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  1. Just to complete our saga, we are pleased to report that we did finally receive our refund last month. That will pay for some pre-Christmas wine..... Sheila's other half.
  2. After a wait of almost two years (which seems to be the norm for this sort of thing, Covid or no Covid) today we finally received notices showing that they are going to repay for 2015, 2016 and 2017. The notices are dated 9th October so, with luck, the money should be in our bank account before Christmas....... Good luck to those still waiting - patience is a virtue but it can also be very frustrating! Sheila's OH
  3. OP here.................although we have been bombarded recently by the many {welcome} messages into our inbox, we wouldn't have it any other way, and hope for continued support from everyone, and for further good news. BTW, nothing from our office in Annecy {74}[:@]
  4. All those years we lived in LBF, we were never able to travel to Brittany as it was +/-1000kms away.Now back living in Blighty {Dorset} it will be relatively easy to travel from Poole/Portsmouth to Cherbourg so are looking for a suitable small gite/apartment near but not on the coast. One bedroom, bathroom, cooking facilities, and WARM please. Thanks for all recommendations.
  5. As the OP of this thread - {keep posting guys}! my OH has just commented in reply "typical........."Yes indeed, nil carborundum
  6. We sent a "what's going on?" email to the DGFIP in Annecy (74) on 4th October but got no reply. Today we sent a follow up email and have received the following response (translated from the French): "Following your message below, I inform you that your request is registered in our service. Concerning the processing times, we have a lot of delay due to the influx of claims. Nevertheless, I tell you that we are doing everything possible to reduce the backlog. In addition, we may be required to contact you again when processing your file for possible additional information." No surprise there then and it could just be a standard "delay and contain" tactic. Still, there may be a Christmas present coming, even if it is our own money.... We live in hope!
  7. Thank you dear contributors for kindly asking : we are at present in limbo. Neither we, nor the estate agents wish to see these people ever again, but of course, they will meet at the Acte de Vente. Meanwhile we have given proxies [unbeknown to the Ghastly Grumbling G.........s] and will pack up and move six days before this is due to take place. We never want to see them again. We shall of course leave the house immaculate so they have no leg to stand on [they are just the type to refuse to sign because of X Y or Z] so there is little or no option or cause. Only another two weeks to go. Anyone want to buy a beautiful less than 2 years old VW Golf Sportsvan [not a van at all but an upmarket Golf] as because it is silly season, we have no takers even at an extremely reasonable price. Any suggestions anyone? TIA
  8. As you will have seen from the link posted, our immobilier is indeed very French.Present at the signing : Notaire, two sellers [us] two buyers [nasty pieces of work] plus representative from Immobilier's office. Obviously everything is a tad more upmarket in Haute Savoie.
  9. Just in case anyone is wondering, this is not your usual run-of-the mill type property. Oh no. It is a magnificent villa overlooking Lake Geneva in an impasse with only four other houses, with 163m2 habitable and 256m2 overall with garage, basement, laundry, wine cellar etc. Not exactly a common or garden Lotissement.They obtained our beautiful home at rock-bottom price so we have a right to be furious if they try to knock us down further. The head honcho of the estate agency will visit us at 08.30 tomorrow. https://www.decordier-immobilier.com/en/buy-house-flat-evian-thonon/ref-dc2-891/sale-house-6-rooms-4-bedrooms-neuvecelle-74500/
  10. Thanks everyone for your help and moral support.If these horrible people do need a mortgage, and use this as an excuse to get out of the sale, you will hear us cheering the length and breadth of France, from the rooftops of Evian! They can do something which ends in a very offensive .......off!
  11. Further update [for those kindly folks who can be bothered with this ghastly saga]Putting the house back on the market tomorrow at agent's suggestion. Meanwhile, spoke to the notaire who confirms : we cannot back out [more's the pity]. Sellers can demand reduction but it is up to us to say no [don't worry, we have in no uncertain terms]. Spoke again to head honcho at agency, who is coming round on Saturday to discuss our options and what to do next.Have decided in the interim that IF they don't back out and go ahead, we never want to see them again, so will have someone act as Power of Attorney to sign the Acte de Vente in ca. 90 days.Any comments anyone? Loved the s h i t comment - just about sums them up!
  12. As they say in Oz....................yer not rong!
  13. Update : feel rather sorry for the poor agent caught in the middle. Buyers had the barefaced effrontery to demand 20,000 reduction. Furious of Evian hereabouts! Told the agent no way. He then went back to the buyers who said 15,000 instead. Told them they either pay the signed-for price or they can sling their hook [sorry everyone, but we are simply furious here]. Remains to be seen, but we think they will cave in eventually and if they don't, we never want to see them again anyway. They opened all our cupboards, critised one crack in a tile, and, and, and,  even opened the freezer and told us we had a lot to eat before we moved out!!!!
  14. This is really helpful folks - thanks a million.Will try to remember to post what happens.Bit fraught here, as yaw'll can well imagine!
  15. Sorry everyone, Should read Advice needed please
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