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  1. I've had satisfactory results with Canal Plus and Free Mobile by using this sitehttps://www.resilier.fr/Choose Sosh mobile and utiliser notre service en ligne...You pay the price of the lettre recommandée.Bon courage !
  2. Wow - that takes me back ! La débauche aux Chantiers...When clocking out time at the shipyard created traffic chaos round Saint Nazaire ! I think things are much more staggered now... Thanks for the 'break back' - Is that a back-breaker ? @+Andrew44
  3. Tennis example : You get a 'break' over your opponent; you 'break' her/his serve. Then your opponent 'breaks' your serve. This effectively cancels out your original 'break' and is known in French as 'un dé-break' or verb 'dé-breaker'. I don't know what that is in English, though.... do you get a 'de-break' ? There are also 'mini-breaks' in tie breakers. @+Andrew 44
  4. Dévergondée - that's what I called our (lady) cat as she shamelessly rolled on her back in the road while the local Toms lurked and gloated... @+
  5. It seems you have to disable Javascript. There must be many ways to do this. E.g. In Firefox, install pop-up stopper add-on 'Ublock Origin'. Click it and a 'ribbon' descends. At the bottom you will see five pictograms allowing you to disable/enable various items. The one on the right concerns Javascript. Click it to disable. The irony is that I had disabled Javascript to stop the Cookies pop-up here, but you need to enable Javascript in order to Log In - ho ho ho... I hope this helps, Andrew 44
  6. Or... Oh non....pas encore ! - Oh no.... not again ! (As the art mistress said to the gardener....). @+ Andrew
  7. 'Et' and 'ais' have the same sound. It's just 'biais' as in biased - but not the same sense as prejudiced ! At an angle. Reverso gives lots of translations including 'skew' or 'askew'. Also, as you can imagine, the verb biaiser - to bias, skew or distort - lends itself to wordplay. It's used in sewing - something to do with hemming, I believe. But I'm not a seamstress or seamster plutôt. See the song 'La Biaiseuse' by Marie-Paule Belle... that dates me ! @+ Andrew
  8. Conditional, not subjunctive. Je n'aurais pas dû... Je n'aurais jamais dû... @+ Andrew44
  9. .... when it's not a record player. @+ Andrew 44
  10. Don't underestimate the Lisbon Treaty (European Constitution) ! Before that there was no Article 50... @+
  11. Forgot to say it's nothing to do with Windows 10.
  12. Go here for the Microsoft compatibility pack https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=3 and download the converter from the horse's mouth. Word, Excel and Powerpoint. @+ Andrew 44
  13. OMG - I hope it wasn't the restaurants I mentioned in the 'Near Pornichet' thread !!  Get well soon, in any case... @+ Andrew 44
  14. It's on Eurosport 1 and 2. Time for a quick subscribe to Canal Sat, or a request for recommendations to streaming sites on your PC ! Sometimes folk say that Eurosport (German) is available Free To Air somewhere..... but I don't know where that is. Sorry, I hope you find a solution ! @+ Andrew 44
  15. I thought my post was too late ! I'm pleased to hear that it wasn't. So you can ignore the dire warnings about the crowds, as it's 'back to school' time. If you enjoy les marais salants, you may well enjoy our corner of 'La Grande Brière', a Parc National consisting of flat marshland with canals (like Norfolk, my wife says because she doesn't like it much and I come from Norfolk !). If you go north to Saint André des Eaux, and thence north towards Saint Lyphard you will find the villages of Bréca (to the right) and Kerhinet (to the left). In Bréca you can take a trip in a chaland  (a sort of punt). Kerhinet is a sort of reconstruction of a typical Brière village. Both have good Auberges/restaurants - eels and froglegs are available - well, I like them ! More locally, for a brasserie, we enjoy a 'Retour de Mer' at la Galerne, a bar/brasserie on the Port de Plaisance. This is a sort of cheeseburger without the bun - steak haché, jambon, fromage avec or sans egg 'à cheval' with chips and a bit of salad. Curiously, they don't do much fish - though the market (open on Wed and Sat) and Les Halles (open every morning I think but am not sure) are just down the road. More up market, there are bars/restaurants de plage - La Signature is good and has reasonable prices, or 'Le Grain de Folie' located in the Hotel Régent on the seafront, which can propose curious combinations but is very good. Voilà, I hope this helps ! @+ Andrew
  16. Hello RH, I live in Pornichet (East) and I'll try to help. The first point is that it's crowded, but then it's August on the Côte d'Amour. So don't expect to be able to drive/park easily in town. Guérande will be worse ! If you're coming after the 15th, things should be a bit easier. The whole of the Presqu'île Guérandaise can easily gridlock, especially if the weather is not good. Pornichet has two 'centres' - 1) the area round the station which has commerces, restaurants etc. 2) The Place du Marché which is at the other end of avenue Gen de Gaulle. From 1) you can of course take the train to Nantes and do the things previously suggested. You can also walk direct to the seafront and all its crowded delights in August ! From 2) you have the office du tourisme, commerces, restaurants etc. Also the Port de Plaisance and the seafront called 'le Remblai'. This goes 8 km to the west via La Baule to Le Pouliguen (pronounced to rhyme with 'vin') at the other end. This is what they call 'la plus belle baie/plage d'Europe'. For your transport locally there are buses, navettes, which do different circuits (see Office du Tourisme. There is also the 'Petit Train'. This is bumpy, and a trial for the behind on the wooden seats, but very convenient for a trip along the remblai. You catch it at the east end (near the O de T). In fact, I think you can ride it to the Casino de La Baule and then change to another that tours Le Pouliguen and goes through the salt marshes as far as Guérande. I don't know about hop on hop off, but I suppose it's possible (see O de Tourisme). I'll be happy to answer any other questions. I hope that this gives you a start to your visit, and I wish you a very bon séjour ! @+ Andrew 44
  17. Re- Gluestick's remarks, try forgetting Acrobat Reader altogether and download Foxit Reader - free, and much lighter than Adobe. You never know... Set it as your default application for PDFs when it asks et voilà. I hope this helps you - and get well soon ! @+ Andrew 44
  18. It's      **1     That's two asterisks (étoiles) and 1. HTH @+ Andrew44
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