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  1. I would guess that replacing the helpful, practical concrete advice or information that used to be the 'norm' (intentional pun) by opinions unsupported by any evidence that a couple of more recent posters flood the Forum with discourages others from posting.
  2. At last you understand my point about dragging in non-voters to discredit a result, but you misrepresent it when you write of "election results you disagree with" .I can't disagree with them; they are facts.
  3. Read what I wrote A few figures. Registered voters: 48,700000 Voted for Macron 18,779641 So, just as in the other elections I quoted the winner had more people who DIDN'T vote for him than voted in favour. If people are going to quibble about the validity of Macron's election that gives some context about elections.
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/picture/2022/apr/25/martin-rowson-on-macrons-victory-over-le-pen-cartoon#img-1
  5. Not only the attitude, but the continual returning variants oh the same old France/Europe/Macron bashing theme. This is supposed to be a Forum for FrancoPHILES, where we can share information gleaned from experience of our lives here, to help others.
  6. That in all these elections the winning side have had a minority of votes. That gives a context for comments about the validity or otherwise of Macron's election.
  7. A few figures. Registered voters: 48,700000 Voted for Macron 18,779641 On a similar number of voters in the UK Conservative votes in the 2019 election: 13,966,565 Votes for leave in the Brexit referendum 17,410,742 Neither of those was a majority of registered voters and both have been accepted.
  8. I have no problem accessing the articles, not the ones in The Telegraph that you sometimes say you can't read Nick...
  9. https://www-lemonde-fr.translate.goog/idees/article/2022/04/22/empecher-le-pays-de-se-defaire_6123258_3232.html?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en-US&_x_tr_pto=wapp
  10. I remember him in Cinema Paradiso with Philippe Noiret, another of my favourite French actors, now passed away.
  11. LeMonde has a good page where one can compare the policies of the two candidates in Sunday's second round of elections https://www.lemonde.fr/les-decodeurs/article/2022/04/11/election-presidentielle-2022-comparez-les-programmes-d-emmanuel-macron-et-de-marine-le-pen_6121622_4355770.html
  12. In Béziers yesterday. It's a Facebook link to a series of quite a few photographs which give a good idea of the event, but I don't know if people who don't use FB can see them... https://www.facebook.com/ville.debeziers/photos/pcb.5144051408966887/5144046235634071
  13. I was paricularly struck by the hats.....hardly anyone wears a "proper" hat these days...
  14. Some quotations in case the article is behind a paywall: "Le Pen has a fair chance of scooping up the neglected constituency of the old left, and that could swing the final outcome on April 24. Her economic agenda is a celebration of the welfare state and the French social model. She backed the protest of trade unions against the reform of the pension system in 2019, and again last year over the weakening of unemployment protection, describing President Macron’s policies as “shameful, economically stupid, inhumane, and unjust”. Her plan is a mix of Keynesian big spending and redistribution towards the working poor and young families, those suffering an erosion of real living standards long before commodity inflation hit them with a hammer blow. She has married left-wing economics with law-and-order nationalism to make a very potent political brew. " "Le Pen has been turning her party into a statist, anti-globalist, defender of the Modèle Français ever since taking charge in 2011" "Le Pen has not abandoned her right-wing policies on immigration, nor her defence of France’s cultural terroir. She remains a nationalist to the core, and an implacable foe of Jean Monnet’s European project. She will endeavour to undermine the primacy of EU law and the hegemony of the Commission from within. One might argue that her agenda smacks of national socialism, but there is no mileage in trying to evoke loose parallels with the 1930s. Le Pen is competing at the ballot box and under the rule of law. Nobody suggests that she plans a 1933 Enabling Act or a French police state once inside the Élysée Palace. Her ideological enemies are Anglo-Saxon globalist capitalism and the EU superstate in equal measure.
  15. Even the Telegraph sees MLP as a National Socialist! https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2022/04/10/marine-le-pens-national-socialism-potent-political-brew/
  16. I did it and came up with someone who won't win, but then I expected that. There was a similar one in LeFigaro but the questions were a little different.
  17. This was announced yesterday: https://www.francetvinfo.fr/sante/maladie/coronavirus/vaccin/vaccins-contre-le-covid-19-olivier-veran-annonce-l-ouverture-de-la-deuxieme-dose-de-rappel-aux-personnes-agees-de-60-ans-et-plus_5067400.html
  18. Your posts serve no useful purpose except to perpetuate your delusions of the importance of Windbag Wheatley's unsubstantiated assertions. When useful information is needed a link to the relevant authority is useful; but when that is called for you fall back on uninformed ignorance.
  19. Don't expect Ken to read a link! He only wants to express his opinions...
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