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    Well, football has absolutely zero interest to me. What has been good is Radio5SX playing recordings of old cricket matches. What I think is good about cricket is that if a batsman scores well or a bowler bowls well or a fielder takes a superb catch they will be applauded by all the spectators.....plus the fans do not need to be segregated. What really annoys me is when sport is shown on BBC1 and BBC2 at the same time. What I find strange is that some so called football fans berate a player for moving to another club. 'Clubs' are businesses and players are workers who do what those fans do, change employer for a better deal. And as for their salaries absolutely ridiculous. Still the betting companies will be glad that sport is back they can make more profits.
  2. WB - Peacocks: Yes damn noisy things. Many years ago when I went camping one site had very strict rules including NO NOISE AFTER 10PM.....on the site they had peacocks. Now, no one could have competed with those for noise especially in the North of Scotland where it hardly gets dark and the peacocks could have known that it was after 10PM. Mint - school bells: Brought back memories of my school days. The bell would sound for the end of lesson and if anyone moved the master would say 'the bell is for my convenience not yours'. Dog barking: Next door neighbour was left with her sons dog when he discovered that females were more fun than tinkering with cars. Now this dog does yap. A new neighbour moved in whose garden backs on the the existing neighbour. Very shortly after moving in they sent the neighbour with the dog a very strong letter about the barking. They now have an alsatian, bought as a pup and now growing up. If they go out they seem to put the dog in the garden and the racket he makes!
  3. Hereford, I have had two safes like this and both came with a key for the lock. But a good idea to change the batteries or get a very strong can opener.
  4. IKEA was dearer for at least the past couple of years - France vs UK
  5. Does your safe have a plate similar to this safe?: https://tinyurl.com/ybncd2bo as you will see in the photos, removing the plate reveals a keyed lock.
  6. In January 2019 we were in France and about to return to the UK and fit out an en-suite bathroom. We visited some of the DIY stores in France to see if they had anything that appealed for a vanity unit with basin. Castorama, which is part of the group that B&Q in the UK belongs to had the unit that we had seen in the UK but it was quite a difference in price....cheaper so we bought it and the tap which was also cheaper. We are refitting the 'family' bathroom and decided to go for the same range. The price for the vanity unit and basin £270 in UK and £232.50 (using current exchange rate). The tap £50 and £35.82 - quite some difference. Yet, when it comes to IKEA the prices in France are always higher than in the UK.
  7. Scroll down this link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/world-53046160 to 06:10. Would seem that black police violence on black is not challenged. As for actors blacking up. There is a Peter Sellers film, The Party, where he plays an Indian....think if anyone else had played the part then it would not have been worth making the film. So in the film industry: Where a character is black the actor must be black Where a character is gay the actor must be gay Where a character if disabled then the actor must be disabled Where a character has an illness the actor must have the illness Where a character is a murderer then the actor must be a murderer - the only one I know of who could play the part is Leslie Grantham and he is dead! As for history and statues to people who may have done good and bad then perhaps there should be statues of Adolf Hitler. He created employment in Germany.
  8. Hereford, the keypad is fine if purely mechanical. However, if it is electronic then it is fine UNTIL the batteries go flat. Then you have to remove a plate on the front behind which is a lock and use a key, that hopefully you know the whereabouts of, to get the safe open......another thing that I have got a T Shirt for.
  9. We keep important documents in a fireproof and waterproof box similar to this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cathedral-DSBA4-Fire-Waterproof-Deed/dp/B002ZG8KHW/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=fireproof+document+safe&qid=1592035155&sr=8-5 Being waterproof it can be stored outside the house in an outbuilding. Having too much sensitive information stored on a server somewhere does not really appeal - what happens when there is a hack.
  10. Norman, I cannot comment on the rest of Europe but partially agree with you on the UK and the media. However, the printed media is not all right wing. Papers, such as Mints favourite, The Guardian are to the left. I view this each day: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-the-papers-53002625 (note this will probably only go to the newspapers of 11 June) and it is the front pages of each days newspapers. Amazing differences. If things are bad for Doris then the Guardian will highlight this whilst the likes of the Daily Mail will have a completely different story and vice versa when things are going well for Doris. Example, Torygraph - Bubbles will allow isolate adults to unite with families Guardian - Thousands of lives could have been saved with earlier lockdown So the Torygraph leads with the good news whilst the Guardian leads with the bad news. He who pays the piper calls the tune so the papers play the proprietors tunes.
  11. Mint the Guardian is left wing and will write things that support the left wing view. Perhaps need to contrast it with a right wing publication such as the Mail Where they reckon Doris can walk across the Thames without using a bridge. How does a country deal with something like this? One way could be that everyone remains in their homes and does not go out at all - outcome everyone starves and the economy collapses. The opposite viewpoint is the President of Brazil - just carry on as normal and those who die just die but the economy stays strong. So realistically it needs to be somewhere between but where? Saw some figures today where the majority of deaths in the UK are the over 75s - over 30,000. Under 15s - 3 deaths. So should there be different rules for different age groups. This virus has shown the problems that they can cause. Could there be others to come. What about letting those who have resistance live and those that don't die. Those that have resistance will hopefully resist further viruses.
  12. You have a fully functioning dash cam in your car and you have just been involved in an accident that was your fault. What do you do about the video recording made by the dash cam?
  13. Difficult to imagine what was going on in their minds coming ashore, assuming they made it that far, with soldiers being blown to pieces or screaming in agony all around them.
  14. Perhaps not too bad putting a more precise location if it is the only residence. However, if it is a case of moving between two homes then there could be clues as to at which home someone was. I do not do things such as Facebook etc but understand that the information can be used by those inclined to burgle. Would not imagine that anyone on here is that way inclined but you never know....just to illustrate how the public persona can be different to their actual persona: Watched a programme about fraud investigators in the NHS a while back and there was someone featured from where I used to work. His senior managers thought he was fantastic and he had a sort of special status. One of his duties was to bring in contractors to maintain and repair the equipment within his department. It all unravelled when he got in to an argument and hit another member of staff. His superiors could not save him from being suspended and sacked. Another person took his place and suddenly the cost of maintenance and repairs tumbled. The fraud investigators stepped in and he and the directors of three maintenance companies went to prison.
  15. Eric I will not comment further on your not following the rules. As for the borders, if you read what I posted about these that normal EU open borders do not currently apply. Countries are proposing to 'selectively' open their borders and the proposal by France is to open to schengen countries only of which the UK is not a member.
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