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  1. I'm more than aware of the technical reasoning behind principale and secondaire, as it has an impact on on insurance policies and premiums. We chose to pay the full rate, because we wanted to show we aren't just sunning ourselves when we felt like it, our marie, being very grateful of our gesture to pay the full whack regardless. So no need to clarify, but thanks! Well as March isn't the last payment, can't be that. and all our payments were pre-scheduled. Never mind, it will have to wait until next week, and I can pop into the office ans ask!!
  2. Well it's not income, because we don't earn a living in France, so no tax forms. We agreed when we first moved to France with our local office to pay the full rate as even though we return to the UK to work, France is the only property we have, so not a maision secondaire or holiday home, and that has never been a problem. As we pay the full whack, why would one month have an extra 300+ Euros added? Especilly as there has been no written warning of it eiher!!
  3. I'm not due back in France untill next week, but I'd like to get a handle on this before we set off!!  Checking my bank statements our monthly payments for property tax, TF and TH have been the same as always (aprrox' 117 and 156 euros), until this month, when one of them suddenly became 486 Euros!!! Credit Agricole just paid up, and obviously don't know why it has changed, but nor did it raise a flag or did they tell me.  Anybody  else had this this month or before, any clue as to why they might have done this? No payments have been missed so I am at a loss!!
  4. Blimey, it's longer ago I went to see him than I thought! He lived notfar from ex team manager Peter Warr, who has also sadly passed
  5. I know the man that invented the Workmate, he lives nearBergerac!!! He came up with the idea while working for Lotus, when Colin Chapman blew a fuse when the team set up a tressle table as part of the pits garage. He tells me he still gets 10p per unit sold, including licensed copies!!!
  6. Do you remember the days when you were buying your first car, and you tried to steer clear of anything with over 33,000 miles on it!!!?? I did 257,000 in my Volvo 850, and it was no different to the day I brought it. The guy who brought it off me was made up with it, "oh great, you've finished running it in". My Honda CBX1000 waited until it got to 30,000 miles and everything just let go, like it was designed to, whereas my XJR1200 got better and better the nearer to 100,000 it got.
  7. As my spare hangs on the back door, I suspect they will look at it, so it, and the bracket may come off for the day! The question about "if it's fitted does it  have to work" was because I have one inoperative fog lamp on the front,  which is a part that is no longer available, so  I was thinking I would take theother working one out, but I have found a "new old stock" one (£19 insteaad of the original £140 when you could get them), so that question is now mute. As I suspected, Frencch laws, grey areas, so they can be adjusted to suit!!!
  8. I'll rephrase one part of that question. Tyres on a particular axle have to be the same size and make, but if you have a different make on the front to the rear axle, what does the spare have to match!!?? Or, just take the spare off and put a bottle of glup in for the CT!!
  9. Sorry, probably been asked before but, Is a CT much like a UK MOT, in that if it's fitted it has to work?  And does a vehichle HAVE to have a spare wheel (e.g Smart cars don't) Likewise, with the tyres on axles must be the same, what about the spare, what does that have to match? Love the French use of the "grey area"!!
  10. Yes Michael, it is all designed to stress one out!! Now I have found some headlights, and know that when the VIN is typed in, the type mines should be correct (the same for Terrano and Maverick petrol, as both were imported into France), so it is possobly becoming easier to et my Maverick French reg'ed. I am assuming that the CT runs the same as a UK MOT, e.g, if it's fitted, it must work, so I am still hunting for a left hand fog lamp, butt the "spray chrome" may get me out of that one, if I can get the rusty fittings out! My only bug bear now will be that my "car" comes up  as a "Maverick Aspen" (as per the V5), but mine was converted to be a "van" [URL=http://s161.photobucket.com/user/f1steveuk/media/IMG_0343_zpszq2gtaky.jpg.html][IMG]http://i161.photobucket.com/albums/t215/f1steveuk/IMG_0343_zpszq2gtaky.jpg[/IMG][/URL] I have the paperwork that confrrms it was a works conversion, but my local CT man says as all the original fittings are there (rear seats, rear seat belts mounts and all the internal trims, and that he can see that moulded load tray comes out (if unbolted etc), it is still, basically an Aspen, so it's just the fog laight holding me up, as even my over engineered "bodge" on the cat' seems to be better than the rest of the system!  Downloaded that catologue though, very very useful!!
  11. I have now found out, officially, that the Terrano/Maverick will come up as the same vehicle, and hence will not be a problem to CT. I have also located, and awaiting the arrival of some brand new, unused, old stock French market headlights. The "bodge" I made to the cat' converter, has proved so efficient, I cannot remove it, and it has set as hard as steel, and painted looks no different to the rest of the cat'. Leboncoin seems to have more spares for this than "Fleabay" UK, though I am having trouble finding a left hand front fog lamp, but again, there are work arounds to that as well. Can I have a "pre"CT, to see if I  have missed anything?
  12. Can I just throw in the words, series and parallel, which can also bugger up an equation set in stone! Auto electrics, I gave up on doing my own years ago, a field now totally on it's own, and no fun at all!! Anyway according to my Merc' wiring diagram, the three "power sockets" are two in parrallel, and one in series, this series one having the lower rating...............
  13. Yes, we have the notaires folder with the map included. We re just trying to work out who is responsible for the maintainance of some trees that could be ours, coulb be nextdoors! One boundary of  our property is a steep slope/near cliff and we are trying to work out if we own up to the top edge, or the bottom of the slope/cliff!! Logic decrees it should be the top, but as they can erode away, where does the boundary go then!!
  14. I may have recalled this totally wrong!! I have a recollection that during a conversation about checking land boundaries for properties in France, there was a website, official or otherwise, where you you could check the boundaries using a composite of the registry map, gps and satelite mapping, on line. Is this wishful thinking on my part, or do I remember this correctly?
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