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Mudlarking the Seine


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Don't know about mud larking, but we do have these here in Nantes " Pêche à l'aimant"  Fishing with very powerful magnets on the end of a rope.  We have seen them gathered at the port are in Nantes dragging loads of old metal objects out.

Like many things in France which we may think is harmless, it is, in fact, regulated as this article mentions.


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9 hours ago, Loiseau said:

There seems to be no word for it in French - perhaps it's too muddy a pastime for the locals to enjoy!  But actually, would there be much scope along the Seine? It's not tidal, like the Thames.


Sorry, I should have said the Seine is not tidal in Paris!  Obviously it is farther downstream, near Le Havre!

PS I saw a TV programme once about those magnet fishers; incredible what they find…

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