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  1. To all those of you with what we now must call “underlying health problems” and equally to those without. Be safe, be well, and hopefully you and your loved ones will manage to come through the next month or so unscathed. Bisous from Betty.
  2. Oh I do love it when you get cross, CT.. You go about it like a petulant four your old. I'll let you google Peckham for yourself, as your knowledge of the area seems to have been gleaned from a trite 1980's sitcom and some crime stats which you've looked up to prove...what? That crime happens in Peckham. No shit, Sherlock. Suffice to say it was voted the 11th "coolest" place to live in the WORLD only last year, and top of the best places to live in London in 2017... Full of losers, though. Of course... I haven't been away from the UK for too long, unlike your good self. I live here. Wouldn't have it any other way. And I don't own or need a stab vest. If you carefully read my previous post, however, you might (if you can extract your own head from wherever the proctologist might have put it) notice that at no point did I suggest that you were more likely to be shot in Germany than knifed in the UK. I did, however, point out that Germany has a much higher level of gun crime than the UK. Yet I would never think of suggesting that I'd need a bulletproof vest to visit Germany.... Any other members of my family you'd like to drag into your cheap, ad hominem digs? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-6189783/The-50-coolest-neighbourhoods-world-named-Peckham-ranked-11th.html https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/peckham-tops-prestigious-list-of-best-places-to-live-in-london-2017-a3493501.html
  3. @Cathar Tours: https://www.nationmaster.com/country-info/compare/Germany/United-Kingdom/Crime Also, unless you're a 15-20 year old of Afro-Caribbean ethnicity, your statistical chance of being stabbed is incredibly small. It's truly sad that it's happening at all, and your initial flippant comment is just that. It really overlooks the terrible fact that dozens of young kids are dying on the streets and it's an increasing phenomenon. Chances of it happening to you? About 0. My son has lived in Peckham for a good 10 years now. Look it up: Peckham. He's never been in fear of his well being, not has his partner, nor indeed any of his friends locally. It's amazing that you're so worried about coming to the UK from a thousand Km away.....pretending that Germany is a crime free utopia is risible.
  4. Haaahahahaha! Cathar Tours, you are Harriet Harman and I claim my five pounds! Either that, or you're working for Donald Trump! But watch yourself... You're 19 times more likely to be shot with a firearm in Germany than you are in the UK, so your stab vest isn't necessarily going to be enough!???
  5. Thing is, I use chrome and Safari on two different devices and I've also just changed my phone in the last 3 weeks. I've been logged out of the forum for a fair while, and only logged back in yesterday-ish. At that point, no sign of the offending popup. Then, all of a sudden, up it &£)!? well popped. I would genuinely say that my computer housekeeping is pretty good, and there have been periods when others have complained about this popup and it's been fine for me. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to it as far as I can see.
  6. NickP...I'm mostly using Chrome as well. I'm unconvinced that it's related to browser type.
  7. When the Cookie policy thingy turned up, AGAIN. Really,it's beyond a joke now. Feel free to post that it's never happened to you, or indeed that you've tried it with 4792 different browsers and all is tickety-boo your end. None of that really helps or changes the fact that it still keeps happening for some people, and it's annoying. Just saying.
  8. Just checked ours and, like Kong, the receipt for online payment confirms it will be taken 10 days after the due date.
  9. What a helpful comment. Really adds to the thread.?
  10. I find French banking hilarious. Withdrawing money from one's own account at a random branch without a debit card (for which you have to pay: what's all that about) is so incredibly time consuming that you'd be quicker walking in with a balaclava and a sawn off shotgun. My village bank in France sent us all a little brochure explaining that they'd only now be open 2 days a week....but (only in France) they explained that it was (and I quote) "pour mieux vous servir". How does that work, then? UK banks mostly pay us to have accounts with them, French banks seem often to charge for the privilege of looking after our money. And I love how quaintly the French system clings to the cheque. I got a UK cheque book five years ago when I moved my account, and I've never used it. In France, it seems nary a week goes by when I'm not stuck in a supermarket checkout queue behind someone paying by cheque. What was it that people on forums used to say about why they'd moved to France? Oh yes, I remember: " it's like the UK used to be 50 years ago". Monzo. It's the future.
  11. They suit our lifestyle pretty much. Mr B drives only a few big journeys (to France and back, max. 2-3 times a year bearing in mind that the Charente Maritime where we stay has the fewest charging points of any Dept in France). Otherwise most of his regular journeys can comfortably be done on a battery full. That was the point of getting one, really. In travelling to and from France, I've as much chance of getting him to stop for 45 minutes as I have of taking over from John Bercow. ?
  12. They work in France too. With a dish, obvs. I'm oblivious to the difference between freeview and free sat, except that basically I'm able to watch free to air uk to in both countries, and I took the box mentioned above to France and plugged it into my telly as described and it worked as described. Yes, through a dish. I just assumed, in the way of a gurl, that as Chessie has been in France for a long time and mentioned needing a "new" box, that the whole dish malarkey has long since been sorted chez Chessie.
  13. Chessie, I'm a gurl and I did it myself. Sub-twenty quid freeview box from Tesco or similar, connect to telly with appropriate lead and it pretty much organises itself. It might need you to search for the channel it's transmitting from on your telly (like channel 0 for example) - but once you've done that, it will pop up with a menu which will let you fill in a few details (like where you are in the "UK" - wink, wink) so you can get your "local" news preferences etc., and it will then merrily tune itself to all the available stations and off you pop, Robert est ton oncle.
  14. Poo, Teapot. The whole electric car debate trundles on in the Betty household. Mr. B has a hybrid Mitsubishi thingy. Every time we go places, he attempts to use charging points, and somehow his success rate with doing so is about 50%. Worst by far? Eurotunnel, where they seem to work about once every five trips. Latest fail? IKEA where they're no longer free and where he spent longer in the car park than we spent in the shop, and where we came out to find a woman on the phone to the helpline (with the exact same car as ours) because she couldn't unplug it from her car!! And from the conversation, it sounded as though her chances of help from the helpline were scant. I'd happily replace my tiny car with a tiny electric car, but I'm discouraged by the faff and current lack of investment in supporting infrastructure.
  15. Teapot, have you got your electric vehicle now? If so, how are you finding it, and have you been back and forth to France in it?
  16. I'm just going to suggest that if she's applied for and got a job as a cleaner,she probably knows the basic uses of cleaning materials and implements without needing to have them demonstrated to her, either through the medium of mime, interpretive dance or anything else. I'd also suggest that it's possible that someone else has described her level of English to you, and that this is likely to be a bit wide of the mark. I've often had family members tell me that a prospective student "speaks no English" and I've prepared accordingly, only to find that they actually manage quite well, albeit with a limited vocabulary. Pat, I'd suggest you wait and see a little bit. Once you've met, I'm sure you can take on board some of the excellent suggestions already made.
  17. Nice that you've resurrected your account to hurl insults, sunflower. Are you another of Richard's sock puppets or do you just like to pop in every dozen years or so to demonstrate your intellectual superiority by picking on people who haven't even contributed to the thread you're posting to? A real mark of class. Seems like there are plenty of lurkers here moaning about how they haven't posted because people like us do post ( and apparently deter others) yet there are plenty of people like yourself prepared to pop back and act as a further deterrent if the usual posters desist.
  18. We are proceeding towards an earlier train. It's deserted here and all the staff have taken a cheerful pill: even the bloke in Smith's who wanted €2.90 for a small bag of sweets who managed a grin when I told him he only needed a shotgun and a mask..
  19. Ah Wooly, t'en fais pas...I have a good book and all the time in the world. If they're practising on other people all the better: it will give us something to watch.
  20. Betty says...sitting in the car heading north and reading the news on my phone, and lo, it turns out that today customs at Calais are practising their procedures for a no-deal Brexit. I should be able to tell you what the chaos might look like within the next six or seven hours..... Not a happy Betty.
  21. See, Norman, it's not just the politicians who keep contradicting themselves. In your previous post, you said that "a majority of the country do not want the hard Brexit...etc" and it crossed my mind to enquire how you knew. Now you say that no-one knows what the will of the majority is. On your more recent point I wholeheartedly agree. In fact, I'm inclined to see parliament as a microcosm of the confusion and disparity that exists UK-wide. And you can bet the farm that any new referendum or whatever will be challenged by any group who don't consider that the "right" questions (according to their own personal agenda) have been asked. That's just one of the myriad problems with asking again. Worrying is today's reported apparent rise in popularity of the Boris party. Something which tends to suggest that the "OFFS just get on with it" brigade are gaining traction.
  22. No, Norman, it isn't a Firefox problem. I'm using Chrome and it's been happening with that too.
  23. Oddly I haven't seen it so much recently. I think they're just spreading the love. It's reassuring that it is affecting even some who thought we who had the problem were making a fuss about nothing or were too technophobic to fix it ourselves.
  24. It comes and goes on my phone: currently all I've got to work with. Yes, I clear cookies, cache etc. And yet it still keep a returning. Of greater concern is the spam pop ups telling me I'min line for a new phone, which ONLY come up on this site, and which, once I've purged everything, come back purportedly from a different address than the one I've just purged. Even incognito browsing and the use of a blocking app haven't completely rid me of this problem. ?
  25. Slightly annoying is a habit I've noticed a couple of times recently at the checkout, where the person on the till may make eye contact with you as you're waiting for the previous person to pay. No point, at that stage, in saying a cheery "Bonjour" , as often the checkout person will then blank you entirely until the person in front has gone. They will then look at you again and say their "Bonjour" as though the previous attempt has been voided. I once made the mistake of not responding and got a very shirty repetition of the caissière's "Bonjour", even though she'd ignored me when I said it. So I said an equally pointed "Rebonjour"and we declared it a score draw.
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