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  1. I have recently found an app that permits the mobile phone to be used as a dash camera . It appears lots on insurers will give reduced premiums for there use . The app saves segments of in my case 3 minutes which are saved and listed to view and even email should Police or your insurance need to see it . The app I use is free . Given the love of driving in the middle of the road a lot of drivers in France have and seem to wait to the last second before they move over . I will definatly use it in France . They are on Android Playstore to download and Apple must do the same
  2. The teacher asked her class to write down on a piece of paper the type of work their daddies did. The children, very excitedly, scribbled their answers. One by one, the teacher asked each child to stand and describe the job. There was much laughter and screaming, apart from, that is, little Tommy. “Tommy, why do you look so sad?” asked the teacher. Tommy slowly rose to his feet, and, with his head bowed low, told the class in a quavering voice: “My Dad’s a stripper in a gay bar.” The other children remained silent, as Tommy choked back tears and continued: “Sometimes, he doesn’t come home, and my Mummy sits crying. Sometimes, he sells his body for other men’s pleasure.” There were gasps around the classroom. The teacher acted quickly and dismissed the children, telling them to go out and play. She then walked up to little Tommy, put her arm around his shoulders and asked: “Is all that true, Tommy?” “No, not at all, Miss, but I was too embarrassed to say that he really plays rugby for England!”
  3. Wolly wrote : My own instinct is to let it grow a bit and then hit it with some sort of poison but is that right? Cut off...,. stuff cotton wool down the middle ... pour in glysophate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGkjwAGfRi8
  4. Pleased to see you have your wheels under you again Norman .... If in future you have any expensive battery replacement problems come on the forum ....I am sure we can come up with a way of getting them in the UK at a much lower cost than you paid and shipped over to you .
  5. [quote user="Théière"]Frederick, Mine too was a postal join many moons back but I was still able to join up and transfer easily with the Alis subscriber No and my email address as they didn't reply to phone or email either. Got to send back the camion doofer now to make sure I don't hand over the €30 [/quote] Hi Theiere..... Wonder upon wonders ... looks like paper and a stamp works ...New contract arrived in this mornings post for me to sign and return so looks like after September 15th my tag will still be active
  6. I have tried to phone Alis to inform them I agree to the change but have been unable to get connected .. I have emailed them stating I agree to the change and asked that they reply to say it is done ......no reply to email. They expect everybody to agree to the change over on line ...but ... I have been with them years and the application for the doofer was by post so dont have an on line account with a password registered to do it . They suggest people without an active on line registration should write to them This I have done ....But when it comes to the thing still working in September when the change over kicks in ...If they cant even reply to an email ....anything might happen. There is 30 euros to pay if you dont agree to the change and send the tag back to them by the September change over day .... I am half expecting that will happen and the 30 euros will fly from my French bank account If they dont get round to reading the emails and post and press a few buttons first....This is France after all ..and ..I gave up expecting things to be done efficiently by the French years ago .
  7. I do feel sorry for the guy who has to clean that inflatable boat .... http://cdn.images.express.co.uk/img/dynamic/1/590x/UK-tourists-are-being-sprayed-with-manure-by-protesting-farmers-in-France-594725.jpg
  8. It appears the cargo insurers will now not pay out for " spoiled / contaminated " lorry contents when Supermarkets refuse to accept the load after the vehicle is delayed or entered by immigrants . They are using not covered for "Civil Unrest " as a way out for themselves not to accept claims When French farmers find that thousands of euros worth of their fruit veg and dairy produce is no longer covered by insurance and not being collected from them anymore.... and they have to dump it .....the French government will really get leaned on From AOL Around three quarters of all road freight coming in and out of the UK arrives via Dover and Calais. Now, though, closures are leading to the destruction of fresh foods, and drivers are refusing to do the UK run. Meanwhile, the risk of contamination means that where migrants have been able to access lorries, food is frequently thrown away. According to the Fresh Produce Association, indeed, as much as £2 million-worth of produce is being binned each month.
  9. Martin 963 wrote :Apart from any humanitarian aspect, where on earth *is* all this going to end...? Some pretty wild suggestions today (shutting down Calais, deploying the army, etc), but then the situation it seems is getting pretty wild too. I dont think anybody is expecting things to improve soon or they would not be talking about having the old Manston Airfield on standby to use for a lorry park as part of Opperation Stack
  10. There is a way back onto North African soil I imagine would be quite easy to use if the EU ever decided to use it as a way of returning people back over the Med . The immigrants who have destroyed their ID and refuse to say where they are from could be detained flown to Southern Spain and then to her North African land of Ceuta and put them through the gate into Morocco .. Start with a few military flights down there full of railway tresspassers and well publicised might just keep them of the tracks in Calais if they knew that was their fate .
  11. The question keeps on being asked here " Why do they not seek help from Greece or Italy or France when its there to be claimed . Why must they risk all to get to the UK ? I assume many will have a UK contact address to reach where they will be thereafter handled in a way that means they will housed and put to work to be able pay back their loans to those who financed their move. Only available to them in the UK
  12. Euro Trash wrote : If Britain were to float off a few hundred miles to the east, then the problem would go with it. Thats the answer is it ? How inconvienent for France it is to have the UK so close and connected by a train link. We all know the Mayor of Calais wants the border in Dover so she can ship the lot over And the more she sees get out of her town illegally before winter arrives no doubt the better she feels . When thousands more immigrants decend on her town this summer and the train services become impossible to run as the security of the border cant or wont be maintained by France and the tunnel has to be shut . What happens then ? And its this bloke who is calling for the army to be used . http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/nigel-farage-says-army-should-be-sent-in-to-deal-with-calais-migrant-crisis-10423380.html
  13. The measure I use and can only speak of the UK Is " are our children and those of people we know better off than we were at their age " The answer is a great big YES ... They have been better educated are in good jobs have travelled far more and are able to spend far more than we ever did . As far as I can see the UK is doing right by them today .
  14. Hoddy wrote :I have trained all my extended family to take toilet paper with them wherever they go. You are not the only one ......I have trained mine that a bog roll is essential item to keep in the boot of a car ...
  15. Euro Trash wrote :France doesn't have infinite resources to devote to it and doesn't see why it should find them, the UK should be doing more. In other words you are saying "France is Broke " it is financially down on her uppers ....it cant deal with its own internal problems.... its a failed state that in times of trouble has to shift her problems onto others to see them resolved for her The UK has even had to offer France money .....which she has taken .... to do the job of controlling her borders properly......nothing to be proud of there IMO
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