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Re: The songs we are singing


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Yes, I was indeed ........

Hello now !

What a fantastic video you posted Steve, Moby's one I mean !

I'm sure Christine Animal should like it.

Very spooky too, cos I dreamt about a ginger kitten !! [blink]

Now a new French singer , Ronan Luce, I just love what he does. Too bad yu won't get the lyrics..

Basically he says he got a letter that was not for him, from a woman, and he falls in love with her, from what she wrote , and fantasizes  about his life with her, he would even adopt the baby she's pregnant with ! Lovely poetic song ..

And I think the music is ok too, what do you think ??

La Lettre


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Bonjour tout le monde

Well I am [url=http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=_BBlWxkwJtU]Home Sweet Home[/url] 

It was brilliant to meet with you Frenchie looking forwrd to noel[:D] you must think we are a nutty english family [:P]

Thanks for the Hello Krusty [kiss] 

I am missing France already but back to work tomorrow so that will keep me busy[blink]

Judith  X X X

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Oh Judith, very happy to see you online again. Glad you made it back home safely.

It was indeed GREAT to meet you all, I really had a fun time, and I loved every member of the family!!

Steve ( krusty) can tell you, I told him so many things about you all.[:)]

Yes, also looking forward to Noel now! [:D]

I'm also back to work tomorrow , and I'm just like you, not completely here yet, the UK is too recent.. And the change in time and weather  affects my sleeping pattern.

Anyway, have a look at what my students can do !! We have a special dance day in the high school, this was at lunch time, I find them brilliant.

 It is great in the sense that usually we show them what WE know, but in those circumstances, they show us what THEY can do, of course this is their music, their generation, but have a loo,k at the teachers under the stairs, they are really amazed at what they can see and they re applauding !!




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Both excellent choices, in my opinion, Steve , I adore the Genesis one..

It s funny, I listened to Genesis in the car yesterday on the way to work.

My timetable is OK, I'm not working at the school on thursdays, which is good!

Of course I ll have to do marking and preps at home, but the stress is not the same as being in front of a class. I know Judith will confirm.

I have found this " Du saucisson dans mon sandwich au thon" ..

Cracks me up...    

" Ils ont mis du saucisson dans mon sandwich au thon.. "    Those are lyrics!! [:D]

but please listen to the whole song, it s fun, and the video's well done for a real amateur!


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