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  1. That's why we now buy our firewood kiln dried and delivered on a pallet from the supplier's truck by his small off-road pallet truck to our hard standing where we then use our own pallet truck to trundle it into the barn. It's hellish expensive, but it's less than 15% moisture content oak and burns very well. Another advantage is you can see exactly the quantity and quality you are buying before you pay the driver.
  2. We had a good drenching this PM from 2 or 3 heavy showers with a rumble of thunder in the distance. OH the head gardener is running around filling every pot, bucket and empty dustbin she can find with the runoff from the barn roof!
  3. The weather was cloudy and cool here in central Morbihan yesterday - and light rain nearly all day on and off. No sign of the forecast thunderstorms yet.
  4. To my mind, a permanently installed unit has one big disadvantage. When or if it goes wrong or needs servicing you have the usual french problem of getting someone in to do it. If it's portable you just put it in the back of the car and take it to an air conditioning repairer.
  5. "So, the "feurte" thingies for windows do not work; that doesn't surprise me as I looked at the pictures and had my doubts." I can't say that they don't work, it just seemed a lot of messing about sticking velcro tape along the edge of the windows, if your OH is not keen or able to do the solid insert give it a go, you may very well be able to make more sense of it than we did.
  6. Answering or adding to my own post here, there is an alternative to making the insert as I did, it's a sort of fabric contrivance sold as a kit for about €20 - we bought one with the aircon unit. Took it out of the packet, read the instructions, shook our heads, folded it up, put it back in the packet and it went back to lidl for a refund on the way to the diy shed for the plywood. Up to you of course, if you or OH is not interested in a bit of swift diy making the insert.
  7. Zeroing in your specific questions- So, what I want to ask you, Harnser, is whether yours has a large tube to put outside your window? We do have a window in the bedroom but in the sitting room, the only window is a French type that opens onto an enclosed verandah. Not sure how we could get the tube through the door and then seal the rest of the door that would be ajar and thus letting the hot air back in? Yes menthe it has a large flexible tube/hose a bit like an oversized tumble dryer hose to get rid of the heat that is extracted from the room. If you have french -style inward opening casement windows like our bedroom, the right hand half opens first so you keep the left hand half closed and make an "insert" to fit the right hand opening from 15 mm plywood with the outlet hose in the bottom 8" or so, I cut a window into the insert so as not to make the room darker and glazed it with plastic glass "polyglass" various plastic fittings come with the unit to do this. You could do this with a "french door" type also - the full plywood sheets come as 2500mm x 1250mm I HAVE seen air conditioners that do not need an extractor tube but not sure if these are just glorified fans and would do a proper job? These are not true air conditioners, they evaporate water or use ice cubes with a fan blowing over/through it. I doubt that's going to work in a large room, probably ok to put on your desk in an office blowing at your face. Getting hold of a unit Amazon.fr have them, here 7000 btu which we have and a bigger 9000 btu unit. I'm not specifically recommending this particular make or model but from our experience they do the job. Bear in mind they do make a noise but that's preferable to being a big sweaty mess and not sleeping properly. (from my school science memory the BTU is the quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree fahrenheit.) 7000 BTU unit https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B07KJT9K9M/ref=redir_mobile_desktop?_encoding=UTF8&aaxitk=1d66e626e91199f8b7c7490bec577e06&content-id=amzn1.sym.962b535b-a8b7-499f-8ba5-164fe04b0459%3Aamzn1.sym.962b535b-a8b7-499f-8ba5-164fe04b0459&hsa_cr_id=5808331370602&pd_rd_plhdr=t&pd_rd_r=671e380a-17d1-42dc-8493-c25e0dac7d62&pd_rd_w=m0QLk&pd_rd_wg=aOclk&qid=1660381070&ref_=sbx_be_s_sparkle_mcd_asin_1_title&sr=1-2-fd947bf3-57d2-4cc9-939d-2805f92cef28 9000 btu unit https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B07KJYD1ZP/ref=redir_mobile_desktop?_encoding=UTF8&aaxitk=1d66e626e91199f8b7c7490bec577e06&content-id=amzn1.sym.962b535b-a8b7-499f-8ba5-164fe04b0459%3Aamzn1.sym.962b535b-a8b7-499f-8ba5-164fe04b0459&hsa_cr_id=5808331370602&pd_rd_plhdr=t&pd_rd_r=671e380a-17d1-42dc-8493-c25e0dac7d62&pd_rd_w=m0QLk&pd_rd_wg=aOclk&qid=1660381070&ref_=sbx_be_s_sparkle_mcd_asin_2_img&sr=1-3-fd947bf3-57d2-4cc9-939d-2805f92cef28 Free delivery with prime!
  8. Errrm - I think you will find that the aforementioned new car from Lidl is a poisson d'avril - look at the date of the original post.
  9. It was only 13 C here last night - OH was complaining of cold feet in bed!
  10. "Hope you can all find a way to keep cool" We just bought a portable air-con unit to cool our bedroom down when it's too hot to be comfortable. Monday 18 July was peak heat here in south central Brittany following weeks of hot weather. Monday's forecast temperature was high 30's to early 40's after a few weeks of early to mid 30's, so this old stone house had absorbed and stored that heat, which was making our normally cool bedroom increasingly uncomfortable. We spotted that Lidl had an offer on a portable air con unit on the previous Friday, not their own rubbish Silver Crest brand but a widely available brand called "Comfee", so took the plunge and bought one. www.archyde.com/lidl-comfee-air-conditioner-cheap-.../ - That price is a tad out of date, we paid €200 at Lidl Went out next day and bought a sheet of 15 mm plywood and a sheet of polyglass to made an insert for our inward opening casement bedroom window for the warm air exhaust from the air con unit. The maximum daytime temperature on that Monday outside our kitchen door was 44 C ! We ran the air-con for about 18 - 20 hours in total including for 12 hours overnight on the monday as the bedroom was 35 C - really cooled it down to around 23 C. We also used a fan in the room to circulate the cool air to cool down quicker. We also ran it for a couple of hours on Wednesday last as the bedroom was too hot for comfort, cooled it from 35 C to 25 c - much more comfortable !
  11. I wonder if the techies assuring us that the problem is fixed from their view INSIDE the website, have ever tried using the website from OUTSIDE the website as a user like us? Many times I have had to tell a company that i am trying to buy an item from that their website doesn't work properly and ask them do they ever enter their own website as a customer does? - the usual answer is no!
  12. You may not be aware that the proposed but now cancelled CT for bikes was for all bikes over 125 cc, so not including the death-trap scooters and mopeds that are either not maintained at all or suffer from teenage mechanic's attentions. They were excluded from the proposed CT so as not to cause the riders who were mostly from low-income backgrounds, a financial burden apparently! Being an apprentice trained engineer, having worked for a well known engine manufacturer and subsequently a partner in an engine and transmission shop I carry out all my own maintenance on the basis that I take care of what I'm doing, the majority of dealer workshops don't.
  13. I'm thinking how hard can it be to enable forum members to post new topics, surely that's the whole point of a forum?
  14. As it is still impossible to post a new topic on this forum I had to find an existing thread to hang this news item on. The motorcycle CT planned for introduction in 2023 has been cancelled for good. https://www.sudouest.fr/economie/transports/le-gouvernement-enterre-definitivement-le-controle-technique-des-deux-roues-11778470.php
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