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  1. I will ignore your sneering comment, after all it's just a cheap shot. Get back in your barrel.
  2. For me because after 52 years of marriage I trust my wife, an ex tutor Nurse more than someone in a pharmacy.
  3. I had my 5th Co-vid jab and flue jab the same day, a couple of weeks ago. My wife just asked a local Pharmacy and they gave me and her an appointment. Hers was only flue as I have a child bride. 🥰 Normally we collect the flue jab and my wife a retired nurse does the necessary not only for me but often our friends and neighbours. We wore masks at our appointment out of respect for the Nurse.
  4. I'm not or ever have been a Liz Truss fan but, I'm appalled by the vitriolic attacks by the British Media, I think they have forced her into very unwise decisions, and the support from some of the members of her own party who obviously believed the propaganda didn't help. I wonder who next they will continue to heap their hate on in a bid to increase their ever decreasing circulation figures.
  5. " Sorry I don't do social media" Ah OK, so what is this forum then? Personally, I never said I'm an Instagram fan, in fact I don't use it at all, so I'm sorry I can't enlighten you, but why would I? I was just asking for facts instead of maybe's or might be.
  6. "Allegedly, perhaps not" any chance of real facts?
  7. A French cheese factory has exploded: All that is left is De Brie
  8. No other country in the world does pageantry with style as well as the British, The Scots have put on a fantastic show and it ain't over yet.
  9. While I agree with the bag of sugar quote, we've lived quiet happily with 100ft of river bank at the end of our garden for 18 years. Each too his own I suppose.
  10. My wife received her letter yesterday, its in two parts, first one, you photo-copy your UK licence, both sides and attach the copies to the letter, this you keep to show the police if they ask for them. Second one, you send back along with your original UK licence. Its alleged you then wait a long time for your French permis. 😄
  11. We have just filled up with Diesel at 1.68 a litre at a Total garage on our way back from Le Mans, down the road in SuperU it was 1.98 I've been checking for heating oil a we need to top up for the winter, but so far no drop in price since yesterday. Last time we filled up in October 2021 it was 1.105 a litre, at the minute they are quoting 1.60 a litre
  12. Aldi always seems very chaotic in France so we tend to use Lild which is excellent. In the UK we find Aldi has a better range of products.
  13. It does seem that in France you are more likely to be randomly breathalysed than the UK. In the UK you usually have to be committing a traffic offense , where as in France they can just stop anybody for no reason at all. I've been stopped and breathalysed in France 3 times, all negative. I'm a bit paranoid about driving and drinking, in fact when we get invited to friends etc. for a BBQ or drinks, I always take a couple of my own non alcohol beers. P.S I've never been breathalysed in the UK.
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