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  1. Laugh this off Vlad🤣 Citing Germany's decision to send tanks to Ukraine, the Russian president said history was repeating itself. "It's unbelievable but true," he said. "We are again being threatened by German Leopard tanks."
  2. That's before the threatened prosecution - if it goes ahead, watch the approval rating rise. Biden's approval rating is only about 42% against 52% disapprove.
  3. The Democrat administration risks being seen as a banana republic dictatorship who are hell bent on using the law to lock up their political opponent. The fact that the Dems do not ATM have any realistic alternative to Dozy Joe and Hyena Harris for 2024 means that they have to stoop to spurious prosecution of DT by the Soros-funded New York district attorney Alvin Bragg. If they are stupid enough to go ahead with this, they are virtually guaranteeing that Trump will be President again in 2024.
  4. "the water keeps them cooler" That didn't keep them cooler here:- https://abcnews.go.com/International/video/floating-solar-power-farm-catches-fire-japan-65518363
  5. So where do the geometres get the accurate details of a property from to do their extremely expensive measurements and calculations?
  6. Most of the posts from the subject member are requests for information that could easily have been found by doing a search on the internet. Remember - Google is your friend - sometimes!
  7. https://www.roofersofarlington.com/ are a company in Arlington, Virginia, USA Why would you be posting on a forum aimed at British expats living in France? Unless it's for the purpose of spamming!
  8. This has to be a record for resuscitating an old thread - 17 years !!!!! If anybody fancies parsnips get round to your local Lidl - ours in Brittany has them on sale right now.
  9. All modern car/small vehicle diesel engines have glow plugs, one per cylinder, they have two functions, to aid starting in cold conditions, and to reduce exhaust emissions after a cold start in cold conditions when the engine computer works out how long to keep them glowing according to how cold it is. Bigger diesels in trucks can use inlet manifold air preheaters, a bit like an electric fire element in the inlet manifold to feed hot air to the cylinders as a cold start aid and reduce cold exhaust smoke after the start. The older Perkins type where a glow plug ignited fuel sprayed onto the glow plug in the inlet manifold isn't used any more - too much smoke etc. Diesel fuel comes in different grades - winter and summer diesel For example - the UK changes to winter diesel in November and goes back to summer diesel in March. Winter diesel either has more kerosene in it or has an anti-freezing additive in it to stop the filter blocking with the wax flakes when its cold in the diesel. Some vehicles have an electrical heater controlled by a thermostat in the fuel filter to stop the filter plugging with the wax flakes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winter_diesel_fuel https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cold_filter_plugging_point
  10. If you are going to mix your own two-stroke fuel, don't use E5 or E10 essence it has ethanol in it. Use SP 98 which has little or no ethanol in it and will remain stable for a long time. The best one to use is Total Excellium Sp 98. From caradisiac car forum "Hello, I am 98 excellium exclusively in my cars and my garden equipment. - no pure ethanol which attacks the seals and which makes the mixture turn. -good conservation over time, no deposit. - 2-stroke engine that runs better at high revs (11500rpm) and starts better when cold"
  11. You will not be able to get away with that - the tester will look to check that the MIL light comes on when the ignition switch is turned on and goes out almost immediately before starting the engine. It's the car's self check on the correct operation of the MIL.
  12. "I have two questions: a) Will the car automatically fail because the engine light is on, even if the emissions are within the numbers allowed for that car, and b) In this situation (ie not a major safety fault) can one (legally) drive the car during that 2 months before the contre-visite?" As the french CT test is largely based on the same criteria as the UK mot test - ie they both have their roots in EU diktats. a) An engine MIL light on is a major fail. b) If the fault is just a major fail and not a dangerous condition you should be able to drive the car in france for the 2 month period of "grace" Defect Category (a) Smoke opacity levels exceed the manufacturer’s specified limit Major (b) Smoke opacity levels exceed default limit Major (c) Exhaust emits excessive smoke or vapour of any colour to an extent likely to obscure the vision of other road users Dangerous (d) Exhaust on a vehicle fitted with a diesel particulate filter emits visible smoke of any colour Major (e) Emissions test unable to be completed Major (f) Emissions test not completed because smoke levels are significantly in excess of the specified limit values Major (g) Engine MIL inoperative or indicating a malfunction Major From the UK MOT tester's manual. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/mot-inspection-manual-for-private-passenger-and-light-commercial-vehicles/8-nuisance
  13. Harnser


    There's a lot more to it than that. Most cars 20 years ago used to run very slight toe in settings of 1/6 of inch or so. Toe in gives a little more steering stability - the car will have more of a tendency to hold the line you are steering, but will show slightly less eagerness to turn-in to a bend. No toe in or slight toe out will make the steering fidgety ie slight steering corrections will be constantly needed but the turn - in to a bend will be slightly more enthusiastic. Now I notice that our two newish cars are set up to be parallel ie no toe in or out. This is done to reduce the tiny amount of drag that toe-in will cause, to enhance the official mpg and CO2 figures. Toe in/out is just one of the many settings of suspension geometry, there are many others that can affect handling and steering. https://low-offset.com/workshop/car-suspension-geometry-explained/
  14. "This has nothing to do with Brits, CDS’s or Brexit. LOL" As this is a brit forum - oh yes it is to do with brits!
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