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  1. Or to put it another way - a gypsy's warning?
  2. PARIS (Reuters) -In a shock move, French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday said he would dissolve parliament and call new legislative elections later this month after he was trounced in European elections by Marine Le Pen’s far-right party. Macron said the results were a disaster for his government, and one he could not pretend to ignore. In a high-risk political gamble, less than two months before Paris hosts the Olympics, he said lower house elections would be called for June 30, with a second-round vote on July 7. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/macron-calls-shock-french-elections-after-far-right-rout-by-le-pen/ar-BB1nUyAK Jordan BARDELLA RNNational gathering 4,503,486 votes 36.96 % Valérie HAYER RENRenaissance (the new name for Macron's party) 1,707,175 votes 14.01 % The above on partial results 49%of the vote.
  3. You obviously didn't read the articles I linked to which included facsimiles of the subpoenaed bank records. But you carry on with your grain of salt approach if it suits your mood.
  4. Panning the spotlight away from DT's court case which is based on "he said-she said" tittle tattle and a bent judge determined to get Donald Trump away from campaigning in the forthcoming presidential election and to divert voter's and the media's attention away from the Biden Crime Family's proven activities. “From day one of our investigation of Joe Biden’s abuse of public office, we’ve followed the money and that continues with today’s subpoenas for Hunter and James Biden’s bank records. Bank records don’t lie, and coupled with witness testimony, they reveal that Joe Biden abused his public office for his family’s financial gain. The financial records obtained to date reveal a pattern where the Bidens sold access to Joe Biden around the world to enrich the Biden family. As the Bidens were sealing deals around the world, Joe Biden showed up, met with, talked with, shook hands with, and had meetings with the foreign nationals sending money to his family. This culture of corruption demands further investigation. The Oversight Committee, as well as the Committees on the Judiciary and Ways and Means, will continue to follow the money to determine whether President Biden’s involvement in his family’s corrupt business schemes makes him compromised and threatens our national security. We will continue to provide the answers, transparency, and accountability that the American people demand and deserve,” said Oversight Committee Chairman Comer. The United States House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Accountability is a standing committee of the U.S. House of Representatives. The amount of money involved in these financial transactions is significant. The wires and money transfers range from approximately $5,000 to at least $3 million mainly from Chinese "businessmen" (a front for the Chinese government) https://oversight.house.gov/release/chairman-comer-subpoenas-hunter-james-bidens-personal-and-business-bank-records/ No wonder Joe Biden is mortally afraid of DT getting a second term such that he and the Democrats will stoop to any tactics to stop him.
  5. For the year ending June 2022, the proportion of adults reporting any drug use in the last year was highest among those aged 20 to 24 years (23.3%). ( UK result) Despite these decreases, the proportion of older age groups using illicit drugs remained considerably lower than younger age groups (Figure 4). file:///C:/Users/barns/Downloads/Drug%20misuse%20in%20England%20and%20Wales%20year%20ending%20June%202022.pdf
  6. Statistiques…drug crime kids killing drug crime kids. Or is it drug addicts stabbing people when robbing them to pay for their drugs? You choose!
  7. "When we go to London we often stay in Stratford ........ Recommend !..... ........Very safe area by my standards" You might want to reconsider your "very safe area" opinion. Stratford is in the London Borough of Newham. Firearm offences 24 - higher incidence along with Tower Hamlets 25 Brent 26 Lambeth 30 Southwark 31 Knife crime offences London Borough Number of offences Crime rate per 1,000 people Barking and Dagenham 69 0.32 Barnet 51 0.13 Bexley 48 0.19 Brent 120 0.36 Bromley 70 0.21 Camden 67 0.2652 City of London 0* 0* Croydon 152 0.39 Ealing 92 0.26 Enfield 85 0.25 Greenwich 100 0.35 Hackney 129 0.46 Hammersmith and Fulham 52 0.28 Haringey 75 0.26 Harrow 51 0.20 Havering 44 0.17 Hillingdon 86 0.27 Hounslow 58 0.21 Islington 83 0.35 Kensington and Chelsea 51 0.32 Kingston upon Thames 34 0.19 Lambeth 177 0.53 Lewisham 121 0.39 Merton 36 0.17 Newham 147 0.42 Redbridge 62 0.2 Richmond upon Thames 25 0.12 Southwark 152 0.47 Sutton 43 0.21 Tower Hamlets 95 0.30 Waltham Forest 73 0.26 Wandsworth 53 0.16 Westminster 130 0.52 https://www.mylondon.news/news/zone-1-news/london-knife-crime-map-shows-20598724
  8. Well, you know Michael O'Leary - any hint of higher landing fees, handling fees or higher costs and he'll pack his bags and go somewhere else. As you say, Bordeaux airport should have considered that some older cheaper fees from Ryanair would be better than no future fees at all.
  9. That'll be Bordeaux Airport that has the money problems - not Ryanair. Ryanair forecast after-tax profit for the year to end March (2024) of between 1.85 billion and 2.05 billion euros, easily beating its previous record of 1.45 billion euros in 2018. https://www.reuters.com/business/aerospace-defense/ryanair-forecasts-record-annual-profit-promises-regular-dividend-fares-soar-2023-11-06/ Bordeaux hikes their charges - Ryanair closes the base and moves to another as yet unspecified. https://aviationweek.com/air-transport/airports-networks/ryanair-blames-airport-charges-hike-bordeaux-base-closure
  10. Our 2015 Honda Accord had a similar recall to do with the generic Takata airbag fault a few years ago. The airbag module is replaced that's all.
  11. Citroën is asking owners of C3 and DS3 models to report. These vehicles were respectively sold between 2009 and 2017 and 2009 and 2019. According to the site Rappel.conso.gouv.fr the faulty workmanship concerns the “Takata” type airbags. Many of the owners of these older models may not be known to the Citroen dealer network so it up to the driver/owner to approach a Citroen dealer to have the recall done. https://www.ouest-france.fr/economie/budget/airbag-defectueux-quels-modeles-de-c3-et-ds3-sont-rappeles-par-citroen-c2e342fc-12da-11ef-8a2a-01c2428a5400
  12. Now having a working forum again I thought I remind all motorcyclists that since this thread in 2022 the CT is now live again and came into force on April 15th 2024. It's a bit of a shambles at the moment - lack of trained testers. "I have asked at various CT stations near me recently and none are going to actually do the test at all. A DEKRA station tester said his training was not until September / October and he couldn’t make any appointments yet. I explained I had 6 motos that would all need to be checked before the September 29th deadline and he did the usual shrug of the shoulders. May be I will just take a chance and take the €90 fine - unless there are points deducted as well" (no points are deducted) From a biker in 72130 Alpes Quote off the record from a controller (tester)"I shouldn't say it, but I advise motorcyclists to take their test as soon as possible, because it will be lighter. All the equipment will probably only be available in the first half of 2025." This time the CT is compulsory for all powered two wheelers and three and four wheelers not covered by the current car test. Official details https://www.utac-otc.com/véhicules-cat-l/le-contrôle-technique-catégorie-L
  13. Harnser

    Spring 2024

    Drought? Breizh Meteo rainfall records for Pontivy observatory - 12 km from us jan 2024 129.4 mm feb 2024 116.4 mar 2025 97.2 april 2024 57.4 I think it's possibly a long drawn out period of cold wet but not freezing weather, and the hedge dropped it's leaves to protect itself, our birch trees were very late budding and coming into leaf also. The hedge is fine now. You will note that https://temperature.global/ shows an average trend 2015 to 2024 of - 0.254 C cooling.
  14. Harnser

    Spring 2024

    Replying to my own post here:- Observing some signs of the variance of plant growth in our own garden, the fact that the variegated privet hedge some 25 metres long along the road boundary of our property lost it's leaves totally this last winter and was still bare in mid March, the first time this has happened since we arrived in 2009, no sign of any infection etc, and a large flowering cherry putting out the worst show of blossom again since 2009, leads me to think that the global boiling brigade are talking up their agenda, rather than telling it like it is.
  15. Harnser

    Spring 2024

    According to the global boiling brigade:- "most parts of Europe experienced exceptionally warm spring temperatures between early March and mid April" So there..!! https://joint-research-centre.ec.europa.eu/jrc-news-and-updates/warm-spring-weather-benefitted-crops-most-europe-2024-04-22-0_en
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