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  1. For me it is Valerian by Luc Beeson. http://youtu.be/NNrK7xVG3PM
  2. Good to hear some positive news re cancer from the two of you T and GG . I have lost a few friends to it over the past few years .
  3. Thanks for that Théière , yes all good with me . It seams such a long time ago that I lived in France (5 years now ) . How are things with you ?
  4. So sad , another one gone . (Sorry I am late ) . http://youtu.be/_7NifFA4QkE
  5. A good article in the Telegraph . http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/expat-money/11355920/Expats-in-the-Med-provide-evidence-of-why-they-deserve-winter-fuel-payments.html
  6. I found this . More fuel for the fight , if not for our fires . ;) "As you will already know the EU comprises an area in which the free movement of EU nationals is ensured. This freedom of movement is supported by rules which provide for common treatment of social security rights and equal treatment on the provision of social security benefits. These rules are set out in Regulation 883/2004. These rules provide, in outline: 1. That you are subject to the social security legislation of one member state at any time (Article 11). 2. Cash benefits payable under the legislation of one member state should not be reduced on the fact that the recipient is residence in another member state (Article 7). 3. The United Kingdom has, until recently, provided a "Winter Fuel Payment" to UK pensioners resident in the UK only. This was prohibited under EU law (case C-Case C‑503/09, Stewart). The UK appears to have amended the rules in order to provide the benefit to pensioners resident in a number of countries only, ostensibly based on the weather in those countries. The EU rules do not provide for any available justification for this, and this does look, at first sight as though this is unlawful discrimination. "
  7. Jonzjob , Did you enter the full post code , I just tried GL5 2JY and it gave me stroud , a bloke called Niel .....
  8. In case you do not know your MPs email address , you can look it up here . Just enter your old UK postcode . http://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/ I found out mine is a Labour guy , my email has now been sent .
  9. It looks like the way is now open to getting a bit more action on the WFA , we all need to be sending emails to our MPs back in the uk. British MP Roger Gale has today tabled a motion in the House of Commons asking for the ‘statutory instrument’ (SI) axing the payments to be anulled. It is now vital this obtains support from other MPs. Sir Roger, who researched the avenue of a so-called ‘prayer’ against the SI on Connexion’s request, has had the motion listed on the House of Commons’ order paper (sheet for the day’s business) tomorrow (Friday). The window for this to be debated and passed is open until February 9. This is more likely to happen the more MPs lend their signatures in support. If you want the link to where this came from , please pm me .
  10. Wonder how worried UK politicians will be by a petition by people who no longer live in the UK?[ I do not think they will be worried , but we can still vote , and there are lots of us .
  11. British Expats in France Cyprus and Spain have been given notice, that as from September 2015, they will no longer be eligible to claim Winter Fuel Payments from the British Government. We have been sent a possible loophole in the Statutory Instrument, the piece of legislation that the British Government has used to take away the Winter Fuel Payment. There is a parliamentary technique which is rarely used to halt the implementation of the Statutory Instrument, otherwise known as a (prayer). It has to be activated within 40 days of the tabling of the Statutory Instrument. In order to have a chance of overturning the Statutory Instrument, the clerk must receive a large number of submissions, then action may be taken to stop the implementation. http://www.cyprusexpat.co.uk/blog/read/id:5627/british-expats-in-cyprus-may-have-found-a-loophole-to-keep-their-winter-fuel-payments
  12. Kalispera my dear friend , Kala Christouyenna
  13. The mag250 is a box for getting tv via the internet does anyone have a recommendation for a service provider ? Please pm so as not to advertise. Thank you
  14. Sorry can no longer answer re France , but here in Cyprus most of us Brits got ours in November , we have had a cold spell so it has been spent already .
  15. Do not be lulled into a false sense of security re the 100k rule , nothing is safe. Here in Cyprus we were warned if the the banks went under the guarantees would count for nothing as the government did not have the funds to underwrite them. So under the bed could be the best option.
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