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  1. What are the other English-language forums covering life in France? I remember when I first arrived here there was Total France, and maybe a few others- but I can't remember the names.
  2. Hello. I am just starting to fill out my French tax forms ( I always do mine on paper). In previous years there was a mention that a list of accounts held abroad could be simply written on a piece of paper (rather than filling in form 3916). This additional sheet of paper option is not mentioned in the advice section of 'Comptes bancaires et contrats d'assurance-vie à l'étranger' this year. Is it definite that we must fill in the official form, rather than merely listing bank accounts on a separate paper? If so, is there anywhere where I can find a translation of form 3916/3916 BIS, as I find it completely baffling. Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. I have decided to make a will. I need simple advice about the following situation. I am a UK national with a carte de séjour I am a French-resident paying tax in France. I own a house in Britain, along with financial assets in sterling currency there. I also have a French bank account. I am childless and unmarried, and ideally would choose just to leave everything to my three siblings (who live in the UK). That's it from my side. I want to know what my next moves should be in order to get this moving. Also any potential pitfalls that I might face. Thanks.
  4. Over six weeks ago I was flashed going through the traffic lights. I have yet to receive a PV through the post and I am wondering why.

    The circumstances are as follows... I saw that the lights had changed to orange, and stupidly (and uncharacteristically) I thought I would speed through. The next thing I saw was the flash from the camera (yes I did only notice one flash, but going through at a speed it is very possible that there were two almost simultaneous flashes). There were no other cars in the vicinity, so the flash could only have been for me.

    It is now over six weeks since the incident, and I have received nothing through the post.

    I have read that I will not be 'in the clear' until a year has passed. However six weeks seems quite long. Two scenarios that have crossed my mind are, (a) the incident happened on a dull, wet day so maybe the photograph was not clear, and (b) although the car triggered the camera by going through on red, the margin between orange and red was judged to be so fine that someone has viewed this leniently.

    I discount the idea that the authorities might not have my address as I have previously received a separate PV on the same carte grise.

    Any ideas?

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