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  1. When I sold, about four years ago, the agent said I had to get the fosse emptied and the chimneys swept.
  2. QUOTE GLUESTICK ...We even suffered a toilet cistern freezing and cracking (we now empty it when we leave). ... Happened to me in the Vendee once, too, and that is supposed to be a lot balmier. Like you, we learned the hard way to give all the loos a final flush to leave the cisterns empty.
  3. Good to hear from you idun. I am sorry things have not improved, but hope 2022 might be better. Bonne et heureuse année to all.
  4. I was glad to hear HM put in a word for having the old tunes for hymns/carols, rather than new-fangled ones.
  5. I am a bit late to join the Christmas merriment here, but I wish everyone a Bonne Année; may it be happy and healthy for all. And may I be allowed to travel to France again soon...
  6. My brother has just got hit with two £80 fines after coming to visit in my area of London that has recently become an Ultra Low Émissions Zone. He travelled in a 2013 Vw Golf diesel, and forgot to check its status beforehand on the Transport for London website. ( Even for considerably older cars, a petrol version would have been ok. )
  7. I have the same problem; when i click on those three dots, the only options I get are Report or Share.
  8. Cyclohexane, I think if there is no will, then the French rules are pretty cut and dried. As this official website https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/F2529 says, the children of the deceased are the priority inheritors. So the notaire should divide up the estate (and its liabilities) equally between and your brother and any other siblings. If any siblings are deceased, their children would take their parent's share.
  9. Yes, I have been to that Merlimont one on the sand! It's greqt...
  10. Just to be a bit "tatillonne" here: it’s FOIE gras...
  11. Oh where’s the bl**dy link? https://www.gouvernement.fr/sites/default/files/dp-covid_frontieres_021221_3ep_0.pdf
  12. I have just been reading this press release from the French government. ( link )If you look at the orange chart on page 4, it shows that vaccinated travellers from the UK to France have to show either a PCR or antigen (lateral flow) test max 48 hours before DEPARTURE from the U.K.If you are not vaccinated, that period is reduced to 24 hours before embarquement.
  13. The buyer will have had to transfer the money to the notaire's account before the signing. The notaire then deducts taxes etc due, and pays the vendor a few days later. This article might help understand the few cases where the buyer has any come-back: https://www.completefrance.com/french-property/legal/vices-caches-explained-8351650
  14. So yes, the money is not transferred to you on the date of signing/ handing over of keys, but a few days later.
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