
  20. Had they actually elected JK Rowling as their "person" of the year according to the results of their online poll, they would probably have lost half their readership - which tells you a lot about their readers! The Grauniad always trumpets that it is a defender of democracy - as long as they get the result they want!
  21. It must be time for your medication - what is it you take for an over-active imagination? 😀
  22. I fully appreciate what you say in that any charges seem to be made at random - on a whim - despite the reams of regulations that apply to imports. But the IOSS works - I was a guinea pig for the first IOSS shipment in January which went wrong and the supplier reimbursed me for my costs. It went wrong because DHL whom they ship with, and who are the handling agent, got it wrong.
  23. Goods entering france from outside the EU are subject to VAT plus any duty that may be payable, plus a handlng charge by whoever handles it - even if VAT has been paid in the country of origin. The only way to avoid this is to buy from a business in the UK that is registered for the IOSS scheme or for example an alternative Royal Mail scheme. https://www.royalmail.com/business/international/guide/delivered-duties-paid-ioss Both Amazon and Ebay use the IOSS scheme. ( IOSS = Import one stop shop) I use a supplier in the UK that has registered for the IOSS scheme which means that if the invoice value is €150 or less, (not including delivery or UK vat), it will be imported into france vat and tax free. I pay the vat to the supplier at the UK rate of 20% and it gets delivered to france without any tax, duty, or handling charges. The vat collected by the supplier at the point of sale gets paid into the EU IOSS scheme by the supplier.
  24. A very nice lady delivered our old 'uns gift parcel today, it contained the usual chocs, a nice bottle of red and the usual jars of pates. One was a pâté de poisson of dorade ( unusual I thought!) the second one was I thought at a casual glance, Austrian pate - Hmmm- Austrian pate? In France? Yes- "autriche" is austria - I looked it up to confirm my memory. But "autruche" is ostrich - Ostrich pate? - Tastes just like chicken? An easy mistaka to maka!
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