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So, there I was, minding my own business..


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When the Cookie policy thingy turned up, AGAIN.

Really,it's beyond a joke now.

Feel free to post that it's never happened to you, or indeed that you've tried it with 4792 different browsers and all is tickety-boo your end. None of that really helps or changes the fact that it still keeps happening for some people, and it's annoying. Just saying.
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 It restarted about 4 weeks or so ago for me. And yes it is stupid and very very unreasonable.

 I rather think that it is only bit of Complete France that has this problem and that they don't know how to cure it, or worse, don't care.

Would be nice if they put an apology up though and made an effort to stop it.

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No, I use Chrome and have only ever seen this pop-up a couple of times years ago.

Someone, somewhere must have suggested some 'tweak' that I then applied and, since then, hand on heart, I have never seen this horrible imposition again.

Not even once and certainly not recently.

Not on either of my laptop's nor on my tablets.

There is smthg ticked somewhere which allows this monstrous pop-up to proliferate but it doesn't here with me.
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Thing is, I use chrome and Safari on two different devices and I've also just changed my phone in the last 3 weeks. I've been logged out of the forum for a fair while, and only logged back in yesterday-ish. At that point, no sign of the offending popup. Then, all of a sudden, up it &£)!? well popped.

I would genuinely say that my computer housekeeping is pretty good, and there have been periods when others have complained about this popup and it's been fine for me. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to it as far as I can see.
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It seems you have to disable Javascript. There must be many ways to do this.

E.g. In Firefox, install pop-up stopper add-on 'Ublock Origin'. Click it and a 'ribbon' descends.

At the bottom you will see five pictograms allowing you to disable/enable various items.

The one on the right concerns Javascript. Click it to disable.

The irony is that I had disabled Javascript to stop the Cookies pop-up here, but you need to enable Javascript in order to Log In - ho ho ho...

I hope this helps,

Andrew 44

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