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  1. I've had satisfactory results with Canal Plus and Free Mobile by using this site
    Choose Sosh mobile and utiliser notre service en ligne...
    You pay the price of the lettre recommandée.
    Bon courage !

  2. Wow - that takes me back ! La débauche aux Chantiers...
    When clocking out time at the shipyard created traffic chaos round Saint Nazaire ! I think things are much more staggered now...

    Thanks for the 'break back' - Is that a back-breaker ?


  3. Tennis example :

    You get a 'break' over your opponent; you 'break' her/his serve.

    Then your opponent 'breaks' your serve. This effectively cancels out your original 'break' and is known in French as 'un dé-break' or verb 'dé-breaker'.

    I don't know what that is in English, though.... do you get a 'de-break' ?

    There are also 'mini-breaks' in tie breakers.

    Andrew 44

  4. Dévergondée - that's what I called our (lady) cat as she shamelessly rolled on her back in the road while the local Toms lurked and gloated...


  5. It seems you have to disable Javascript. There must be many ways to do this.

    E.g. In Firefox, install pop-up stopper add-on 'Ublock Origin'. Click it and a 'ribbon' descends.

    At the bottom you will see five pictograms allowing you to disable/enable various items.

    The one on the right concerns Javascript. Click it to disable.

    The irony is that I had disabled Javascript to stop the Cookies pop-up here, but you need to enable Javascript in order to Log In - ho ho ho...

    I hope this helps,

    Andrew 44

  6. Or...

    Oh non....pas encore ! - Oh no.... not again ! (As the art mistress said to the gardener....).



  7. 'Et' and 'ais' have the same sound. It's just 'biais' as in biased - but not the same sense as prejudiced !

    At an angle. Reverso gives lots of translations including 'skew' or 'askew'.

    Also, as you can imagine, the verb biaiser - to bias, skew or distort - lends itself to wordplay. It's used in sewing - something to do with hemming, I believe. But I'm not a seamstress or seamster plutôt.

    See the song 'La Biaiseuse' by Marie-Paule Belle... that dates me !



  8. Conditional, not subjunctive.

    Je n'aurais pas dû...

    Je n'aurais jamais dû...



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