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  1. Returning to France after taking an Antigen test ??? How does it work ? The kids want to go to the UK in Feb. If I take some Antigen tests with me from France (I am not paying UK prices) and test us all, how do I prove we are all negative to those who care at the border ? What I am really asking is my best forum mates, what is the procedure with this testing business ?
  2. French telly ????? God it is awful. Jeeesus....it is awful. I am not surprised for one minute France has a delinquency problem. With kids and adults. Rodeo anyone ? Amazon Prime, Netflix.....You Tube is great once you get the hang of it. French telly. Apart from undless episodes of 'Rex'... which is Austrian BTW....it is wubbish!
  3. Two coats of Mylands white emulsion (or their wood and metal paint) will cover it without a primer. But you can't get that paint here. Fantastic paint. And British. But it will work. Top quality undercoat paint costs a fortune in France. I use ...Zinsers...which is the best IMHO. Here are some options... 1) Apply a thin layer of lissage (https://www.leroymerlin.fr/produits/peinture-droguerie/sous-couche-et-enduit/enduit/enduit-de-lissage/enduit-de-lissage-toupret-rapid-liss-1-5-kg-en-pate-pour-mur-plafond-interieu-68613286.html Sand it down then paint the plaster with what ever paint you like. Nice smooth finish ! 2) Go to the shop 'Action' and buy some of their cheap white wash paint. It is about 5 euros for about 2.5 l. I used on my beams beform painting them with a proper paint. It worked. And they has a lasure on them. It is cheap and will need a few coats withe a roller. But it should do the job of an undercoat. Eventually. 3) Another option. Given it is a garage....hang some 'toile de verre' on it. And then paint it !. Given the hassle factor, I would still go for mylands...https://www.designerpaint.com/search?keyword=mylands But if you can't get it, I skim the surface with a lissage. Then you would have a nice proper finish.
  4. Sugar! I was going for that until I read 'mature'. BTW...how much does this job pay ? French Contract ? 35 hrs a week ? 3 weeks off in the summer ? How is this working with zee Brits ?
  5. French ID cards are in French. Will that change...who cares ? CDS are in French and English. Most adverts on French telly thease days are in English. ๐Ÿ˜€......with English music ๐Ÿ˜† Zemmour has more important things to worry about at the moment like....banning handicap children from 'normal' schools. Yes, that is correct. he wants to do that. Vivre La France.
  6. I never use bad words or attack anyone. You really have a bad opinion of me. ๐Ÿ˜„ I go to the edge sometimes. But that is my humour. Come on...own up...who deleted my post !! I bet it was Chancer !
  7. Today....I dunno...about 10 ish. I wrote a post and it disappeared. Gluey replied to it. Then it was gone. I think this site has been hacked.
  8. What is a fancy wine bar BTW ? Just asking. Will there be a pool table and a darts board ?
  9. I still want to know who took my post down. ๐Ÿ˜ถ Was it Wooly or Hoody ? Hmmmm....
  10. Gluestick, you are talking to yourself mate. OK, who deleted my post before Gluestick's ?
  11. It is up to the buyer to bring the fosse into spec if they choose to buy the property. It is nothing to do with you. The new buyers won't mind you ๐Ÿ˜€ Don't lower the price of the house with respect to the fosse. Most houses with a fosse are out of spec. The rules keep changing. Good luck my friend with your sale.
  12. * France would be bankrupt without foreign tourism. France would be on it's knees. I remember reading somewhere that tourism (directly and indirectly) is the biggest employer in รฎle de France. In terms of domestic tourism, the French don't spend money. So that ain't working for small businesses. So yeah, France needs British tourism. Ask any French touristic business, they want the Brits and the Americans. They spend money. * And this makes me laugh in terms of the Paris agreement. Tourism is a killer for the environment and climate change. Think about that for a moment when you are pottering around in your garden and mowing your lawn in January. ๐Ÿ™ƒ
  13. OK fair point. Do you think that Macron and his government are discrminating against the British over this travel ban ? I mean this is nothing to do with the virus. This is about politics and keeping the British out of France. Remember 600,000 + French nationals living in the UK are free to travel back and forth to France. It is just the British ones they don't like. How much shรt should the British take before people start voting with their wallets ? Or is France 'worth' the discrimination ? Imagine having a party and everyone can come except the British. Is that not discrmination ? Racism ? Everyone can travel on this bus apart from the British. We have seen that before in history. You know what I mean ! Incidently, there was a report the other day on French TV about ski resorts. The British represent 40-60 % of clientle in some of the larger resorts. Those who run the resorts, hotels and everything else can't understand why they have people from all over Europe but not the British. They see it as punnishment for Brexit as well. Also, they were saying that French and other nationalities simply go to ski and don't really spend money in the resort. The British do. It is a financial disaster for them. Many will go out of business. I can't see many folks working in ski resorts voting Macron.
  14. Macron likes picking on people. It is his thing. He does it with the French poulation and the populations of other countries. It has NOTHING to do with being vacinated or not. He does it because he can. He is a bully. A small one at that. It is that simple.
  15. The point of the thread really was.... Why would any self respecting British person living the UK ever consider booking a holiday to France given the way that France (Mr Macron) has treated the British since Brexit ? Especially recently, when he has banned you all horrible Brits from entering 'his' country unless you beg him and his guard dogs at Dover into having a very good reason. . Does not matter if you voted Brexit or not. To him you are pawns in his game. I would not...I really would not go on holiday to France this year. Well, unless he gets kicked out in May. Then you should be OK. And I am still struggling after 23 years to understand what France has to offer as a holiday anyway.
  16. What did I just read ? https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-top-holiday-destinations-revealed-as-easing-of-uk-travel-restrictions-sparks-bookings-surge-12510936 France is the 3rd top destination for peeps booking holidays this year ? You are ***** ***** ****** joking me. AFTER THE WAY MACRON AND HIS GOVERNEMENT HAVE TREATED/STILL TREATING THE BRITISH ! You are joking me. 60 million Britis can't go from the UK to France without a valid reason at the moment. 447 million peeps in the EU can. Just saw a Spanish and a German car down at our local Lidl. I mean seriously Brits, boycot France. Don't let Macron get away with it. There is nothing to see anyway. Well unless you go to the Dordogne...where you will see other Brits. Save your cash and go to Milton Keynes. Same thing. ๐Ÿคฃ
  17. Ummm....hello. Wakey wakey. Samething in France. Some folks in France have 4/5/6/7/8 number of kids. They don't have to work again.
  18. Anyway....back on topic. This subject has appeared on a few Brit/French forums....Eurotrash ! What is interesting that anyone apart from being native French really can't understand what all the fuss is about. Even people who are fluent in French and have French nationality they still don't get the meaning. Believe me, what this idiot said was deaply offensive. It was rude and not something that should be said by the president of France. It really can't be translated into English. I think that is the problem. What example is this idiot Macron setting to French kids with his behaviour ? What a shocking horrible little man.
  19. That will work with this season because it feels like a whole movie split into six episodes. If you know what I mean. That kinda through me with the first episode (series 6) because it was very slow and very different to other episodes of The Expanse. I personally did not like it one bit. I was very depressed after watching it. That said, since the first episode (which is 1hr background setting if you like), it has been just pure rock & roll sci fi bliss. The last two episodes that have been aired are up there with some of the best in the sega IMHO. You will not be disappointed. Personally, I like watching each episode twice before watching the next because you miss so much. Discovery this season is not so bad either. It is more Star Treky. Then we will have Picard.
  20. Listen best mate, we have been married 17 years. Been together for over 25 years. We have 3 bilingual Anglo/French kids. We both deserve both British and French nationality by right so that we can decide our destiny in either country without having to prove this that or the other. Those getting a 'marriage of convenience ' in both France and the UK spoil it for the rest of us. It bothers me.
  21. I think some (I am not saying you as you have done your tour of duty bringing up kids here) see it and brag about it as some kinda trophy. BTW...how you finding the Expanse series 6 ?
  22. I did. But what could they say ? They know the score. They know he is a horrible little man. But they will vote for him in the second round to prevent MLP getting into power. It is a French tradition ! What a world we live in. Peeps everywhere just want peace and quiet.
  23. I let it rip with all the French family around for lunch yesterday. I did not hold back when I talked about Macron. I did not hold back ! 'The bloke is evil'....I said. Boris is a self centered knร–b but Macron is evil. There is a difference ! Any Christian that votes Mr Macron needs to have a discussion with god.
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