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  1. Sooooo  good to log in this morning and read your messages!! I'm fine , and so are you I hope! You've made my day!! [kiss]
  2. Oui c'est moi ![:)]  Je vais très bien et toi ? Good to hear from you [:)]
  3. Hello to the people I used to chat with on here!  Don't know if you're still around  , anyway,   JOYEUX  NOEL!!!!  xxx  Frenchie.
  4. http://youtu.be/pPk9-AD7h3M Watched the film on French tv last night.
  5. Serves him right  ( no pun intended ) How are you Norman? Been quite a while!
  6. My son uses the word ironically when he spots a car with british plates ; " Oh, des anglois !!' 
  7.   Hello, Could you please give us more information about Cactus ? is he OK with other animals, dogs in particular ? Is he OK in a car ? Can he stay alone  for a while,  from time to time ? ?   Is he a runaway ? Thanks !  
  8.  You could also hear one say " Rien d'interessant ; que des cochonneries dans ce vide grenier " .( So it is just like saloperie) . Both can be considered as offending , so , beware !
  9. Here there is a box at our local Intermarché.  
  10. In which case he could have said " et il s'appelle retourne " ! ( very common thing to say in such circumstances" 
  11. Bon, après toutes ces circonvolutions ,  il te le prête ou pas cet outil .?????? [:D]
  12. Yes, Chancer, I saw that one when she ventured into the ring with the matador !!   I also love this programme and the presenter is so nice !
  13. That s an interesting site to browse, even when you're French ! [:D]
  14. Merci Christine . My friend is moving into a new house this week,  so it will be a bit chaotic, but I am looking for the perfect match for him in the meantime. BISOUS!
  15. I think he's already said what his requirements were ( scroll up , please). I will indicate the site you ve mentioned. he's also interested in Christine's "Gampy" , if he's still in need of a good home. The dog he will take will be in a very loving home, I can tell you.
  16. Giggling..........   At the time,  the poor girl didn't know about the double entendre in the song... When she got it, she was very angry with Serge Gainsbourg....
  17. Ah je vois.. Une petite gâterie !!
  18. This person s just said to me " You should know that we would like a good dog "   + "  We have the house from next thursda as you know, if the dog can cope with sleeping in my bedroom and coming out with us in the car..... "   + "  explain that I have a hospital rdv once a month and he would maybe have to survive for half a day on his own, also, if I need to spend time in hospital he would need to go into a kennels or something, but hope this is never going to happen.... needs to be nice with children.... " + "we will have a garden and I will just have to put a fence along one part, but that can be done quite quick.. " +  by the way, I have had dogs all of my life ...... generally german shepherds" So, hope one of the dog people on here can come up with the right dog for a really nice man and his daughter ( 11) , :-) Régine .
  19. I got an answer. the person said he wants a dog, but needs a good one, as he has a special needs child who might be a little afraid at first. Not necessarily one of those two,  ...
  20.   I'd like to post on my facebook . you never know. I know a man in the Correze who will soon consider having a dog . Just trying to help. Myself ? I already have two dogs and two cats.............
  21. On est bien loin de la salade !!!!!! [Www]
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