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  1. Your perfectly caricatured Nigel Farage gleefully keeping back the spoils would no doubt inspire Gerald Scarfe! I saw an interview with him the other day and he said that he always draws Boris as a clown... What do your French or other nationals amongst your neighbours say? I've heard that many hope there will be a FrExit, but do they really? I would have thought alarm bells would be deafening by now, given the turmoil and confusion, let alone the potential disintegration of social order and the UK member countries that is now on-going.
  2. I am very flattered that you think I could be a journalist. I'm not, but as I'm now unemployed and may no longer be able to move to France, I'm looking for work... so if Complete France want to hire me, I am available. Thanks ebaynut for drawing their attention to me.
  3. I am so saddened at the far reaching divisive influence of the Brexit result. Apart from the latent racism which is looking like a genie busily squeezing itself out of its bottle, there now seem to be two groups; the disaffected and the unaffected. Much of Somerset is full of well off people, enjoying the benefits of gold-plated public sector pensions. And as you rightly said, the only time they come into contact with an immigrant is when they toddle along to the gasto pub or have a new bathroom fitted. This is the unaffected group who voted to leave because they do not perceive being in any way adversely affected by the leave vote. The disaffected group seem to feel they have nothing left to lose. They have seen their towns crumble around them over decades, due to many reasons;  the main one of which is de-industrialisation, as manufacturing has been shut down, factories and mines closed. The  decay has been spreading for years and a vacuum was created as no new innovation or investement was there to replace it. It is not suprising that the dissafected would blame the relatively late influx of migrant workers, expecially if they are surrounded by people who don't speak their language, or don't share their point of view, or  who they perceive as clogging up hospitals and schools. But the vacuum that these immigrants came into already existed. They certainly didn't create it.
  4. You're right, everyone I've spoken too who tells me that they voted for Brexit, put their cross in the Leave box in order to kick the establishment. They didn't have a strong conviction that Brexit would, could or should happen. There are indeed people who voted to leave but have now signed the petition calling for a second EU referendum.
  5. Thank you Mrs KG. What's happened in France that has made you question whether it would have been better to stay in the UK? Have there been really unexpected things? I don't think living in France is going to be a piece of cake, but it would be helpful to know a bit more about how you've found it. Thanks
  6. Thank you - it is very hard to make a decision when there are so many uncertainties. I love France and truly hope I'll be moving! I hope you've really enjoyed your 11 years (and counting)
  7. Thank you Andy for your thoughtful advice. So many people in the UK are furious at the EU referendum outcome, especially as it's coming to light that huge numbers of the leave voters are now saying that they didn't realise what 'leave' actually meant.  They're saying they thought it was a protest vote against the 'establishment' and the UK government and that Britain wouldn't actually have to leave the EU. So, did they think they could cast their sneering votes and then say "only joking!" and the country wouldn't be about to be cast adrift after all? Here's a link to the online government petition calling for a second EU referendum. It's already at over 2.5million signatures and the map shows how many people are signing in each constituency. The petition is being signed by people across the country. Surely the government cannot ignore this and will have to revisit the issue with  a more considered referendum? https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/131215 Please feel free to share the link with friends and family. We want the people of France to know that this referendum and outcome has not happened in our name. We don't want to leave the EU. The majority of young people don't want to leave the EU. Demograohically it's the 65+ age group who have had such a dramatic influence on the leave vote. Families are divided with many grandparents glibly saying that their grandchildren won't speak to them. Parents going against their grown up children's wishes and voting to leave. They either don't know the long term damage they are inflicting on the younger gerenations and wiping out their life chances and ability to live and work freely in so many countries, or, they don't care. My own mother also voted to leave even though her only daughter is about to embark on a new life in France. I explained to her the reasons for remaining, how this is a vote for people who are 8, 18, 28, 38 etc, not 80 like her and stressed that this vote would be forever, not a 5 year parlimentary term. And, I pleaded, if she wasn't persuaded by any of those points, perhaps just vote to remain in order to support her daughter. Her friends were amazed at her determination to vote to leave and warned her that her daughter would never speak to her again. One of the things that this referendum has shone a very bright light on is how divided Britain is. I'm taking your advice on board and I really appreciate it. Thanks
  8. Well, what would you do? Are you about to buy a house in France or move to France to live? Has Brexit ruined the chances for everyone who is about to sign on the dotted line, or pack their suitcases and head for a new life in France? I'm just about to buy a house with the intention of moving permanently to Normandie. It has been my dream for years and just about to become reality. Apart from extreme shock and sadness at the EU referendum result, I now don't know if I'd be completely mad to continue on this path, because there are no longer certainties about rights to live and work in France. So, please tell me what you would do, and what your advice would be. Thank you!
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