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  1. For me it is Valerian by Luc Beeson. http://youtu.be/NNrK7xVG3PM
  2. Good to hear some positive news re cancer from the two of you T and GG . I have lost a few friends to it over the past few years .
  3. Thanks for that Théière , yes all good with me . It seams such a long time ago that I lived in France (5 years now ) . How are things with you ?
  4. So sad , another one gone . (Sorry I am late ) . http://youtu.be/_7NifFA4QkE
  5. Kalispera my dear friend , Kala Christouyenna
  6. Sorry can no longer answer re France , but here in Cyprus most of us Brits got ours in November , we have had a cold spell so it has been spent already .
  7. Do not be lulled into a false sense of security re the 100k rule , nothing is safe. Here in Cyprus we were warned if the the banks went under the guarantees would count for nothing as the government did not have the funds to underwrite them. So under the bed could be the best option.
  8. I liked the bit where the butterfly in the display case came back to life and broke out .
  9. Where has the sun gone ? It's not gone , it's there in the sky , "pass the sun cream dear" lol wink wink
  10. I know this subject is mainly only of interest to me , and has dropped out of the headlines for now . But a Cypriot minister has today been speaking in the house of commons and some of what he said could apply to other countries bank accounts . "This question remained unanswered since the burst of the housing bubble in the US that led to the global financial crisis. Answers were required in order to find alternative ways to fund these falling banks, without the contribution of the EU taxpayers. Cyprus was the perfect candidate to put new ideas to the test. It represents only a small percentage of the EU economy and, as it was supported by some, a possible collapse of its economy would be a non-systemic event. So, instead of being treated as an EU partner, Cyprus became an economic guinea pig. The long conceived economic practice of the ‘bail in’ has been implemented in the ‘low-risk’ case of Cyprus, in order to figure out if it can be successful and be used in other, bigger EU economies. Great efforts were undertaken to calm EU and world economies, stating that the decision adopted for Cyprus was a ‘one off’ case and that it did not constitute a precedent. The reality was different and soon it became apparent. The statement by the Eurogroup President, Mr Dijsselbloem, that the model used on Cyprus may shape the way Eurozone banks are saved in the future, despite the fact that it was immediately retracted for reasons of complacency, reflected the intentions for future ‘bail ins’. " http://www.moi.gov.cy/moi/pio/pio.nsf/All/7F8F4DEEA63331AFC2257B5700639F75?Opendocument
  11. Isn't round about now the birthday of the op ? Happy birthday Reg , I suppose I have to play this bloke from Liverpool ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=th0WvTxTFoo&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  12. I really hope that the North Koreans pull back from the brink, but we shall have to wait and see: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldne ... trike.html
  13. Phew this is a long weekend , banks closed on the 15th and latest news is they will open on the 28th.
  14. a quote from yahoo news "There was a particularly blunt message on Sunday from the French finance minister, Pierre Moscovici, who told a French television channel: "To all those who say that we are strangling an entire people ... Cyprus is a casino economy that was on the brink of bankruptcy.” But the islanders feel they have been betrayed by their EU partners, and point out that the bailout they need is a fraction of the money given to Greece in the last two years."
  15. If ever there was a time for me to play one for me , I think it is now. Lol Always Look On The Bright Side of Life.    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHPOzQzk9Qo
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