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  1. To return to Ken's original topic, I thought Macron's homage incredibly moving https://www.elysee.fr/emmanuel-macron/2022/09/09/deces-de-sa-majeste-elizabeth-ii-le-message-du-president-de-la-republique-au-citoyens-du-royaume-uni-et-du-commonwealth
  2. Loiseau


    Good to "see" you, Menthe. Get well soon from me too…
  3. £80 fine each day you move the vehicle inside the ULEZ, if your luck runs out...
  4. Last week, travelling via the Tunnel, I had to go into the terminal building to show my Covid vaccination status, as I had failed to upload it when I booked. Earlier in the month, catching, a Eurostar to Paris from London, I had to show my vaccination certificate, on my phone, to the French immigration people at St Pancras before being allowed to board. so... you don’t have to have a TEST before travel, but do have to prove your vaccination status in some way. Best to upload it when making your booking. I am assuming the ferries require the same procedure.
  5. Did she knock that blockhouse down all by herself? ?
  6. Went for mine in the U.K. a couple of weeks ago. But, alas, as I had just recently had Covid I was told I had to leave 28 days between being clear of that and having the booster. So I’ll try again then. good to see you back, GG.
  7. Loiseau

    Meet Ziggy

    What a gorgeous fellow, sueyh...
  8. Great to "see" you, idun. I hope things improve for you...
  9. Rather belatedly, welcome back chère Menthe. Good to see you.
  10. Oooo, looks as if it will play even if one is in UK, so I shall be able to watch that. Thank you Norman...
  11. And if you are putting a label on it, it's a mirabelle... ?
  12. A recently-deceased Welsh friend, living in France for 25 years, left his body to medical science. It was collected from his home in Brittany the day of his death. No funeral, cremation or burial required. It seems strange not to have gathered with friends and family to see him off, but it’s what he wanted for his family.
  13. You’re preaching to the converted with me, Gluey! https://www.waterstones.com/book/northern-france/angela-bird/9780954580315 (Sadly, now out of print )
  14. Of course, if people don't want to take the vaccination it's up to them. But then you would think they would be careful not to catch Covid, and would mask up, avoid people where possible, etc, not only to avoid infection for themselves, but also out of consideration for others. Hah! I am at present visiting friends in central Brittany, and am amazed how many locals they have told me about who are anti-vaxxers. One was a young man working as a labourer, who doesn't wear a mask even when working inside people's houses. (I suppose his clients have to weigh up how much Covid risk they are prepared to take before employing him). Another is the proprietor of a popular local restaurant; it's closed for the winter at the moment, but it will be ironic if, when it reopens, he has to check clients' vax status without being vaccinated himself.
  15. So sorry to read omicron is raging through your household, albf. I do hope the littlest one is recovering ok.
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