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  1. Sooooo  good to log in this morning and read your messages!!

    I'm fine , and so are you I hope!

    You've made my day!! [kiss]

  2. Oui c'est moi ![:)]  Je vais très bien et toi ?

    Good to hear from you [:)]

  3. Hello to the people I used to chat with on here! 

    Don't know if you're still around  , anyway,   JOYEUX  NOEL!!!!  xxx  Frenchie.

  4. http://youtu.be/pPk9-AD7h3M

    Watched the film on French tv last night.

  5. Serves him right  ( no pun intended )

    How are you Norman? Been quite a while!

  6. My son uses the word ironically when he spots a car with british plates ; " Oh, des anglois !!' 


    Could you please give us more information about Cactus ?

    is he OK with other animals, dogs in particular ?

    Is he OK in a car ?

    Can he stay alone  for a while,  from time to time ? ?  

    Is he a runaway ?

    Thanks !


  8.  You could also hear one say " Rien d'interessant ; que des cochonneries dans ce vide grenier " .( So it is just like saloperie) .

    Both can be considered as offending , so , beware !

  9. Here there is a box at our local Intermarché.  
  10. In which case he could have said " et il s'appelle retourne " ! ( very common thing to say in such circumstances" 

  11. Bon, après toutes ces circonvolutions ,  il te le prête ou pas cet outil .?????? [:D]

  12. Yes, Chancer, I saw that one when she ventured into the ring with the matador !!   I also love this programme and the presenter is so nice !
  13. That s an interesting site to browse, even when you're French ! [:D]

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