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  1. "Expats who bank with Barclays are to be stripped of their accounts in a move that could leave some customers unable to access their savings and pensions." This part of the report is shere scare mongering, OK they may be shutting down accounts of non residents but to state the above is appaling reporting.
  2. I've had 6 covid vaccinations and last time had covid and flue at the same time. I've just had a letter from the health people reminding me that I'm now entitled to both again.
  3. There is a guy who runs a site on Social media who is a wiz at doing all the paperwork to register a UK car, he did it for me and for a very reasonable fee. If you should wish to go down that road send me a personal message on here and I will point you in the right direction
  4. All of us no matter where we live in France, think our "bit" is the best. After 20 odd years we begin to lose the rose tinted glasses and accept that there bad bits, although as most immigrant Brits live in the deep county side life is pretty quiet.
  5. Please dear Menthe don't do this research, let the doctors tell you what is wrong, you will only stress your self out. Plus best wishes for a good result, and be positive, it really helps.
  6. Angela Raynor said: "people say a woman can't have a penis, Well that's not true as I've had plenty"
  7. I'd check it out with a masonry cosy calculator. Simples
  8. Probably due to my work situation where schedules and time were paramount, I prepare down to the Nth degree as far as travel and accommodation is concerned. I do a little research on sightseeing, local restaurants etc. Although that nearly always changes on the day.
  9. Ditto to most of what you said: I thought Lionel Richie wasn't up to his normal standard, Take That? not on my radar. Andrea Bocelli and Sir Bryn Terfel's performance of YNWA, excellant. I thought the military musicians were superb, and I bet they loved playing in a very different scenario to their daily grind. The BBC do these huge occasions wonderfully well, the whole show was beautifully lit and the lighting effects with the drones towards the end fabulous, a big hats of to the drone operators. A shame that the BBC doesn't do the normal daily shows with the same skill, but there is a reason. For these huge prestigious events they will bring in the best people of all crafts that are available and not worry about the cost. For everyday tele, the bean counters are in charge and often for budgetary reasons inexperienced technicians are used as they are cheaper, and it shows on the screen. I also thought Charles and Camilla plus the family did really well especially little Louis.
  10. A question did you flunk geography at school? I think your marketing department should indulge in some research and establish your target market a little more in your favour.
  11. So are you saying that the illegal boat people are not claiming asylum?
  12. A lot of us had to pay in for 44 years to be entitled to a full state pension.
  13. It's very simple, if you have paid in for it you are entitled to it. It doesn't matter what your assets are. If you pay your dues why should you be penalised because maybe you didn't spend your money on foreign holidays, big screen TVs or expensive phones etc but saved your money to make your future more secure.
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