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Credit where credit is due


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Mine took 3 weeks:

Le passeport n'est pas fabriqué sur place. Il ne peut donc pas être délivré immédiatement.

Les délais de fabrication dépendent du lieu et de la période de la demande. Par exemple, à l'approche des vacances d'été, les délais peuvent être plus longs.

Si vous avez indiqué un numéro de téléphone portable sur votre demande, vous recevez un SMS quand le passeport est disponible.

Vous pouvez aussi suivre votre demande sur le site de l'ANTS :

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2 hours ago, anotherbanana said:

Well, I must say the new British blue passport is a mess; the key page seems to be stuck into the rest and there is a hole with the photo copied horizontally, like a peephole.

The latest version of the UK passport which is blue was designed by a French company and is printed in Poland.

But it is certified to be carbon neutral - whatever that means.

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It's nasty to carry (the new UK one) because it does not bend at all, and the plastic cover is definitely cheaper than the lovely burgundy ones. At least the rigidity keeps the attached CdS in place.  Photo is about the worse I ever had, but that's my own fault 'cos i took it digitally during one of the lockdowns.  Have you ever tried to get a decent head and shoulders on a phone when you have short arms, without that stick you can get?  Hard work and almost impossible,and frighteningly, at the same age as it so happens, I look just like the photo on my mother's bus pass taken just about the same time as I am now, just before she died (probably via a supermarket machine, certainly not a mobile phone as she never had one!).   But agree with Banana, it did come back in about 3 weeks, and that was over the Easter period last year, so credit indeed for the speed.

By the way, it's black, not blue!

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