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  1. Way back in the day (60's), I recollect seeing a guy with a Kenworth semi in a rest area with a small fire burning away under his fuel tank. Yes - it was a freezing day.
  2. Oil, fuel and starter motor. Oil in cold conditions/climate can be like pancake syrup from a fridge, which makes it more difficult for the engine to spin. Fuel is less able to evaporate in cold conditions/climate, making it more difficult to burn. Starter motor has less energy to turn because the battery is producing fewer electrons in cold conditions/climate. At the moment it is -27°C in Fairbanks Alaska and +24°C in Miami Beach. I'd rather be attempting to start a car in Miami.😉
  3. Disconnect the engine light for the day of the test🤞?
  4. cajal


    It refers to the parallelism of the wheel which, accordingly, is out of kilter and requires adjustment. Be careful with whom you select to carry out the work. 'Speedy`made a complete hash off one of mine vehicles, which resulted in a new set of tires having to be fitted. Not by them, I might add.
  5. Oops, of course. I suspect the error was prompted by the influence of modern popular music on my life.😉
  6. I wonder why a self-proclaimed ex-Muslim atheist (Sarah Haider that is, not menthe.) is suggesting prayers as a possible solution to those supposedly suffering from Frenchness?
  7. Would you like to explain which particular aspect your comment was referring to, for the sake of clarity? The Guardian💤, the article it published😆, or both?
  8. Likewise. If what I require is not available or the seller is based in the UK I google the product with the prefix of either Germany, Italy, or Ireland. I recently bought a Humax Freesat box for Mrs c's office. As Humax and Freesat had parted company in 2019 I looked at Amazon fr and ebay fr for refurbs. They both had a good selection, but unfortunately they were all being shipped from the UK. Not to be defeated, I googled Humax UK Freesat Ireland. Success. I ultimately bought one from a company which is actually based in N. Ireland. No import or duty charges.👍
  9. Don't be suckered by the query. Right-click left-hand drive car. From the drop-down menu that appears, select Inspect Accessibility Properties. In the small window on the right of your screen, scroll down to 'properties' and you will find that the text is a cover for their full site address, which is sell lefthand drive dot com. If you do wish to visit that site, I suggest you copy and paste or type the address into a new browser window.
  10. Only last week, I dropped into Weldom for six lengths of pipe insulation tube, priced at 0.70c a length. The receipt read 6 x 0.85c. I had also purchased another article and the total bill had come to €9.95. I pointed out this error to the assistant at the customer services desk, who went and checked the displayed price and on return agreed that the price displayed was 0.70. and promptly refunded €4.20 to my card. I forgot to point out that they had ended up only charging me 0.15c a length for the tubes. We always take a receipt in Intermarche to enable us to take a punt on their slot machine barcode checker. So far we have won a perfectly acceptable backpack. 👍
  11. What an utter bizarre statement and thought process you appear to possess. If people are so swayed by a forum post to forgo a short term discomfort for a long term health benefit, well there would appear to be no hope for them. On a positive note, people who deny themselves healthcare by spurious logic enable others with more sense to move up the appointment procedure more quickly, enabling them to return to better health faster. Keep up your good work. 🤣
  12. How much will the cloud and fallout effect contribute to climate change following Putin's proposed ☢️nuclear☢️ onslaught? Whatever the outcome, we won’t need to wait until 2050/60 to find out.
  13. Who's Liz Truss? I can't say I'm too fussed whether she will still be Pre Menstrual or not, by Christmas.
  14. Slight poetic licence here. I 'cantal' a cheesy joke when I hear one.
  15. I suspect it's planted by a bot after it scans and is unable to locate a copy of its plug, with the previous ones having already been deleted.
  16. It is, however, a form of wit. In its true form, as quoted by Oscar Wilde. Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but the highest form of intelligence. This would seem to count you out then. 😄
  17. If perhaps you, as a newbie, cease the plugs for and on behalf of a commercial walking tour organisation you may just elicit the information you are again requesting.
  18. I totally agree. To continue the shout-outs, I'd like to give a holler for Prince George and Princess Charlotte. I am not a fan of kids attending formal events. However, these two young people impeccably attired and exemplary behaved, during the whole procedure, which must have seemed like half a lifetime to two so young. All praise must be levelled with their parents in bringing up two children who are a credit to both of them, the royal family and the people of GB given the global interest in this funeral
  19. The diversionary tactic is known as socialist agenda manipulation. I believe it can be studied at most education establishments and is available up to degree graduation level.
  20. Anyone with a grasp on reality will realise that the question reveals far more about the interviewer than the interviewee.
  21. You are right. Although he does have a history of not attending Privy Council sessions and there are 650 of them, including Diane Abbott, which would have been somewhat of a stretch to accommodate them all yesterday.
  22. It is unfortunate that it takes a sorrowful event of this nature for the Brits to display their unique historical skill and professionalism of pomp and ceremony to the rest of the world and, show how it should be done. On a sour note, the hypocrisy of 'ginge and cringe' along with that of the SNP appears to hold no bounds. Jeremy Corbyn, for all his faults, didn't seek the limelight and at least had the common decency and courtesy to decline an invitation to attend King Charles 111's proclamation event. Others with similar beliefs should have also done the same on other occasions yesterday.
  23. 'Total' gas station near us: Monday GasOil €2.049........ SP98 €1.874........ E10 €1.739 Thursday GasOil €1.699.........SP98 €1.511........ E10 €1.401 Today GasOil €1.587........SP98 €1.463....... E10 €1.348
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