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  1. Have I missed something here ? Wouldn't a Labour MP and leader be - by definition -a left winger ? They would hardly be right wing would they ?
  2. You'll probably get as many different distances as you get replies. ?
  3. Well apparently face masks are completely useless anyway. And even if you self quarantine someone has to prepare your food-how fo you know they aren't infected?
  4. Don't know if I'm a realist or fatalist but I don't get all the extreme panic. More people die from other infectious diseases every year. Why don't we panic about those?
  5. I think ( hope) the longer you are here the more you tend to find alternatives. We used to bring baked beans but actually now we have supermarket haricot beans in tomato sauce ( with a dash of bbq sauce) and find them just as good. But then I was never a baked bean snob as some are ( Heinz or nothing!) Only must haves are good tea bags, marmite and horlicks. We do fetch other stuff back but not because we MUST have them. And I agree that car is as full going to the UK with stuff for our daughter and my parents. My Dad (93) loves tinned pommes dauphinoise and French soups.
  6. Doesn't make any difference to how you're treated -be you citizen or subject. It's down to the government in charge -and that can be good or bad irrespective of whether it's a republic or a monarchy.
  7. Mac


    I think you weigh up the risks and make your own decisions. We want to fly to Cyprus to see our daughter there. The best flights from Bordeaux-both in terms of time and cost ( do you know some flights from B to Cyprus take over 20 hours with stopovers in some very strange places!!) were with El Al with a change at Tel Aviv. We took the decision-maybe right ,maybe wrong-that with the present tensions in the ME those flights weren't for us. Instead for £100 more we're flying back to the UK and then on to Cyprus
  8. My friend speaks very good French. Is easily understood by most French people she speaks to. She speaks French with a very broad Northern Irish accent.
  9. We paid ours -as detailed on the avis sent at the start of the year-and have just got a refund of about 45% on what we paid.
  10. Although I can't help you on filling the form in-I'm curious as to why you need to. I rent out our former home in the UK . It's declared in the UK and the figures reported on the two tax forms here. I've never filled in the one you mention. I needed to go to the tax office to check something this year and took my forms with me. The lady going through them could sed that I declared UK income from rental income but she never said I should have filled in another form.
  11. No definitely priez from the verb prier- to ask someone to do something-is the definition I believe.
  12. Someone told me to say " Priez-vous m'aider......" before a question-especially to those behind a desk. It implies you're desperate and throwing yourself on their mercy. Seems to work for me anyway ?
  13. I see that this poor young man has died-this morning I believe.
  14. While I can understand that you may feel the need to record a huge argument in case the Police need evidence-particulatly if you've knocked on the door and got no response and called the police-once it's evident that no crime has been committed and no one is hurt why would you keep that recording and take it to a newspaper if not to shit-stir? And would you think this behaviour was acceptable if the person recorded was someone you supported-rather than someone you obviously dislike? After all-you can't pick and choose when something is acceptable. It either is or it isn't.
  15. I believe that's true for " unexceptional income " ( pensions, salaries ect) but you should still be taxed on "exceptional income" e.g. one off payments, interest, ect. Called "annee blanche" https://www.economie.gouv.fr/prelevement-a-la-source/2018-annee-de-transition
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