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  1. we  had an cranial ostepath and it really helped ,he cried for the first 3 months before we had the treatment , i dont know if they have this in france , we tried everthing to stop him crying , he is 5 mois now and alot better
  2. try geothermic france , im sure they are  a national company , try the manufactures again , they must have a tech side

  3. hi reg ,just gettin readdy for xmas , bought a caravan to bring down nxt year so we can do a bit on the barn , how are you ?


  4. thanks Reg , thats my boy ! he is sleepin now nxt 2 me at mo , going to feed him soon , mummy is sleeping
  5. hi Reg , sent u an email pic , can u put it on here i dunno how 2
  6. [quote user="krusty"]Weedon [:D][:D][:D][/quote]nearly not yet !!!!!!!

    thank you all

  7. [quote user="krusty"]Weedon [:D][:D][:D][/quote]nearly not yet !!!!!!!

    thank you all

  8. reg had baby 2 day,545, am, maxim 9.5 pound all ok
  9. hi Reg , 1 week to go forthe baby now , Scarlett was 1  last thursday , hows the weather , just rain here no summer in the uk this year it seems


  10. they are all ok at the moment , i will be on here when /if it happens


  11. hi regine , i sorted the bill it was the standing charge €50 pour eau so i paid it
  12. tried to pm u REG ?dunno  what happened
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