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Re: The songs we are singing


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thanks reg , were are just really tired all the time , come  sep we may have 2 , so we are going to be really tired then ,, dont suppose there is anything we can do , , when does it get easier ? when they are 2+
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hi  thanks, hopefully it will b in sep , but we will have to wait and see , she sleeps in with us at the moment , we went away 2 france 4 3 weeks and she was in with us then , she is teething 2 she has 4 on top 3 on bottom , she did sleep really well till we went away ,i know we have 2 b  do the cry down thing soon ,but not at the moment .
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I am like Judith, Rod, I understand........ And I sympathize !!

My son didn't sleep well until he was 3 ...

Some kids do, some just don't..

 Maybe she's worried about the new baby to come ?

Sleeping with you, well, that s not the best thing for her to do, but when parents are so tired.. at least they can get some sleep.. Don't feel too guilty, in some parts of the world it is common..

I'm sure everything will be alright soon, and maybe the new baby will sleep well!

Hugs + kisses to you, your wife, Scarlett..    and Hey Rod.. Go to your bed now!!!.. I won"'t repeat Zis twice !! [:D][:D][:D]

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