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  1. Just a simple tip :- Make a note of all the opening dates you quote for accounts, some may have to be guesswork. You will need the same dates for next years 3916 form ( unless they change it again )
  2. So, if the processing of claims based on this issue is suspended for the moment and until further notice is there any point in submitting a claim at this time. I was about to submit a claim when I read the above response and am now wondering whether to bother.
  3. Nomoss wrote :- Stand the fridge in the room with its door openBig Smile [:D] Surely the heat given off by the fridge working so hard with the door open would nullify any cooling effect.
  4. Update: The lab did not need a referral from a dentist, really put themselves out to help, produced a new denture plate very quickly - all sorted, extremely good service.
  5. At the end of the day why not run it up a flagpole and see who salutes.
  6. I am ''sort of'' with Chessie on the mobile phone front. I have a mobile phone, it's an i phone 6 (I think), it was a recycled phone from my son. It replaced my previous Samsung Galaxy which again was a recycled phone from a daughter that time. The phone is always on and I even occasionally remember to take it with me when I am out. I don't know the number so it's written on a label stuck on the back - after all how often do you phone your own phone. I spent many years being a 'slave' to a mobile phone because of my job, at that time the phone was never, ever, switched off even at night it lived on my bedside cabinet. Now I suppose that I am rebelling against the need.
  7. I will stop ''lurking'' and post on this thread:- £1000 for a laptop, that's unreal. The spec may be (very) high but I'm willing to bet that it will be outdated within less than a year. I reckon between £300 and £600 will get a perfectly serviceable laptop, with a warranty but unfortunately it will be Windows 10 (spit). You just can't avoid it these days. I am typing this on a 9 year old Acer Aspire running Windows 7 and it still works perfectly.
  8. Went to a lab in Coutances this morning who said come back tomorrow at 9 AM and they will see what they can do, they are a bit short staffed at the moment due to holidays. No mention of needing a dentist - so far !
  9. Thanks for the suggestion Andy, unfortunately a temporary repair is not possible.
  10. Tow bars on Land Rovers really are a good deterrent. I recall someone running into the back of my SWB Series 2 and suffering serious damage to the front of his car. The impact did dislodge a few flakes of rust from my towing bracket though.
  11. I need information. My wife and I have never needed a dentist since coming to France but now....... A serious accident has happened to the lower set of my wifes dentures, now totally unwearable. Of course it had to happen on Friday evening. My question is can one go directly to a dental laboratory and get a new set made or do you have to go via a Dentist. Any info will be very appreciated.
  12. If I may chip in to this debate:- '' To reinforce Cajal's post, UK pensioners are not a burden on the French system (by and large) the costs are paid for by the UK (assuming that is the state who issues their S1. Their use of the system is not (as far as I am aware) denying or delaying the treatment of French patients needing the same services. '' My take on this is, in any area with a lot of UK retirees could the fact that the local medical services receive payment from the UK be a major contributory factor to those local medical services remaining viable. ie, without the UK payments there would be a case for closure of hospitals / clinics etc which would then adversely affect the local indigenous population.
  13. [quote user="Alan Zoff"]I'm beginning to wonder if ALBF is my former neighbour from Shropshire with whom I lost contact many years ago. A good drinking pal but, as a journalist, he couldn't resist playing a mischievous devil's advocate at every opportunity, just to get an argumentative debate started. Depending on the way the conversation in the pub was was going, he would always put the opposite view, deliberately causing great irritation. It was a case of lighting the touch paper and waiting for the reaction. He moved on to a Liverpool daily, using similar tactics with his editorials. Must be retired now - perhaps somewhere in France....[/quote] Many years ago, whilst on a 3 day test to check suitability for an RAF Commission I was in a 'syndicate' that were required to discuss a certain topic, possibly fox hunting or some such like , I can't remember. Anyway, the whole syndicate were of the same mind, there was nothing to discuss / disagree about. I could see that this was not going to go down well with the Directing Staff so I vehemently disagreed with the rest of the group, A vigour debate ensued. It would seem to a type of ALBF action.
  14. Before we became resident in France my wife was hospitalised in Avranches, we had E111s, On discharge we were hit with a large bill for a couple of thousand Euros, we paid and submitted the receipt to HMRC, we were refunded in full with no problem.
  15. I have just thought of an interesting question. My wife and I live in France and have a carte vitale + mutuelle. We also have an EHIC which, although issued from Newcastle, is only valid outside France ( I think that's correct ). We are visiting UK very soon, if one of us ends up seeing a doctor or even ( heaven forbid ) ends up in hospital, what happens money-wise.
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