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Re: The songs we are singing


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[quote user="Frenchie"]

[quote user="Clair"][quote user="Frenchie"]Pink Floyd   Wish you were here [/quote]

Je connais cet album par cœur! J'étais en terminale et je sortais avec un de mes profs...[Www]

On écoutait aussi Oxygène...[/quote]

Nonnnn Clair ?? Wooow  [Www]

Got it Steve? Clair was once her teacher's girlfriend   [geek]............. [:D][/quote]

No, not girlfriend... he was married... [:'(]

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Wooow   Must have been a real passion :!  prof de quoi?

I was in love with my philosophy teacher in Terminale  [:D]

But ... all the girls in the class were... and he was so  " stoique" ...


I am a teacher, and once I got a card for Christmas  on which was written the following " Même si j étais amoureux de vous.. J oserais pas vous le dire" [:D]   ( = Even if I was in love with you, I wouldn't dare say it " )

But from me .. No reply at all !    [:D]

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