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Re: The songs we are singing


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We re not going yet, we ll be going in august, and back just before going back to school..

My son can't wait cos we re going to visit the national football museum in Preston, Anfield stadium ( more for him than for me !!) , we re going to cross the Mersey on the ferry , going back to the lakes , to Chester, and lots to see and do as L'vpool is European capital of culture as you know..

Oh and Norm has promised a  run in the Porsche 911 that my son has not seen yet... He CAN'T WAIT !! Hee hee




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I use to live in preston , its my hubbys home town...   while your there go for lunch in a village called Houghton there is a pub by the canal called the boat yard... very nice I use to work there . Its between Preston and Blackburn... hes got to go and see the home of Blackburn rovers .....
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Oh thanks a lot Pads, we will, no doubt, and I will think of you!!!


I 'm so happy when I'm there..

You should see me at the airport ... on arriving   [:D][:D][:D] .. on departing [:'(][:'(][:(]


Oh I can't wait either !!!!!

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This is near to the pub and well worth a visit.

There is a story ( which I cant remember fully) That the joint of beef SIRLOIN was so named after Sir Loin had some of the local beef and thought it was so good he knighted it .


this is some photos of the boatyard if you look at the one showing the canal and boats , I use to live on my boat right at the far end

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