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    I think the thing to bear in mind with potential side effects of drugs is that they are just that - potential.  Not everybody reacts in the same way and the medics dealing with Mr E's case will understand all this and will surely monitor use as you go along.  If it helps to give you both a better quality of life then why not give it a go?  Nobody says he has to take it forever and if the side effects appear then he can always stop taking it.
  2. Good advice.  The diesel prices here (UK) will scare you witless.  The euro and the pound may not be at parity at the mo' but the diesel prices certainly are.[:-))]
  3. I had the same white blood cell problem, Norman.  Marginal on the third go-round so I got jabs for all the subequent doses (4 days a week before).  I don't remember exactly what they injected me with but I do remember that it was over 450€ each time!!![:-))] Otherwise I tolerated my chemo reasonably well but it did get a bit worse each time.  All in all I got off pretty lightly though. Say bon courage to Mr Jo.[:)]
  4. Glad to hear it.[:)] How is the little cat these days?
  5. I must say that we have never regretted going for 300% even though a lot of things cost far less.  I have got far better private room and dental cover as a result - they even paid me 300% of the wig allowance which meant I could get really decent one for the chemo hair! I reckon much depends upon your income and your general state of health also but as has been said, you can easily alter the level of cover if you feel you've made the wronng choice initially. I find it quite telling that the company I mentioned used to have 300 as its top level but this has increased to 500% now (sic) [:-))] so clearly it's a real issue in some parts, as the article confirms.
  6. Straying off topic somewhat, Chancer, I used to live in Penge and love it for the same reason - the mix of people who lived there and rubbed along reasonably well was great fun.
  7. I was reading out some of the statistics in Norman's recent posting about France's poorest towns, to a friend of mine here in GB.  She was astonished at the unemployment and income figures.  No surprise that the two things (the towns with the least money and highest unemployment vs the violence etc) are closely linked, is it? About the France think, Idun.  I do think that many people have a holiday view of a lot of countries but most are the same in my experience - they have their good and bad. Why anybody would expect France to be different or thinks it is, is beyond me also.
  8. Grecian, it wasn't a broker but my top up company.  However, I do know a broker reasonably well and had a long chat with him the other day when I was searching for insurance for my mobility scooter.  He said that he would happily help if I needed any advice at any time so if you do get stuck then certainly, I can broach the subject with him when I get back in the autumn.
  9. Sorry if the spec' isn't right (haven't read the whole thread) but Oreca sell some.
  10. If either or both of you goes, can you report back on the facilities for wheelchairs, pretty please?[kiss] I'd love to go but don't know how I'd cope, having done a recce of the town in my car a couple of years back.
  11. Sounds similar to what Norman had done, to me.
  12. [quote user="Gardian"]the point of my post was that your view and that of several others had been made and that it seemed to me that there was little further to say.[/quote] Oh, don't worry - I can always think of something more to say!:-) Sorry if I hijacked your thread though - it was just the one that was nearest the top of the Active board when I was half watching that embarrassing (in commentary and crowd terms) tennis match. apologies for the gobbledegook but I'm using Chrome as it's a friend's 'puter. I
  13. Great to see it being put to good use still. My friend from the local bar has given me a Porsche badge for the front of mine (he has a proper one!) How cool is that? If I get the chance to pop to Redhill I'll say hi to Karl for you.
  14. If you log in with the card reader then internal transfers don't require you to use it again. If you use the memorable data to get into your account, then you do need the reader to do all types of transfer, iirc.
  15. It is 8% of your RFR (income less allowances which is on your tax "avis") - plus you will be liable for 6% social charges on your total pension income (that amount maybe reduced if your income is low enough.) EDIT : I do not know if the injury pension income is taken into account - I assumed you'd declare it somewhere on your French return but perhaps not. Maybe somebody else knows?
  16. When we were lobbying for the healthcare rights of those pre-retired people already living here before the cut-off date, this was one of our concerns(ie what would happen if an ICB E121 (as opposed to the retirement version) were to be withdrawn for any reason?  To be honest with you, this aspect of things was left hanging somewhat since our little lobby group pretty much fell apart once the majority's problem was sorted.  However, the line from the French health minister then was certainly that the "accident de vie" provisions should cover such an eventuality (ie if you could not get private cover to the required standard because of your medical history)  even though we were vehement in our assertion that the provisions were not worded precisely enough to give the caisses involved the same message! I think that somewhere in  dusty file somewhere, I may have a copy of her letter, or that of the UK ambassador at the time.  I'll try to find some of it for you but I won't be back home now until September. With luck, it won't come to that anyway.  Let's hope so.
  17. [quote user="woolybanana"]An amazing feat![/quote]I'll say. 
  18. Grr.  Of course I think Andy Murray did a great job.  Just not because he's British.  He beat the world number one - of course it's a great achievement in anybody's books. I think Seb Loeb's the greatest rally driver the world has ever seen. No exceptions.  I think Jim Clark was the best racing driver it was my pleasure to have seen, but not because he was Scots, because he was good. But I detest nationalism and all it stands for and all the negative feelings it can engender - and no, I don't mean it does this for everyone, of course it doesn't - but just a few can be enough.  I don't mind sport, and I have watched some of the Olympics but the flag waving just gets me down.  If disliking devisiveness makes me sad or a moaner then so be it.  Better than to judge people and the worth of their achievement on the basis of where they were born, which is what printing flags on everybody's kit and playing contry-speicif tunes at the end encourages people to do.
  19. Chiefluvvie, I do agree that participating in something you enjoy and being as good at is as you can is a wonderful feeling.  That's a long way from the vicarious enjoyment of the olympics.  I used to love competing with my dobbins and felt good if they behaved well and did their best.  End of.  Never much cared where we were placed, to be honest. On the other hand, being forced to participate in things I was bad at (for example, in my case most ball sports due to an eyesight defect following contracting measles when I was 2) by sadistic sports teachers - as so many of them seemed to be - just made me hate them even more.  Why couldn't we do what we were good at?  Heaven only knows!  When we got to the 6th form we were allowed to go swimming on games afternoons and always had a great time - good exercise and pleasurable.  So why was I forced to play tennis, rounders and loads of other games when it was patently obvious that I couldn't hit or catch a ball?  Bonkers and certainly not one of life's great experiences.  Ritual humiliation never is. When you've got a spare hour (and that's all it takes, it's a very small book), try and find a copy of Not a Games Person by Julie Myerson.  But I digress.  My point was not to downplay sport (I ejoy watching quite a few and liked doing some when I was able - sadly the majority of which I can't do any more without specialist kit and supervision) but what I see as the darker side of pitting nation against nation for whatever reason - sport or anything else.
  20. Scragend, you can stil use your memorable data to access the details of your Nationwide account.  You only need the reader to make tranfers/move money about.  Doesn't stop you being charged for withdrawals over here though!
  21. When I'm going away I write the passwords in my diary (oops, I guess that now all the members of this forum will be trying to nick my bags whilst I'm on my travels) and change them when I get home.  Remembering the location of one piece of paper is far easier than 20 different passwords (which is what it amounts to these days since nearly every different institution/mail server/bank/online shop etc - seems to want one[:-))]).
  22. However, Norman, there are some pretty level-headed reactions to the piece also - they are not all convinced by any means.
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