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  1. Hi Robson, this might help... https://www.impots.gouv.fr/international-particulier/questions/declaring-foreign-bank-accounts-and-life-insurance-policies-held Good luck
  2. A personal favourite, and the shortest joke I've heard.... Venison's dear!
  3. Latest update and a strange right hand/left hand example. today I received an email regarding my driving license renewal, saying to look at my account on ANTS. Sure enough there was a message saying I was missing a ID doc (I'd sent passport in May). They wanted a copy of my Titre de Sejour - they even quoted its number, the date it started and the date it expires (10 years). So they know I have one, and all the details - but I still have to supply a scan. Duh!!! I might add, we only received our cards on Tuesday afternoon, even though we applied last October.
  4. Latest response from Book Depository: "It seems to be a glitch somewhere along the line. Our team is working with the service provider in order to get this issue resolved as soon as possible." So definitely UPS.
  5. Perhaps UPS are! But I TRY to be generous and think it's just somebody in the office who doesn't understand the new rules. I don't think it's the driver - the same guy delivered a book from Book Depository last week sans 'Frais Annexe' - but you never know.
  6. Thanks Norman, very useful links and as you say "the plot thickens". The paper the driver showed me with the amount due had no indication whatsoever regarding what it was for or how it was calculated - just 'Frais Annexe'... I've just had a reply from Book Depository and they're obviously having a bit of a problem here. They say that all local VAT and any import duty are paid by them and included in the final price at checkout. They say they are "currently working to resolve this issue" which means we're not the first. I have asked if UPS have given them a reason for the charge(s) - we'll see if I get any answer.
  7. Norman, I don't think it can be the TVA for a couple of reasons. First, TVA at 20% would mean the book was worth 50 euros - which it clearly wasn't. Second, why did we receive a similar book, from the same supplier, last week (also after 01 July) without any extra fees? I've contacted the supplier about this and wait for their response.
  8. Thanks very much for this Pomme. Very useful. Obviously it was a present so we didn't actually order the book, however, I'll email Book Depository and let them know that UPS tried to charge us on delivery (my wife declined to accept) and so they should ask what UPS are up to. As I said, we paid nothing extra last week.
  9. My wife has just had a delivery by UPS - a birthday present from her sister in UK - and the courier wanted 10 euros for import fees. It was a book sent from The Book Depository. There was no customs stamp or form or any 'official' paperwork, just a computer printout from UPS stating that 'Frais Annexe' was due on delivery. She received a very similar present last week - also from The Book Depository - and didn't have anything to pay. Are UPS pulling a fast one here? We're interested to hear if anyone else has had similar experiences and/or inconsistencies. Looking on the Douane website for advice, it really isn't clear what you pay import on and what you don't - let alone how much. If anybody has knowledge on this fiasco, it would be very useful.
  10. Thank you Antonia. The 'attestation' is actually just a receipt confirming the request has been sent, so I guess it confirms I applied well before our licences expire. My main concern about the waiting time is because it isn't anything uncommon, just a simple renewal of our French driving licences.
  11. Thanks Gardian. We've got the attestations that were attached to the email. I was just wondering if others had been in similar situations (regarding waiting time) or whether I should be concerned.
  12. Can anyone who's renewed their French licence via ANTS say how long they had to wait and the stages through the process? We applied to renew online 06 May and had nothing since receiving the email (same day) saying it had been "transmise pour instruction". When I try tracking them, they're always at the 'under instruction' stage. I'm now getting a little concerned as current licences expire on 22 July - should I be? Any advice would be very welcome.
  13. Thanks for that Jako. Very useful if I ever need to find a number. When I tried to get a number today it said clearly that they didn't use individual a/c numbers just emails. I did read somewhere that they use short-lived account numbers but don't allocate specific numbers to users. Just out of interest, have you done this exercise more than once, and if so, did you get the same number?
  14. Thanks for posting catalpa. As you say I've managed to sort it - a good suggestion of yours though!
  15. Just found that PayPal accounts are exempt if the following three conditions are met. So I don't need to declare! I'm posting this for benefit of anyone else who gets the same problem... L’exception PayPal Comme les comptes N26 ou Revolut, les comptes PayPal sont détenus à l’étranger, plus précisément au Luxembourg. Toutefois, devant le nombre de contribuables utilisant leur compte PayPal non pas pour y déposer de l’argent mais comme moyen de paiement en ligne alternatif à la carte, l’administration a prévu depuis 2014 une exemption de déclaration pour les comptes respectant trois conditions cumulatives : avoir pour « objet de réaliser en ligne des paiements d'achats ou des encaissements afférents à des ventes de biens » ; supposer « la détention d'un autre compte ouvert en France, (…) auquel il est adossé » ; avoir été crédité d’une « somme des encaissements annuels » égale ou inférieure à 10 000 euros » au cours de l’année de référence. En savoir plus : https://www.moneyvox.fr/banque-en-ligne/actualites/83956/n26-revolut-paypal-comment-declarer-vos-comptes-etrangers-aux-impots
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