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  1. [quote user="Weegie"]"The world is run by idiots" I would say mis-managed by idiots. [/quote] That would appear to be a problem common to democracies and all other forms of government [:(]
  2. And it only costs €1 each way [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4zLFfN9dkM[/url]
  3. If you have accidentally stated on your tax declaration that you don't have a TV, you can still correct it via the impots web site. You don't have to go to the office.
  4. It was even more difficult talking to him than it was on the telephone, as he had just got a new hearing aid that morning. The volume was too high and his own voice, on the sidetone, was also too loud, and confusing him.At least his Covid certificate worked when we went for a meal, but the Chinese restaurant was closed on a day listed as open, and seemed to have shut down, so we went to the eating district of Agen and managed OK.He says he has an (old?) TdeSéj. somewhere, and will "get around" to applying for the Brexit one well before 30/9. No idea why he would have one. When I showed him mine he said it's exactly like the one he has, so maybe he already has one and forgets applying for it/someone applying for him.I didn't bombard him with questions, as he speaks very slowly, forgets what he's saying and drifts off to another subject. He started telling us how he was washed away in his car when the Garonne flooded, with street signs hitting the bottom of it, but never reached the end of the tale. If it really happened, he survived, at any rate.I've no idea how he sorts out his bureaucratic stuff, but he manages somehow, and is happy, so I let it go. His French is fluent, and he knows where to go for advice. EDIT: We ate in snack bar and had a planche of tapas. He said he'd never eaten fried squid, Serrano ham, chorizo, or patatas bravas. I find this hard to believe, so think he must have memory problems. I do too, and don't want any help either.
  5. [quote user="Gardengirl "]It’s kind of you to ensure that he has the information he needs, even if he doesn’t act on it. I can’t imagine an elderly person being removed from France by order of the government, but things could become difficult for him if he doesn’t get his legal status sorted. I remember reading about various organisations providing help to people in your friend’s position but can’t find details - I know that one was for ex-forces. Maybe someone else has more information about the helpful organisations. I hope that you enjoy your meal together.[/quote] Thanks, GG. I suppose he's someone who never really bothered about stuff.
  6. [quote user="Gardengirl "]Nomoss, you mention that your friend may not keep up with current affairs. I’m assuming that as he’s very likely a long-term resident that he already has his residence permit, or has at least applied for it, as the final cut-off date is approaching fast. I understand that it’s possible to apply up to 30th September with an explanation of why the application is late.[/quote] Thanks for that GG. I think I'd heard that, but more or less forgot about it, as not concerning us or anyone I know. The good news: He now has a Covid Pass via a pharmacie. They didn't know why he didn't succeed, as they put in exactly the same information as he had done many times. The bad news: He doesn't know anything about Brexit, or really knows or has known anything one should know as a Brit resident here. No S1, pays Sec Social cotisations for Assurance Maladie plus a mutuelle, relies on information from visits to gov't offices he got years ago. He was a teacher at a well-known London art school, retired to France, has a studio to pursue his passion for photography, and was something of a latter-day hippie when we met him as our next-door neighbour at our first house here. Sometimes speaking with him I feel as if I'm talking to Neil from The Young Ones. He was married to a "French" woman from Cameroon, and divorced some time before 2010.I think she may have handled all the paperwork, or perhaps vetted what he saw. He claimed his UK pension before getting married, though, so screwed that up on his own. I think perhaps he puts things off until "later", then just forgets about them. He says he doesn't remember getting an E121 (S1) when he claimed his pension, but surely it whould have been sent automatically. They know he's in France, as his pension is paid here.He does recall a letter from the UK Paris Embassy, with "something about Brexit", which he filed away to deal with later. Apparently he came out very badly financially from the divorce, but always seems to survive. I don't mind helping a bit, but really we have enough of our own problems and don't want to get involved. I don't think he wants advice, anyway, and I have a feeling he knows more about things than he admits to. I've sent him all the information about Brexit, Titre de Séjour, and health care that I think is relevant and will help him become reasonably legal, but I'm not sure if he'll bother with it. Anyway, we'll have a meal tomorrow, and take it from there.
  7. Friend called to say he's just received a "no reply" email from his CPAM saying he can't create an account because of his current situation. No explanation, and of course he can't reply - or send a message via his account, as he can't access it. He said he's on the way to a pharmacie shortly. Fingers crossed. I wonder if it's as simple as his CV needing to be updated, he can't really remember when it was last done. He's worried it's due to his age, 88, for some reason. I'm worried it might be to do with Brexit, as I don't know how well he keeps up with current affairs. It's difficult to discuss on the phone as he suffers from tinnitus and doesn't hear me well. I don't want to raise unnecessary worries either.
  8. [quote user="NormanH"]I am going into a clinique for a couple of days later in the month for a routine examination, and they demand a PCR test of less than 72 hours in addition to my Pass Sanitaire. This is logical, since with the Delta variant one can be infected and transmit the virus even when vaccinated. In that sense  a recent test does 'trump' the pass.[/quote] Interesting. I passed that on to my friend, who just called me back to tell me he now gets a message from Ameli that the service is temporarily suspended. I was about to post this, composed about half an hour ago: I phoned the hotel earlier; they will accept a Covid pass, a vaccination attestation, or a certificate of a negative test, but all these must have a QR code, and like ours, also issued early this year, our friend’s vaccine attestation doesn't have one. I just called our friend; he now says he got as far as entering his bank details on the Ameli site to access his account, but then received a message that the details were incorrect. I think he’s tried so many times that he’s totally confused as to what happened, and when, during his many attempts. He is some way from any shops or  pharmacies, and it's not the simple solution it is for some. He ventures out very little, and can’t go to a pharmacy this morning, but he will try to do this later, to ask them to help get his Covid pass, or failing that, to get tested. I'm beginning to wish we hadn't invited him out, as it's causing him problems, and he's getting harrassed, but at least he may eventually get a pass which he will need for other things.
  9. [quote user="NormanH"]"I plan to call the restaurant tomorrow to ask if they can accept a vaccine attestation." They will accept a test of less than 72 hours which is what I meant by a workaround. It won't get him the Pass sanitaire but it will replace it  for this  occasion.[/quote] Thanks. If they say they won't accept his vaccine attestation I'll ask them if they'll accept a negative test - maybe it trumps an attestation, even if that doesn't make sense. Our gestor in Spain told me over 35 years ago not to assume any logic applied to bureaucratic procedures, and I follow the same rule here in France.
  10. Thanks all for your helpful replies.   It seems he still makes paper tax returns. Don’t ask me how. I'm no-one´s financial advisor. I don’t think getting a test would help in getting a certificate when he can't create an Ameli account, and a test attestation can’t be any better than a vaccination attestation. I don’t know whether or not the vac attestation has a QR code. I mentioned boxes to tick, but he said he couldn't see any, and there are not in the Ameli video - HERE I plan to call the restaurant tomorrow to ask if they can accept a vaccine attestation.   I’ll cancel our reservation and restaurant reservations if they can’t.
  11. I have a friend who has been here for donkey's years, longer than us, anyway. We are to visit him on Tuesday and take him out to dinner, but he has no Covid Certificate.He has an attestation for his vaccinations, but we're not sure whether the restaurant will accept that.He does not have an Ameli account, so cannot get a Certificate there at the moment. He is reasonably computer savvy, uses an i-pad, but has never created an account on any government site, so cannot use FranceConnect to create an Ameli account. Yesterday I sent him the link and instructions to access the page to create an account, but he just called me to say it won't work for him, although he has tried many times. The only details required are Surname, Sec Soc no., Date of Birth, and Postcode, which I'm sure he can complete correctly, but he says that after he clicks "CONTINUER" the screen goes blank, then returns to the one he just completed, with no messages or items in red. If anyone here has created an Ameli account recently, or can remember the details of doing so, could you please tell me if there were any snags, or whether maybe they send a letter with a code to activate the account?
  12. I recently bought a 10" tablet with a bluetooth QWERTY keyboard on Amazon UK. It was delivered to our French address with no customs charges.
  13. [quote user="mint"]You've lost me now, nomoss[8-)]  Do you mean he drinks Red Bull in the resto he patronises? [/quote] That's close enough [:D]
  14. [quote user="NickP"]Do me a favour then and ignore me forever more, Anybody whose life is so empty that they keep past quotes from a forum is very sad.[/quote] With the utmost pleasure. I simply recalled the insulting way you replied to myself and another member, I believe it was Eurotrash, when we tried to offer advice on your last minute attempts to fiddle a residence permit. My feelings towards you in the future are that I wouldn't p*ss on you if you were on fire [:D] Have a nice day.
  15. [quote user="NickP"]Why can't you reply to a perfectly genuine question without snide comments?[/quote] I usually ignore you, as I ignore troublesome insects, and your own snide remarks in the past. Get off your high horse, to quote one of them.
  16. [quote user="NickP"]nomoss wrote: "It's a pity all the public-spirited citizens - some not even French - who protest about Covid passes don't think it worth trying to do something about violent crime in Marseille and many other cities, isn't it?" Forgive me for being naive but who are these people?[/quote] You do seem to be naïve, and don't really keep up with what's going on.Maybe you should have stayed in cosy Weybridge. Just to update you, look at :- THIS THIS THIS AND THIS
  17. It's a pity all the public spirited citizens - some not even French - who protest about Covid passes don't think it worth trying to do something about violent crime in Marseille and many other cities, isn't it. Maybe not a soft enough target for them?
  18. Thanks Norman and Lehaut. It's logical that it only applies to those who are eligible for Cheque Energie. I have received the following reply to my online query to TE: Référence Client : XXXXXXXXX Bonjour Mr NOMOSS, Je vous informe qu'il s'agit d'un dysfonctionnement technique propre à nos services et pour lequel je vous présente mes sincères excuses au nom de TotalEnergies. Rassurez-vous, cet incident est actuellement en cours de résolution. Merci de votre compréhension. Bonne journée, Kevin, service clientèle TotalEnergies
  19. I just received an email purporting to be from Total Energies (ex Total Direct Energie, ex Direct Energie), our electricity supplier, telling me that our account has just been credited with a Cheque-Energie. However, the cheque for this year was credited to our account back in April, and the full amount has already been used. The email is an exact copy of one received in April, when the company was called Total Direct Energie, with just the name and logo changed. It includes our correct TE/TDE/DE account number, and refers to the same sum as the cheque as the April email. I checked the Cheque-Energie site, and there is no mention of any cheques being issued at any other time than last April. I have contacted TE about this via their web site,. and put the email in quarantine (obviously without clicking on any links) while awaiting their reply. Have any TE customers on here received a similar email?
  20. The Tax Foncière is the liability of the owner of the house on Jan 1st of each year. It is customary, but not legally binding, for it to be proportioned between the seller and purchaser at the time of sale, in the sale agreement.The Notaire who handled the sale should know how this was handled, but you should have a copy of the sale document (Acte de Vente). Having said this, it can take a year or more for a sale to be registered with the tax office, so it is quite usual for the seller to receive a full bill for the TF towards the end of the year of the sale.This would normally be passed on to the Notaire to proportion and bill to the buyer if it was so agreed in the sale document. Assuming your parents were French residents, as it appears they were paying taxes there, the procedures which should have been followed after the death of your father are HERE.If these were followed you should be able to get all the information you require from the Notaire who handled this. If this Notaire doesn't speak English, you should be able to find one who does HERE.If you don't intend to go to France and speak directly to a Notaire it is not necessary to choose one in the same department where your parents lived, although it might be useful if they have some local knowledge. EDIT: I assume the TF payment was for 2020, as the bills for this year will not yet have reached the bank. If the sale of the house was in January, then your father's estate was liable to pay it, but any proportion agreed at the time of the sale can be reclaimed from the seller.There should be no TF bill for the house for this year.
  21. [quote user="skipper"]Hi new to forum. I am British national and I have been living in Italy since 2018 and have residency permit here and healthcare etc............................................................................. Prior to moving to Italy I lived in France from 2007 to 2018 and still have my old Carte Vitale .............................[/quote] When you left France you should have informed the tax and health authorities, at which time you might have been asked to surrender your Carte Vitale, which, however, should have become invalid if not regularly updated in the normal way. Details for moving to France are HERE
  22. Our annual mileage is quite low, but we have quite a thirsty car, which normally uses between 8 and 9 litres/100 km, although since Covid restrictions began we have done far less mileage, on shorter trips, and it is now just over 10 litres/100 km.We keep a running record of fuel bought, which I just checked for 2019, and find I used about 530 litres in that year.Using today's local prices of 1.568 for SP95-E10 and 0.628 for E85, available HERE I would have saved €500 in just one year by running on E85, which would probably be enough to pay for a flexifuel conversion. EDIT : Saving would be less than above, as fuel consumption on E85 could increase as much as 20%, which would reduce the saving to around €400 per year.
  23. [quote user="suein56"]There is also E15 which has 15% ethanol .. apparently most recent petrol engines can cope with this. Whether it is good for the engine in the long term .. we'll have to wait and see.[/quote] I believe that is only available in the USA?
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