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  1. Good to see you back Norman, Happy New Year
  2. NickP


  3. Care to elaborate on that opinion? By stating some facts on the matter.
  4. NickP


    Got our boosters today in Vendome. Moderna, made in Spain.
  5. Somebody, and it wasn't Doris on Fakebook, told us that the new soon to be issued French ID cards have to be in two languages French and English, is this correct, or is somebody just winding us up?
  6. Woolyone, it depends on the date of your second jab, the recommendation is now 3 months after the 2nd one, it was 5 months. We went to the Vaccination center in Dec as we had our 2nd jab in August, we said the 5 month rule had now changed to 4 months, they said "oh not until 23rd Jan.", next thing we knew they changed that to 3 months. French fonctionnaires, eh? 😂
  7. Absolutely Gardian as I reported, just a word of warning though do not seek info from "Doris" on fakebook, although I'm sure you don't. There is an awful lot of misinformation on social media, mainly from people who have holiday homes in the UK who only research their own situations and think it applies to everybody including French residents.
  8. If you have UK passports you can travel to the UK, if you also have a CdS you can travel back to France, subject of course to you filling out the correct forms. We travelled to the UK in December and back to France last week, no problems at all apart from fulfilling the co-vid test requirements wrist ache from filling out the forms,
  9. Hopefully, with pictures of Macron and Boris in appropriate places. 🚽🚽
  10. "British buyers continue to dominate the list of international owners of French property, accounting for around one third of all foreign owned second homes in France, according to a recent French Government study. The study showed that there were 2.9 million second homes in France, around 10% of the total housing stock." I know a few Dutch second home owners and they bring everything with them and hardly shop in France at all.
  11. "Diesel system prone to breaking down and expensive to repair, can't be repaired"? Being a diesel owner for over twenty years I don't Agree with that. Having a car serviced regularly as per the schedule by a competent garage is preventative maintenance.
  12. What is the significance of the small icon attached to a members name at the side of a posting.
  13. NickP


    Thanks everybody for the input, we are due ours in January, so after the holidays will try the centre in Vendome.
  14. NickP


    Is anybody having a problem getting rendezvous for the booster shots? They seem a bit few and far between in the Loir et Cher.
  15. There's a distinct difference between a perceived "smart" comment and an abusive one. Still, I'll leave this here and say no more on the subject as it appears that you just can't stop with the snide comments, it's obviously your way, well cocker it 'aint mine. So let's agree to ignore each other in the future.
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