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  1. I've had satisfactory results with Canal Plus and Free Mobile by using this sitehttps://www.resilier.fr/Choose Sosh mobile and utiliser notre service en ligne...You pay the price of the lettre recommandée.Bon courage !
  2. Wow - that takes me back ! La débauche aux Chantiers...When clocking out time at the shipyard created traffic chaos round Saint Nazaire ! I think things are much more staggered now... Thanks for the 'break back' - Is that a back-breaker ? @+Andrew44
  3. Tennis example : You get a 'break' over your opponent; you 'break' her/his serve. Then your opponent 'breaks' your serve. This effectively cancels out your original 'break' and is known in French as 'un dé-break' or verb 'dé-breaker'. I don't know what that is in English, though.... do you get a 'de-break' ? There are also 'mini-breaks' in tie breakers. @+Andrew 44
  4. Dévergondée - that's what I called our (lady) cat as she shamelessly rolled on her back in the road while the local Toms lurked and gloated... @+
  5. It seems you have to disable Javascript. There must be many ways to do this. E.g. In Firefox, install pop-up stopper add-on 'Ublock Origin'. Click it and a 'ribbon' descends. At the bottom you will see five pictograms allowing you to disable/enable various items. The one on the right concerns Javascript. Click it to disable. The irony is that I had disabled Javascript to stop the Cookies pop-up here, but you need to enable Javascript in order to Log In - ho ho ho... I hope this helps, Andrew 44
  6. Or... Oh non....pas encore ! - Oh no.... not again ! (As the art mistress said to the gardener....). @+ Andrew
  7. 'Et' and 'ais' have the same sound. It's just 'biais' as in biased - but not the same sense as prejudiced ! At an angle. Reverso gives lots of translations including 'skew' or 'askew'. Also, as you can imagine, the verb biaiser - to bias, skew or distort - lends itself to wordplay. It's used in sewing - something to do with hemming, I believe. But I'm not a seamstress or seamster plutôt. See the song 'La Biaiseuse' by Marie-Paule Belle... that dates me ! @+ Andrew
  8. Conditional, not subjunctive. Je n'aurais pas dû... Je n'aurais jamais dû... @+ Andrew44
  9. .... when it's not a record player. @+ Andrew 44
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