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  1. Just to update this to say you can't offset the loss against the gain if you're a private individual - only if you're a business. That was a bit annoying, to say the least!
  2. Does anyone know how this works if you have both a loss and a gain in the same tax year when selling property?I know that normally if a gain has been made the notaire deducts plus value tax and social charges from the sale proceeds. What happens if the gain you've made is a lot less than the loss you made on another sale in the same tax year? Can one be offset against the other and if so can the notaire allow that no tax is due on the second sale because of the prior loss or is it a matter of them taking the tax and charges anyway and the seller having to claim them back from the impots?
  3. What international law on asylum? There is no such rule in law. This thread is a bit sickening really. Why do certain people keep referring to 'illegal immigrants' rather than 'asylum seekers' or 'refugees'? Quite a high percentage of those who have made it across to the UK in boats were genuine refugees and were given asylum. The UK has stopped them going any other way. There should be a proper centre for people to go to and seek asylum but instead, all the ideas seem to be about preventing them from trying.
  4. Or get a second hand one off leboncoin.fr for a couple of hundred euros and you can always sell it on again on the same site afterwards.
  5. I have a friend who works on the ferries and he says it's been mad in the last few days with the number of small boats crossing. I reckon the Daily Mail article has worked like an advert!
  6. I'll keep popping in then. I miss this kind of forum format and though there are lots of useful groups on Facebook I don't feel they are as useful as forums like this at all. Really hard to search on stuff so you get far too many repeats of the same questions, for instance. Google searches still bring up useful info on this forum and it would be a real shame if it disappeared. So yes, let's use it and not lose it.
  7. I'm still around and have popped in a few times but usually to find nobody has posted for a long time so I was surprised to see this thread - is it asking how many are still using the forum or how many have survived this dreadful year?! So sorry to hear about Sunday Driver having passed. I've often wondered where he was and whether he would pop back up on a forum or if he'd migrated to Facebook or something. My condolences, Caroline - and thanks for updating us. Are there plans to close the forum? That would be sad.
  8. 8TK? Odd - I thought it was pretty much automatic if you filled those boxes out. I've done those same boxes this year (switched to reel) and I don't pay tax so I wouldn't know if that bit worked but I've definitely had the credit on the social charges.
  9. As a long term resident in an EU member state he would be free to travel to other member states for up to 90 days visa free even as a third country national. A cds isn't even official ID, never mind the equivalent of a passport, but it does prove his long term residence rights. See here for movement within the EU allowed by third country nationals https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri=LEGISSUM%3Al23034 and the directive https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri=celex:32003L0109 Even as an EU Citizen, permanent residence is only in the member state you are resident in and doesn't transfer. You have the same movement rights to move on to another member state (with only a passport for up to 90 days) but you still have to comply with local conditions after that and start your residence rights from scratch in the new member state.
  10. Chessie: 'As an aside (I've not followed every page so apologies) - as an Irish citizen, with a UK married partner - anyone know if UK partner can acquire eu residence rights through Irish partner ? ' Yes. If the Irish Citizen is exercising treaty rights in France then their spouse can get a carte de sejour permanent UE/EEE/SUISSE as their family member, whether that spouse is an EU Citizen or a third country national. So if they get one now it will endure after brexit even if they suddenly decide to cancel all British people's EU cards (which I personally don't think they can do).
  11. They've employed extra people in each Embassy to liaise between the local authorities and British residents. Still not enough really, but it's a start. Did you read the link from the Dordogne that I posted, re the reminder sent out to prefectures in March this year about issuing us with cartes de sejour? They can't actually say they are necessary while we are still EU Citizens, but they can encourage us to apply and explain to the prefectures that our applications should be processed and the cards issued, which is what they have done.
  12. There have been a few changes in the last couple of years in the way things are reported and there are always problems with the way changes are implemented, even when they're automatic. I'm expecting to see problems re pensions because of the box changing that you have to report foreign ones in. This happened a couple of years ago but it was really important to get it right this year because of the PAS system coming in and the changes were in preparation for that.
  13. That would be nice (though I'd still value my carte de sejour permanent as easy proof of my acquired rights even if I remain an EU Citizen). However, I'm not sure it would be legal to insist on those things if the UK withdraw the article 50 notice before they've actually left. Aren't various aspects about that still being tested in court?
  14. Mrs KG you'll heave a sigh of relief when it's all done and you have that handy little card to flash at CPAM in future :) The guy who handled my request told me it's proof of your rights and not official ID but I've tried it in various scenarios and it's been accepted as ID in preference to my passport or driving licence - and the address and marital status on it is more up to date on that on my driving licence.
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